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Nick Conner

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March 4, 2014 at 5:24pm

Just saw he rose 522 spots in the 247 composite polls putting him in the 200s. Glad Urban spotted him early.

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Seems like every recruiting class with Urban has a couple guys that are way down on the ranking lists then sky rocket as time passes

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Still no offer, though, per Gene.

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I expect him to get an offer at FNL and commit on the spot. He plays football in Urban's backyard basically so I do not think Urban will let him get away.

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I will second that. He will be a great get! 

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Would look good wearing #36. 

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Not sure if Urban spotted him early, just don't think 247 scouted him that much until their update.  He's rated as a 4* and the #8 ILB and OLB by rivals and scout, and has always been high on their list.  But it sucks we may have to pass on his talents depending on some of the big names we're in on and where they decide to go.  I don't see us taking more than 3 LBs this year, but could be wrong.

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Your glad Urban spotted him early by not offering him? I'm confused how he spotted him early

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Hopefully the offer will come quickly - he's a baller

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We need this guy, he is a tackling machine.  OSU cannot afford to miss out on another in state backer like we did with Kuechly (to be fair, many missed on him).  We need that great instinctual backer who may not be the best athlete; but knows where to be on the field.

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You mean kind of like Zack Boren. Being able to switch mid-season to a position that you haven't played for many years and then perform the way he did. That is special.

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let's this kid on the team ASAP.

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I hope he and Scott gett an offer soon.

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If OSU offers, the kid is all buckeye from what I have heard


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He visited again for a practice 2 days ago so the kid obviously wants the offer.  I believe like one poster earlier said he will get the offer at FNL or I think he will get it if one of our top targets commits elsewhere.