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Danny Clark Kent, AKA Superman

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February 19, 2014 at 7:28pm

Danny Clark Kent, LOL Superman, I joke I joke, but anyone from the staff know if he will be a 5 Star in the 2017 class?? I know it's WAY to early to even consider 5 star recruits for that class but saw on signingday.com he was a 5 star and the number 2 overall for that class.  Will he or does he have the potential to be a 5 star player?  I know a lot of people think Richard LeCounte will be a 5 star so I was wondering the same with Clark?  Thank you guys as always, and as always go bucks and OH!

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He's very raw, but he has the potential to be a five star. There is a long way to go, nonetheless.

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If he lights it up in 2014/15 he will be VERY highly rated. Given the fact he plays in for a Historically GREAT Program in a GREAT football state and i would imagine he will be invited to multiple Camps/Showcases= HIGH RATINGS

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Massillon is a program that keeps wanting to hang on to the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  They are not a great program by any stretch. Not once have they ever won the state championship in the playoff format.  All the state titles were by votes.  All world Justin Zwick didn't do much at OSU.  Hopefully he keeps progressing.


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A kid by the name of Spielman represented Massillon pretty well in the 80's, if I recall.

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Well done gnome - you beat me to it

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State titles in a state as talent rich as Ohio are hard to come by. The first freshman to ever start at qb for Massillon I'm pretty sure I heard? Tells me all I need to know, especially considering his team lost two games. 1 to the eventual d-3 State Champ SVSM and the other to Highland in the playoffs which got beat by Glenville in the state Semis.

Maybe he falls flat the next 3 years, or maybe he continues to improve and becomes a truly elite talent. If I were a betting man, I'm taking the latter.


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I think he could be the #1 player in the country for his class. Kid is the truth. Might finally bring a title to tiger town. Massillon is d2 now though

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I'm not sure how much contact OSU can have with him but I imagine he'll be a major focus each summer he camps here. Like Urbans track record with QBs. Has all the tools to be a 5* player.

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There's not a lot they can do with a player that far out.  He wanted to come to the spring game last year, but he couldn't, as he had not played at the high school level yet.

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Crimson, do you know if the Buckeyes' coaches can contact the Massillon coaches about conditioning, drills, schemes, etc., to help DC prepare better for the transition?

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I don't see why not.  You can contact any HS coach whenever you want.  However, I don't think college coaches want to get in the way of high school coaches too much, as it might strain the relationship.

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He is a 2 star on espn early 2017 rankings!! Lol...just kidding...!!

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Bama offered him. He's a five star now.

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How good he eventually becomes depends on his attitude and work ethic. He's already shown he has talent. Let's just hope he stays motivated. It'd be easy to get slightly complacent in his position. 

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Agree, BB.  He seems to have the tools.  At Massillon, he won't lack for quality coaching, phenomenal facilities -- how many high school's have a full 100 yard indoor field?, and will face top flight competition.  That's the formula for becoming as good as he wants to be.  Hopefully, he'll make 'em forget Zwick, and Denny Franklin.

“Don’t fear criticism. The stands are full of critics. They play no ball. They fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down on the field are the doers, they make mistakes because they attempt many things.”

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We block Denny Franklin out LOL   

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How tall will he get if he continues to grow like has? 

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I was most impressed this year in Dannys first start against Canton GlenOak. They blitzed the living hell out of him and abused the kid. Took it like a champ. Popped up every time and gave everything he had. We won on a terrible call in OT which was a shame for those GlenOak kids. He most definitely has a ways to go going into his sophomore year but you can see the tools. 

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That's ok, I never liked Glen Oak much anyway, save for one certain track star of theirs who jumped out of the long jump pit at my school. Anyone remember who that was?

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No matter how he progresses or how good he gets he will never be a 5 star athlete in ESPN's eye because he will not be going to and SEC school.

Holy Buckeye!

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Love it 843 keep em coming