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Massilon NFSC Combine 2014

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February 16, 2014 at 5:15pm

Thought I'd pass this along because I enjoy seeing who does well. Here's the Link. Notes:

  • Highest score (114.78) was from Jonathon Dobie, a kid from MI that hasn't had a lot of recruiting attention yet 
  • TSUN commit Shawn Crawford has the second best score with a 113.55 4.50 40 
  • David Dowell- DB 4.73 40 scored 89.22 overall
  • Andrew Dowell- RB 4.71 40 scored a 100,47 overall
  • CJ Conrad- TE 4.80 40, 4.3 shuttle 89.31 overall
  • Darrin Hall RB 4.69 40 105.57 overall
  • Alex Stump- WR from Eds numbers caught my attention 6'4.5 181lbs 4.54- 40 
  • Fastest 40s 

    • Jelani Roberts- WR MD 4.39
    • Andy Isabella- WR  Cleveland. OH 4.39
    • Levante' Bellamy RB IN 4.41
    • Simeon Kemp WR MI 4.43
    • Chad Zallow WR Warren, OH 4.45
    • Note: In the Miami and Orlando NFSC only 2 kids total ran a sub 4.5- 40 #MidWestSpeed


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The problem is even the watches in SEC country are faster, so the times seem slower, but really that's just the norths slow stop watches.

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Wow doubt the Dowells snag offers now especially with this small class.

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Ya I doubt it, but they'll still go to a bcs school. Also I'd love to see that Stump kid camp at OSU with those numbers and see if he's the real deal. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Well I read that the Orlando one was cold and rainy, so must of had it outside which could affect some of the kids times on things.  (It states that in the link I posted about Dexter Williams in his forum.)

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I'd also like to note that stump has a terrific pair of hands, especially in traffic.

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Wow watching that even furthers my questions on why we aren't recruiting a kid like this in our backyard.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.