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Ben Edwards will be a monster

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February 12, 2014 at 4:49am

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Damn this dude brings a hit....

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Put him and Worley out on field together and just watch the receivers get alligator arms. These two bring the pain!

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Big hitter and fast to the ball in his own right. Edwards spreading the OSU message to his teammates is a bonus. What a stacked high school team!

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The kid definitely comes a calling with bad intentions. Some of those hits were absolutely vicious. He will have to be very careful in the NCAA with the crazy targeting rules. Thought I saw 2 or 3 flags on those big hits.

Just as long as he wraps up as well, I am cool with those types of hits every now and than.

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The first flag was a bullshit call though. Maybe Edwards already has a 'nasty' reputation down in Fla. and they have a flag halfway out whenever he's on the field;) 

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This kid looks like he plays reckless, but i love that! LOVE HITTING PEOPLE, IT"S FOOTBALL!  Unfortunately with the new found love for 'SOFT' play being implemented into the game today, as you can see in his highlight's, that draws a lot of laundry!

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This kid won't be a 3 star for long.  Looks big on the field and hits BIGGER... Man, I can't wait to see all these recruits over the last 2-3 years start to come to fruition... Buckeyes!

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I am so excited about Ben Edwards. He also carries a 3.8 GPA (damn, we are getting some smart kids y'all!). In the last couple recruiting cycles, I was most amazed at Vonn Bell's tape. But I am telling you that I am even more impressed with Edwards' tape. Kid is going to be a beast and will be a top 75 player when all the recruiting rankings come out. We got a good one. Go Bucks!

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I'm just glad he's on our side

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Do you want to go across the middle on this guy? 


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This kid could be a 5 star this time next year. Don't pay attention to rankings and stars until May or June (even then sites still make major changes) This time last year Terry McLauren was a 2 star, and I know there are more examples out there.


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Needs to polish his game a bit,wrap up instead of felonious assault (assault is fine as long as the receiver goes down). I didn't really see too great of ball skills,as far as staying stride for stride with receivers. Other than that he looks good coming downhill to stuff the run, and obviously the hitting is fantastic

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