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Comment 6 hours ago
I honestly had a feeling after the 08 season that tressel wouldn't coach much longer and felt urban would be the replacement. Makes me think that something was in the works even then.
Comment 19 Nov 2014
My post from way back in October. Enjoy!
Comment 15 Nov 2014
To answer your first question; it is not certain but i would err on the side of rogue military personnel. What is very strange is that although the $7000 was authorized by the government, Big Bethel never received compensation. The rebuilt edifice was constructed through the contributions of members.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
I agree that tactical strategy was used by the Confederates, but it is also true and in writing that sherman burnt my old church -as well as other black churches in Atlanta. I actually have a copy of the letter written by our deacons to the us senate.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
I would argue that the civil war was more about money and power than it was about slavery. Freeing southern slaves was a means to accomplish a greater goal in Washington.
Comment 15 Nov 2014
One thing that is never brought up is the various churches he burned up in Georgia. Some of them were African American churches. (I.e. Big Bethel AME in Atlanta who still hasn't received money for damages from the Federal Government). I will say for the most part his march was very significant in turning the tide of the civil war but he is certainly the most hated man in Georgia for a reason.
Comment 12 Nov 2014
Honestly, i posted this because it was a link on I didn't mean to be repetitive and I didn't see this article posted anywhere on the site. I love the updated 11w, however the drawback is that it is hard to track repetitive threads. Oh well, gif party hijack if you must lol.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
I think the early loss will keep this team level headed. I believe another beatdown will take place this week. Btw is anyone on board with my national championship prediction yet?
Comment 09 Nov 2014
I agree, but we need to change these blowhards opinions. They control the media! With that being said he went completely out of his way to talk about how wrong he was and how different this team is from week 2.