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Comment 26 Jan 2015
I was a big proponent of 8 teams before the season started but the way it played out during the year-inserting more drama into the regular season made me love the model. I love four teams.
Comment 26 Jan 2015
I agree totally! I love college football because of the amateurism. This is not the pro league. Kids who work hard should be rewarded with a bowl game at the end of the year.
Comment 26 Jan 2015
I disagree. if there is a choice between sitting players for the ttun game- getting players healthy enough for a playoff run or playing beat up players in order to win a game against our rival that has no implication for the season, you better believe urban would choose the former. Like it or not Ohio State's mindset is set more on winning titles than beating that waste dump up north.
Comment 25 Jan 2015
Buuuut he's only a 3 star......
Comment 24 Jan 2015
"How much you selling that weed for old man?"
Comment 21 Jan 2015
That sounds like it would be cool but I guess many were basing their views of both teams on opponents played. There are those who believe the Miami squad was head and shoulders better than osu 2014, Bama 14, and Oregon 14. I do not agree with that assessment as playbooks have progressed over the years. I just thought that we could get a better look at the match up if we had a clear look of stats and opponents played
Comment 21 Jan 2015
Hey Remy love your work bro! Is it possible to get a side by side statistical comparison between 2014 osu and the 2002 squad. The poll on 11w the other day got me wondering what a potential dream match up would look like. I sided with 2014 in a blowout but you never know.
Comment 19 Jan 2015
The 2002 national title was a special win because 9/10 times Miami would have won that game. In my opinion the upset happened because of (1) defense and ( 2 ) Miami took ohio state team for granted. They did not respect their opponent. That game did nothing to change my opinion that the 2002 Miami team was better. On the flip side, I see the 2014 as a way better team than any team they faced this season. However, one thing you fail to take into consideration is that this team is led by urban meyer. He would not have allowed his team to come into a game of this magnitude ill prepared. I say the 2014 rolls not only because of the talent but also because of the urban factor.
Comment 19 Jan 2015
Offense has evolved more as the years have progressed. The spread with the athletes of the caliber of the 2014 buckeye team would be too much for the 2002 defense to deal with. Keep in mind the 2014 offense is way more skilled than the 2002 hurricanes. I hate doing this but meyer blows out tressel again 49-14. This is a matter of stretching the field from sideline to sideline the likes of which the 2002 team has never seen before.