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Comment 23 Mar 2015
Ehhh...apples and oranges. There was not a championship game during the cooper era.
Comment 19 Mar 2015
I didn't have to do that for the app im using
Comment 19 Mar 2015
For android users there is a March madness app which will allow you to watch all of the games. It is free but make sure your phone is connected to wifi.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
I love our 02 team but there is no way in hell we had any business beating that miami team. I will say that their weak link was Ken Dorsey. He threw a lot of picks that season and couldn't handle teams that blitzed.
Comment 10 Mar 2015
Chip is doing what I used to do on madden....he's trading pieces to land big fish lol....I've always wondered if coaches would try this in real life. If he trades Bradford next week I know what the deal is.
Comment 06 Mar 2015
If he can survive jumping over a waterfall (the fugitive) he can survive anything. Harrison Ford is a beast! Lol