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Comment 05 Feb 2016

All of the helmet stickers are being given to the top 1% while the other 99% are in buckeye poverty. Down with the system.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

How do you know that? I'm pretty sure there are always bright young coaches. This is an argument that is used to stop people from having the discussion.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Wisky 58 OSU 55

Comment 29 Jan 2016

People go batshit crazy on Cam and I don't get it. The young man is having fun enjoying the game he loves and isn't hurting anyone. As long as he isn't out doing bad things and putting his team in jeopardy I don't see the problem.

Comment 23 Jan 2016

The Lord of whispers= Name given to the ultimate authority in the area of recruiting. It is said that this person knows all and sees all.

Comment 23 Jan 2016

Graybox= A box that is gray, often associated with good feelings of euphoria after a recruitment victory. However, it has also been associated with a horrible event involving OSU football (I.e. Tatgate). Due to recent changes to 11w, graybox has been discontinued but still lingers on in the hearts of the dub faithful.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

I'm putting this hear. I'm putting this here. FTFY signed grammar police.