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Comment 13 May 2017
Its funny but I was one of the main posters who got murdered on here 2 years ago for even suggesting a change in leadership. I had a strong feeling that if change didn't happen back then that we would plummet to post jimmy jackson year levels. To be honest, we have fallen so far that it would take a new coach years to make us even decent.
Comment 27 Mar 2017
I would argue that football is a little bit different than basketball. Sure upsets happen in football but not to the degree as they do in college basketball (which is why app state beating michigan was such a big deal). As far as Virginia Tech is concerned, yes they had a terrible season but they also had some top division 1 talent who put it together for one game. I would argue that ohio state's dominance for the rest of the season more than proved it was the best team.....for the most part i actually think we have had a good tournament this year.
Comment 20 Mar 2017
I mean there is really no point in hoping they lose so "matta would get canned" seeing as how that plan didn't work out this year and all the team has to do is to "play better".