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This is what really frustrates me about the "four letter"

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February 11, 2014 at 2:46pm

They don't even try:

Urban Meyer wanted to transform Ohio State's football team with SEC-like speed, and he dipped into Florida, Georgia and Texas in his most recent recruiting class to try to do it. Meyer concentrated on improving OSU's defense and building depth on its offensive line while landing another top-10 recruiting class. The Buckeyes signed four linebackers, including No. 1 outside linebacker Raekwon McMillan of Hinesville, Ga., who already has enrolled at OSU, and No. 8 outside linebacker Dante Booker Jr. of Akron, Ohio. No. 5 wide receiver Johnnie Dixon, No. 7 cornerback Damon Webb and No. 5 athlete Marshon Lattimore, who is expected to play cornerback in college, also could help the Buckeyes right away. They won't be the only new faces on OSU's defense this coming season. Meyer hired former Arkansas defensive coordinator Chris Ash to serve as co-defensive coordinator and hired longtime Penn State assistant Larry Johnson Sr. to coach the defensive line.

This little bit is from their "way to early top 25" and it's just one sentence that frustrates me... "including No. 1 outside linebacker Raekwon McMillan."  OK, I get that they don't have love for the B1G, or tOSU in general, but Kwon has been featured on their programming, their all-star game, and he has been the consensus No. 1 Inside line backer in the country since the ESPN 300 was announced.  Hell if you click on the link of his name to his player card it says he's an inside linebacker...!  Why don't they just take all other conferences off their page and strictly report about what the SEC is doing on their website?

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Frustrated me too but for different reasons, he says we recruited SEC territory and Texas to get a class with SEC speed but in reality all the speed in our class came from the North (other than Dixon)

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Another thread about ESPN, how great. Get over it.

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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It's a new 11w. There has only been two.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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2 things

1.) I don't care about anyone's preseason ranking right now. Preseason rankings are dumb and completely meaningless.

2.) This is Mark Schlabach's ranking and not ESPN's. Schlabach is a noted turd and UGA grad who rarely writes or says anything remotely intelligent. I suggest avoiding him like the plague.

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Funny thing is that our three fastest players in this class are from the north.


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You know what really grinds my gears...?

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"You know what really chaps my a$$, though?"

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You know what really frosts my muffin, creams my corn, or grabs my goose ...!!!

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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Grabbed goose, creamed corn, frosted muffiins...sounds like snack time in Hoke's office.

Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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or an interesting porn.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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please can we: 1. stop giving a damn what ESPN thinks?, 2. stop using the completely bs term 'SEC speed'?, and 3. stop worrying about speed in general?

ESPN has an SEC bias because SEC sports is their product. Also, ESPN College football analysts are pretty weak in general. Even their shows dedicated to providing more detailed observations about college football like Gameday and College Football Live are entertainment. Simply put, ESPN is like MTV nowadays, all entertainment, no proper/respectable coverage. Their recruiting coverage is down right laughable. Most respected experts completely disregard what ESPN thinks on a prospect or a teams recruiting class. This topic is probably a bigger dead horse on 11w than Fire Fickell, so people need to stop torturing themselves by watching ESPN, going to ESPN.com, or reading other posts/publications related to that company, its terrible. Everyone knows this, and by caring about what they say, you are only helping them increase their ratings and making more money. So in a word: stop. 

The main article on Speed came about a few days ago and I said it there so Ill say it here, the problem with OSU in losses or close calls that shouldn't be close calls is not speed. For example, the performance in the last 3 games (of course, 2 were losses) had so very little to deal with speed and more to deal with terrible scheming and horrendous over pursuit and tackling on defense and poor play calling and decision making on offense. I think the 2006 National Title game has really messed up the minds of college football fans and OSU fans particularly as that was supposedly the watershed moment where Speed became the defining factor between an elite team and a good team. Every good team has speed, every elite team has more, not more speed, but more elements like a veteran QB, shutdown corner play, solid OL play, etc. For evidence, see every upset the past few years, specifically games like OU over Bama, Wisconsin over Miami back in a 2009-2010 bowl I believe, and others like those. Speed matters as much as it always has: just because you are fast, doesn't mean you are a good football player. We have fast players at every position. We need these fast players to turn into smart players. 

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The SEC is sponsored by ESPN, which is why they get all the coverage. We should be proud about the fact the Big Ten has enough revenue to have their own network and doesn't have to rely on the "World Wide Leader in Sports" to showcase everything they do, including the now 3 (?) days of media days.

IMO, ESPN is only good for Not Top 10 plays and the laughs it brings, and live coverage of games.


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This reminds me of a certain brand of beer that advertises "More Taste".  What exactly does "more taste" mean?  Is it good taste or bad taste?  What kind of taste?  Sweet?  Bitter?  Sour?  A blend of several kinds of taste?  Some times too much taste is a bad thing, even if the taste is good.

All the same things you could say about speed.  I'd rather have "good" speed than "more" speed.  "Good" speed gets to where they need to be at the correct time.  They don't get there early or late, and they make the play when they get there.  "More" speed overruns the play, or goes for the big hit instead of making the tackle.


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What really frustrates me is that people still care so much about what ESPN says and does.  They're like a two year old throwing a tantrum, stop pay attention to them and they'll stop.

Read my entire screen name....

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100% Agreed - too bad they have to jam their agenda down our thoughts every chance they get. An open and objective point of view you'll never see from them. 

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"This little bit is from their "way to early top 25" and it's just one sentence that frustrates me... "

***Somebody doesnt know the difference between too and to. Now THAT is frustrating.

We all know ESPN is full of doodoo head, narrative driven, hidden agenda pushing, biased blowhards who are in the market of sensationalism and muckraking when it suits them...or burrying stories when it suits them.
Just dont give them the page clicks, eyeballs or mentions.

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**** Burying****

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Coach Dungy says it best...



We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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ESPN just does this to get hits on their website because OSU moves the needle. Everyone has an opinion on OSU. Some love OSU, some hate OSU, but everyone has an opinon. I vote my displeasure with their bias by not visiting their website or TV station (unless there is an OSU game on it).

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- Woody Hayes

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Espin knows they are the most influential sports network and that just about everyone who cares about sports will digest their info through their various outlets. It just sucks that most of the viewers actually believe the crap that spews out of these guys mouths. I can't stand it when I'm having a sports conversation with somebody, and all they can do is reiterate what the talking heads said on SportsCenter/CFB Live/NFL Live etc.  Alluding to a post above, just watch a segment of sports center (sike no), it's freaking MTV/TMZ for sports. A bunch of flashy headlines/scripts read aloud by men and women plastered in makeup.

Watch the games, form your own opinions.  Avoid their tv station and their website as much as you can.


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Coach Dungy is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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