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VT presser on OSU

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September 4, 2014 at 11:32am

Virginia Tech pumped noise into the stadium during Wednesday's practice to try to simulate what it might encounter at Ohio Stadium.

  •  "You’re going to walk into an environment that you can’t hear anything," said offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, who played and coached there many times while with Michigan, his last trip being the No. 1-vs.-No. 2 matchup in 2006 that the Wolverines lost 42-39. "So communication is crucial. 
  • "We do things very similar to what they do," Loeffler said. "Going to Florida, coach Meyer was able to teach me a whole different style and a different way of thinking, which was a blessing in disguise. It was great. It was an unbelievable experience and I appreciate the opportunity that I had."

Philosophically, at least, Bud Foster, defensive coordinator, likened Ohio State's offense to Georgia Tech's. 

  • "They spread you out and they’ll try to pound you, but also they’ll try to spread you and stretch you horizontally too, in the run game and the pass game," Foster said. "They’re going to run it, run it, run it and take a shot. That’s kind of what they do."
  • After a few probing questions about how Hokies might defend OSU, Foster cut to the point: "I’m not going to tell you guys what we’re doing"
  • "It’s a good offense. It’s a pain in the tail to defend. ... You’ve got to be disciplined. You’ve got to be fast. And we’ve got to make plays in space, because that’s what they’re going to make us do."


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Like GT?? come on man!! Our offense is tons better than Georgia techs. I dont even see it as the same thing. IMO

"If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats, But if you take no risks, you will earn no victories."

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I dont even see it as the same thing.

Neither does Bud. He just compared the fact that we spread defenses out in order to open up the run. 


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I even found the GT comparison as insulting. Jeff Greene left there because they don't throw enough. I hope this lights a fire under Urbz and Herman. I hope it really pisses JT off because they're already writing him off.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Thats news to me because: Foster on Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett: "He's Braxton Miller as a redshirt freshman. I just want you guys to know that's who he is." 

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LOL  Was he just trolling in the presser?

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VTBuck - Thanks for posting.

I think I speak for most Buckeye fans when I say I disagree with his impression of JT.  JT is a better thrower than Braxton as a Freshman but he doesn't have the 70 yard TD run out of nowhere leaving a trail of jock straps and broken ankles in his wake.  Braxton could take any play to the house, where I don't feel JT can (yet).

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Bud must have had a few Buds... 

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I thought GT ran the tripple option, not the zone read.  As a ratio we definitely throw the ball more and throw more screens.

I have a feeling the VT D will give us trouble early.  I also have a feeling they will struggle bad trying to move the ball on this D.

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GT does run the triple option. Their HC Paul Johnson came from Georgia Southern and then Navy, both of which still run his offense. 

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When a caller on the call in show said VT compared GT to OSU on offense.. you could hear Urban say "Georgia Tech" Yeah just as we thought clueless comparison

No it wasnt Sasha

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If OSU doesnt put themselves in consistent 3rd and 7 or 3rd and 8 situations like they did against Navy in the first half we will be able to open up the playbook a bit more. I am biginning to think that statement is an Urban legend.  See what I did there. At this point I am more concerned with our Offense sputtering in this game than our Defense. I think we'll know what our Pass D looks like by the end of Va Tech's 2nd drive. I see an early pick by the Buckeye D putting us up early - maybe by Apple.

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Yeah I can see this playing out... But we can hope for the best and OSU opens it up.

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Thanks for sharing! 

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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NFL starts tonight and the party will continue throughout the weekend. The Hoagies are going down - Go Bucks