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Arm chair Offensive Coordinator - VT game - what's your gameplan?

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September 3, 2014 at 8:36am

Since we are all (well at least most of us) arm chair QBs or OCs during the games on Saturday, what are the 3 keys to your game plan for the Bucks this Saturday against VT?  Here are mine, in order of importance:

1) Establish control on the OL with a solid push up front, creating running lanes and dictating what the offense does

2) Find an identity in the running game.  Is it EzE, or is it Samuel or Rod Smith?   Is it by committee?  What are the roles?  I thought during the Navy game, especially in the first half, they tried to run EzE and that didn't work great.  So then they tried to get Wilson/Marshall/Samuel to the edge and get the corner but wasn't overly successful.  I'm not saying the running game has to be what it was last year, but I think they are searching for an identity.

3) Time to air it out, in a controlled setting.  I'm not saying sling it around 50 times, yet there is a home run threat in Devin whenever they want to take a shot and favorable matchups in space with guys like Marshall and Wilson.  I'm okay with passes into space to Wilson/Marshall, but I would really like to see the other WR be an integral part in the intermediate routes.  I trust JT being the 'distributor' so lets distribute it more than just in the flats and the home run ball to Devin deep.


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It's the same thing I've been asking for since Meyer/Herman took over. Crossing routes and slants to open up the edges. In the run game, hit hard in the middle with the read option. Too often they adjust to the defense rather than making the defense adjust. 

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Too often they adjust to the defense rather than making the defense adjust. 

 +1.  If I had a dollar for every time I started complaining about the play calling being reactive.....ugh!  I'll just stop there and wait to see how the offense gels in the next couple of weeks.

Hate is a strong word.  I hate ESecPN almost as much as I hate the whole SEC conference which is a close second to TTUN.

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I can only remember one or two 'explosive' offensive games since Meyer  has been here.  At least against a team with any pulse.  I'd love to see them get ON the throttle, wide open.  Don't care HOW they do it.  Just do it.  Still waiting on the 'juice', the 'angry team', and all that jazz.  Maybe this is the week.  If not, we'll hear how NEXT week will be the week.  Who knows.  

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One thing that has hurt this IMO is a very hard running QB gets tired.  Braxton sometimes ran too hard.  A runningback takes a 20+ yard run and he is subbed.  Braxton made us unable to do this.  I think that really hurt his own ability to settle down and into the game.  Generals in war try to stay clean.  I want Barrett to remember that.  Let the athletes get winded.  I also think Braxton was such a unique QB, that we have been trying things more than most would like.  I expect to get far more balance this year, And more consistency from a QB that isn't making 80+ yard runs.  QB should be another coach on the field, not necessarily another toy.  Love Braxton though. I recognize his career ark will be like Pryor's if he doesn't change his role though.  It isn't the hitting, though that hurts...its all the running a QB should try to limit.  Tortoise and Hare. You know, stuff we learned as a kid.  

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I think we started to establish an identity , as far as the running game, in the second half against Navy.  For all the talk of Carlos Hyde....we didn't have him or Braxton at this same time last year.  It took quite a few games til El Guapo was churning like we remember.  El Guapo was more like Jefe.  Small yards, no Plethora.  The line seems to take a few weeks to really get the 'tude and the push they need.  I feel very good about all three RBs, and the others too.  Rod has been forgotten by some, even after Navy. But I haven's seen the play, but Urban gushed that Rod blocked a dude for 11 seconds then pancaked him. Called it one of the best football plays he has ever seen in his life.  He'll be getting work, and I think he is even more physical than Hyde. though he doesn't seem to have Hyde's center of gravity.  

So my #1 is the same: Continuity and push from the line. This game we face a D-line ranked up there with Mich St and even ours, so its a big week.  

#2 Stop looking like we are a chef with too many ingredients.  It needs to blend into a stew and become one, like a good sauce.  Its early, but Herman does have a few things that he has done that leave me scratching me head.  Stop focusing on outsmarting, and focus on pure unadulterated execution.  You knew what Lombardi was going to do, but where was it going, and could you even stop it, when it is developed so well?  We know the answer to that. So Herman needs to coordinate more during the week and less in games. IMO   Our athletes are superior.  Our coaches can be, but need to work more on instincts and less on intelligence.  

#3:  Screens. Period.  We did this last time. More please.  More Jalin, more Dontre.  More of the receivers. Get them going early, especially if the D is overaggressive on runs, which I expect to start the game.  

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It took quite a few games til El Guapo was churning like we remember.

It took 1 full game. He didn't really play much his first game back(FAMU). Against Wisc he had 17 carries for 85 yards. The Northwestern game was when he broke lose.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I want to see more packaged run-pass plays so we don't need to rely on Barrett's legs as often. Then in the second half when they get used to this, he can tuck it and get 30. 

I really hope we can use the tight end as a safety valve for when the offensive line is pressured. I know we always talk about tight ends but with two veterans, a quarterback that throws well underneath and intermediate, and a developing offensive line, it just seems like the perfect combination. 

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Nice point on the TEs. Get them involved.  

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Only if the O-Line is playing well.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I'd like to see downfield throws (8-20 yds) that don't come off a play action.  It seems we run the ball, throw quick screens and throw deep on play action.

On the few occasions we throw downfield (say a throw to Heuerman down the seam) I feel like I've just witnessed something rare like a unicorn playing a piano.

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1. Run the Ball.  It sounds simple, but just start with establishing the run. No gimmicks. No tricks. Nothing to open up the run game. Just run the ball. Get physical up front. I think we have better athletes at all positions than VT, including OL. Just make a physical, bruising run game. 

2. Play Action passes off the running game. Take some deep shots when we can, but look for the skinny post and out routes too. Nothing too hard for JTB4, but a simple addition from the running game

3. Get the TEs out of Pass Pro running routes every once in a while. I know job #1 is keep J.T. clean, and I'm all for that. But let's slide them out on routes a few times to keep the LBs honest in their rushes. 

This is a simple game plan, but intentionally so. This offense can be dynamic with a power run game. The personnel are different but we still have the skills to do it. I think JTB4 will be comfortable managing this type of game. 

"You do what I cannot do. I do what you cannot do. Together we do great things"

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VT may not get the quantity and depth of talent that OSU does, having said that, VT certainly has some really talented guys on both sides of the ball. Guys like Kendall Fuller, Brandon Facyson, Dadi Nicolas, Luther Maddy, etc on the defensive side of the ball... Isiah Ford, Shai McKenzie, Bucky Hodges.. The talent on O is young, but these guys are definitely capable of making plays so it would be a mistake to sleep on them. Michael Brewer at QB - after watching him play one game.. IMO anyway, it's obvious he has the goods. He's not going to wow you athletically, but he gets it as a QB. Smart guy who can spread the ball around, and isn't likely to put VT in bad spots.

I agree that attacking VT with the run game is probably the ideal scenario for the OSU O... VT's d backfield is legit. The DL is a bit undersized, as are the LB's... the D is more built for speed and pressure. Maddy is a big time DT. The achilles heel for VT is likely the 2nd team guys on the DL - they need more production out of that unit and against teams that pound the run game that will show up more.

Another thing not to discount.... Bud Foster. He's going to dial up some different looks up for JTB4.

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Dominate defensively, and win the field possession battle. Beat them up physically in the trenches and wear them down by the 4th Q