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D-line good job

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September 2, 2014 at 9:20am

Like to say what a great job the D-line did with the option but there where alot of missed assingments. option football sucks to play DEf. against becouse you have to be prefect with your reads. If it was not for the D tackles playing out of there mind that game could have went the other way. Now in the 2nd half the whole D line started to read it right and Reynolds was miss reading. But all in all it was agood job.

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Bosa made a huge impact in the second half. The first half he was keying in on the FB and the inside handoff. Once he stopped and went straight for Keenan, the option was completely disrupted. Sure the inside handoff was now getting more yardage, but that wasn't the part that was killing the defense as much. Stopping the pitch out option was what they needed to do and Bosa made Keenan wish he wasn't the QB.

and I do have to say, Bennett and Washington were monsters. They destroyed Navy's Oline up the middle. If Navy played up the middle more, it wouldn't have even been a contest. I'm curious if VTech has the outside play that Navy has because I don't see them getting much up the middle.

yes there were a lot of missed assignments, but that is what happens with that style of play. they make you miss. if they didn't, then they would never be able to move the ball ever! They make you look silly out there. I think this team had some growing to do in that first half and they learned a lot, offense and defense.

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Glad our D-line got out of there with no injuries, or any that I have heard of.

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