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Comment 07 Feb 2014

LIke the new format and grats on getting the frist skully.


Comment 04 Jan 2014

oh yes let talk the lack of DEFENSE 3 games in a row same play same thing happens TD. That to me falls on the lack of coaching. 3 throw back across your body tds cause we could not stay home really. I teach that to the kids i coach at 9 and 10 year old and my friends do the same with the younger kids. What makes it sad though that it happened in 3 games in a row. 

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Was it just me or did the let the clock run out when it was 2 and long with 24 seconds left.

why did we give it up at the end when they kneeled on it it went to 3rd down call time and make them play the game out jjust do not mail it in.


Comment 10 Dec 2013

Hopefully Bryant will be back and the reason that Barnett was getting toasted was he was tring to cover for Brown. Otherwise get them young freshman a lot of work. tired of watching stuff that you tell kids not to do in high school work up there because they are not playing where they should be. (run one way and throw back across the field and no one there to stop it then look stupid standing there watching it.

Comment 06 Dec 2013

If the corners are out of soft Man coverage then the sack will come. If they set back then they will let the QB get is swag on and we will be in for a fight. The key is keeping that def. for sparty chasing your guys all over the field and let them get worn down then really start to grind the clock. Would not be surprised if they come out and go play action to the tight end for a big gain so that it keeps the extra safety out of the box.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

We have already seen what happens when you play tressal ball against Urbz that did not go to well we lost in a rout. Even if Ginn does not go down i think they win. The Gators just straight beat us of the ball the whole game that is why Troy was running for his life. watch it and you will see there D line was across the line of scrimmage before our linemen was out of there stances.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

No Brax happen to watch an old move with Dennis (the worm) Rodman or maybe He watched Demolitionman with Wesly Snips you never know but as much trouble as the honey badger is having i think it is not related.

(But i do think he lost a bet and it was probley on the NCAAM trouny)


Comment 28 Nov 2012

Disney is just made cause tOSU would rather go play in glyndale AZ. then ant florida blows that is why they give tOSU such a hard time.

Comment 15 Oct 2012

Guys the corners are there it is the LB corp. that is strugling to hold there part down and Mr. Fickle for not playing bump or press coverage to slow down passing game. To beat the spread you got to play agressive otherwise be really good at open field tackling which we are not.

Comment 15 Oct 2012

The question is how do you become a legend without touching the ball look at what and how Boren goes about his time on the team and that is how legends are made. THIS IS A GUY THAT SAY TEAM FOOTBALL  and not what about me!

Comment 04 Oct 2012

With the way taylor runs and throws the ball they will have the DEF. in zone alot this game. They will not bump the wides on there release it is going to be a long game. This is where they need to play a press zone coverage so that the DB do not have there backs to Taylor and the short passing game will not beat them up to bad.

Comment 17 Sep 2012

Right now the Defenece reminds me of a scud missile when tackeling not a bullet let alone a sliver one. There tackles for the most part is head down, hands in and all shoulder( the highlite hit). When some of the best tackles I ever seen was head up and across the body, shoulder on the bellybutton or hip at angles and drive through them till you hit the ground and knocking the wind out of the guy so when he see you coming again you see the fear in his eyes.

Comment 10 Sep 2012

Guys i hate the bend but do not brake DEF. but i do think the coachs are holding beack as much as they can so when they get to sparty next week the frist year QB will be looking for that to then they will slam him with press cov. and all kinds of blitzies then they will also have NEB. on there heals cause they will not know what to expect.


Comment 31 Aug 2012

no wait and tackle him close to the goal line that way you can score the TD cause there is no way of knowing when they kick the ball back to you that your going to ba able to drive it back bown the field to score.