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Comment 06 Feb 2015

NO you can get affaird a job then talk terms after if both side are not far off the fine line details of the contract. Most postions coach contracts are standard anyways it would be the insentives that would be the sticky part.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Look befor we start to place blaim like everyone else we need to wait and see. Maybe Drayton just thought it would be a harmless interview and thought he would not get the job so he did not tell COACH until he got the Offered the job no one knows how this went down and yes i agree that Weber should get to hear what happend.

Comment 29 Dec 2014

I guess this is better than bulletin board stuff i hope it get in the locker room.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Look i played sports all my life uptill 5 years ago. I played football, wrestled and Baseball for the school. When i was with my friends we played basketball, tennis, golf and was at the pool swinging. The funny thing is all my injurys always cam in the noncontact sports. even when i was in the US Army the only time i would get hurt is in noncontact sports blew my ACL out in Basketball during PT. Got my shoulder in a company softball game but all the time I played football i never tgot a major injury and that is the same with wrestling. People judge sports on the freak injurys but do not look at the more common ones. When the sport is caoched right and played the right way you do not see the injurys you do when some one is coached the wrong way or told to hurt some one to get them out of the game. Alot of coachs forget that they are the molder of young minds and it is ok to teach kids to be agressive but you need to be clean when you come to hit. Most coachs these days are after a win and forget why they are there. What needs to happen is we as parents need to check out who is coaching the kids and are they teaching them the right way. If you do not know about something ask someone. But what i am getting at is if the coach keeps the game clean the injuries are not as bad.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

All what we need to do is enjoy what is going on right now and watch JT play like he is till the end of the season. Leave this topic alone and wait and see what Brax wants to do about it. We do not know what is going on with him and his shoulder you never know he might just decide to go ahead and make the move to H-Back to save his shoulder or if the doc say hay you can get a good Carear out of it then we might have a QB comp. but it all depends on when he is cleared to come back. If he is not cleared by the end of the summer Urban might ask him to play H-back while he gets in game shap but also let him take some snaps like DW as a kind of wildcat play.

Lastly let the MAN heal up Befor we start with all the stupid QB Comp / 2 QB's systems cause if he feels like he is not going to get a fair deal one of to things are going to happen and neither are good.

1 He hurts it agian and is done by pushing it to hard to get back.

2 he gets mad and leaves.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

I agree with you if the game is a blow out get him out early in the 3rd QTR that wy get gets enough game reps befor MSU. the more gmae reps he gets the better he will be.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

Not just the crowd noise but the OFF. did not make any adjustments they just tring to run the same plays till they tried the wild cat. They did not even call for a play action either. The DEF. did how ever make some little Adjustments in the secound half but you would expect your O to score more than a goose egg.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

I agree an the funny thing is if you look at UK roster it has a good bet of OHIO boys already on it and they are starting to do so damage in the SEC to Might need to slow them down. If UK wins the title then there will be even more that leave.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

But yet we won the game againest ILL. with only putting the ball in the air what was it 3 time or so and that was with Braxton at QB. Braxton is a high speed version of Tim better passer, shifty and faster runner, he just is not a power guy like Tim. I really hope that Braxton gets his passing on piont because all the stuff that he went through for Ohio State he does deserves the chance but we will see. UFM will not risk losing either one of these men that is why it will be a problem. 

Comment 08 Oct 2014

What you forget is that UFM has already won a Title with using 2 QB's and whos to say he would not try it again. Yes i agree with what you said about two QB's.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Heisman and B1G Freshman and OFF player of the year would make it really hard to say someone else is the starting QB next year. sounds like next year could be a 2 QB system.

Comment 03 Oct 2014

The one thing you forget is that they go to OSU to compete for the spot they want. They do not go there to get it given to them, when spots are give then the O or the D starts to play like crap because they are not sharp. When you have to compete for what you want then you work or tail of to keep it and that makes for better practices and also better games.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

can some one tell me why we tried to force feed a freshman that was not ready to step up, you do not drop a TD and expect to bring the ball back to them. that is like a RB if he fumbles the ball you pull him and put the next one in there. The bad thing is they did not try to get the ball to the tightend at all where was the SR WR chances only seen a few and you can not take the top off a DEF that set 30 yards deep. you got LBS hanging all over the QB because you are not playing in the center of the field so the can blitz at will. Calling the one screen to DW and that is it we got beat tring to do the same stuff and being predictable. This is not on the kids this was plain out coaching that is it. When you Leave points on the field you deserve to get beat.