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Comment 14 Jun 2017

I understand the concussion risk but that is why they have Limited full pad and thud practice. They only get about 5 full pads practice and the reset is Air and thud. (Air is padded dummies and sleds). (Thud is first contact). A lot of the spring practice is position drills foot work and ball skills reads and breaking on the ball 7 on 7. And the last thing is conditioning. They have 12 days for spring practice 5 is full pads if coach wants to then you have a 3 Thud and the rest is Air. This allows the coach's not to have to touch on this so much at the beginning of football unless the have a coaching change. They also have to monitor the heat condition and have to give water breaks pre the regs. Spring practice is scare for the people that no nothing about how it is run and as long as the coach's follow the regs they get the Benefits of it I have seen a Coach get let go for not following the regs and got the school majorly find. Must of the schools that run their spring practice do it early morning before the heat gets to bad. Not a Bad thing for good coach's. 

Comment 12 Jun 2017

No just the best Off. to fit there personal. They can not get true D1 lineman because they all have to  meet the height weight and tape. During football they all get waivers to allow there weight to be up after that they have to battle it back down if it is to far out of control. Happen to sever with some west pointers Very smart and quick thinkers, that is why they went after Munkin  his Off fits their personal.

Comment 12 Jun 2017

Hopefully they will go back 2 or 3 years and pull tape on that GA southern and FLA game and a few others like western Mich. and southern will give them a good look at how they adapt there plays to better athletes. This is the same SYSTEM that he ran against FLA and beat the brakes off the Gators and I LMAO at the gators the whole time. then they all must got the Dawgs as well. You have to have DB's and LB's that can blow up blocks and stay under control and maintain discipline. Their is always a back door wrinkle you have to watch for to if you over run the plays.  

Comment 24 Apr 2017

RT I am sorry but now days True Spring kids are running on some type of travel or AAU system and do not play football even wrestler got summer camps and tourneys also. My son is a Soph. and he gets up and is at school buy 6 AM to do his lifting and cond. for football then after school he goes to baseball. we moved up from GA. Where the spring football would not interfere with baseball. The coach's had an arrangement where the baseball kids where aloud to go to spring football practice as long as the grades did not drop because they ran the practice an hour after baseball practice got over. If they got a game then coach knows they will not be a practice. When the kids are at football practice they do all the air drills and seven on seven and the thud drills no live stuff. Spring game is a no go unless you are not a starter on Baseball.  Last thing is it keeps the kids out of trouble too.

Comment 15 Dec 2015

But the real question is how long do we have him I say 2 years MAX. Then people will be at the door for him to run there major Programs. Love the splash but it is only temp.

Comment 11 Dec 2015

Here is the problem with what you are saying. Yes the young men have a foot out the door BUT they are getting snubbed by all the major awards so they will have something to prove. Zeke miss out on New York. He is also missing out on All American Honors. JB missed out on the Lumb award. That is going to set bad with them. The one thing that everyone forgets that week in and week out the team takes the best shoot from everyone they play. Teams come in and say this is the week we make your name when they play The Ohio State. I think UFM is going to us this as a platform to say Look We are still the best team in America. I have the Best RB in the land. I also have the best DEF. Player in the land and everyone around them is not far from or at the same level  of play they are. This is going to be a Beat down and a message sent to the committee.

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Joey and Nick share a state title ring maybe if he thinks that they can get a title next year too! Would be a great thing to be able to say that me and my bother have won state and national champs rings togather.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

Squirrel the one thing everyone is for getting is that he is going to enroll early so we do not have to wait till signing day he has to sign is Fin. Packet. right.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Guys it is not that we do not have deep threats the problem is that teams can play with 7 in the box and the safeties do not have to worry about CJ running the ball because he is tring to do to much with his big arm. When the DEF. does not have to spy the QB then the safeties can set in normal zone. Now if CJ was to run the ball like he did last year and truck some guys and show that nasty attitude he played with the last 3 game that changes the DEF. because then you have to spy him cause you know that it takes 2 people to bring CJ down. CJ is his on problem tring to out think the play instead of taken what he see's. when the QB has to be accounted for that opens up throwing lanes and makes it easier for the WR to get open cause the zones get bigger.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

That was before he found out the he could be making Bank after this year. He is playing to not get hurt. When he runs this year you do not see the look that he had when there was nothing to play for but a championship. Now he has to stay health so he can get payed! I guess he does not see that stats matter to though. I come back IF you going to play to not get hurt. It is not the same guy that walked the dog on WIS. Bama. or ORG. and scouts will see that too.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

I am not banging On CJ all I am saying is that the OC is still calling the game like he thinks the @ QB's are the same and they are not. CJ can not run on the edge and is not a threat to do so he has to go down hill or wait till everyone is out in coverage before he can really go. He is more like Ben Roth. from the Stealer and the OC needs to call the game that way. If they are going to keep the Off. on the path that is now then JT needs to be the man. Personally right now we do not have a 50/50 jump ball WR like DS to go get it for CJ so I would say let JT roll unless you now about a WR we have that is just waiting to blow up Thomas is the all everything but not the guy to be able to take the top off the Def. and when they do get out there in the open he short arms the ball. Marshall may be but CJ can not find him in a game regularly.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Here is my problem you have a QB that is a Captain and is not starting lost his spot do to injury in a game that went 10 and 1. During that 10-1 run he had to make plays while the line was finding their grove, he also had to wait on the WR's to come into their own also. He also had to wait on Zeke to find his footing and get going. By the time that Jones got the keys to the Car it was already starting to run at top speed. So why is Jones getting so many chances. It is not that Jones is a bad QB it is that the Off. is built for JT Or Brax  and the main staple to this is the inside zone read which CJ can not run to max. CJ can not run out side he is down hill Zeke is down hill JT can do both and when you can do both in that Off. it make the reads a lot easier in the pass game CJ can not do both he is to slow to get the edge and when he goes down hill then Zeke get stuck tring to run the outside and that does not work for him. Zeke is down hill one cut to the house. to fix the problem CJ needs to learn to read better or give the keys back to JT and let him go.  

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Guys I got to watch this team in person when they played Georgia Southern. They could not tackle could not block they have  2 WR's that did a lot of the work for them but that was after they where chasing Southern by 21. The final on that game was bad I left mid way through the 4 Qtr to beat the rush and GSU was still scoring on them. If we do not hang 60 to 70 on them some budy needs to take a long look at them self and find the it factor and get this ship right!

Comment 21 Sep 2015

First and for most The splitting of reps. is killing the QB's. Pick a QB and he is QB1 the right pick though is the man that fits the Off. the best. The zone read has went away because it is not a play that fits CJ abilities that well. At the same time we do not Know what kind of play calling that the OC likes. For the past 2 years the team as been built to be a zone read run team so if that is the case then put JT in and lets not look back other wise set the Off. to what CJ does well and sell out and go for it you can not mesh the 2 together and expect it to work effectively. The Oline  is having problems because there leader is having to worry about play calling at the same time as tiring to coach them up so the are not getting in game adjustment that fast. As for the wide outs they just need to step it up only one has showed up to play and the rest is watch what Xbrax is doing because they get to see it live. Wide outs a Word to the WIse look at eSECpn for the highlights and worry more about your blocks and your routs.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

Well lets just say that if XBraxs is on the field to go along with Big V and MT, I will take Brax in the flat to make a lot of trouble for VT then that will also open up all other routs. You can not tackle Brax one on one in open field. For that fact MT too. Oh and I am sorry but there is a RB that has hands and feet that is pretty good to. (ZEEEEEKKKEEE) I know tech. can run but can they get enough people to the ball to take away all the people we have that can work in space. I do not see that happening.