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"da'ron lee" aka Darren Lee

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September 2, 2014 at 7:47am

This kid is an absolute beast, and I was pleasantly surprised with his play on Saturday..I can see why urban wants him out there, he reminds me of sahzier in a way..he was always in on every play making his presence known..

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The fumble return was nice, and the big hit on the QB was sweet. He was around the ball a lot, but there were several plays that came to his side where he was either out of position, or completely blocked. Not sure if it was b/c of the Navy option offense or what, but he certainly has some things to clean up in addition to looking like a future star.

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Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I was very impressed by his play.  Very aggressive player.  Can't wait to watch the game slow down for him.

Read my entire screen name....

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I was getting annoyed how they kept mis pronouncing his name, and so was his mother lol

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I have the same first name... mine is spelled a little different. At this point in his life I'm sure he's used to being called Darien, Derrick, Da'ron, and every other first name starting with the letter 'D' you can think of. I think Verne should just call him "sir."

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If he turns in a few more big performances, announcers/journalists will know how to pronounce it correctly.  I give CBS a tiny pass (they are broadcasters though, so they should have done their homework) because he was a bit of an unknown player with an unorthodox spelling.  I'm sure the Terrelle's/Tyrell's (etc.) of the world run into the same kind of thing.

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Highlight reel tackle..

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Other than this hit being awesome it's also a good demonstration of the annoyingness (is that a word?) of chop blocks. Take a look at both Curtis Grant and Worley to see what happens when Navy blockers get to the second level

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I love how calm and cool bosa is in this gift..I would have been so amped up after being e 5' away from that play...bosa just walks over like he see's it all the time lol

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