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Which is it?

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August 31, 2014 at 5:20pm

Is Alabama overrated or is West Virginia underrated?

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Both. Was not impressed with how Alabama played. Then again, first game of the year I wasn't impressed with many teams so far. I think it did show that Alabama can be beat and to sell out on cooper and the run and force them to beat you through the air to anyone else. 

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1st game over/under performance. 

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I don't really follow the program, but from everything I've been hearing... I think Bama is playing the wrong QB.

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Only team I was impressed with was aTm. But for what I know, S. Carolina could be overrated. Looooong season 

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Georgia impressed me... Todd Gurley is a beast.  Beat Clemson 45-21 (Clemson returned their whole DL and 8 starters total from their D from last season).  UGA put up 328 yds rushing on them... Including 198 and 3 TDs from Gurley... oh and throw in the 100 yard K.O. return for a TD he had as well.    UGA looked pretty good to me, except at the QB position.

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except at the QB position

Pretty glaring omission. Probably will become a problem down the road

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True, I didn't really watch the game... but the QB just didn't do anything impressive from a statistical standpoint, but he also didn't have any TO's.  Can't really judge him I suppose with the way they ran the ball against Clemson.  So I guess we'll see.

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It was a very close game. Closer than the score. Basically, clemson's offense broke down, defense was gassed and UGA had a serious stable of RBs that hit the edge. Clemson isn't a bad team, but they don't have much offense. UGA looked good but they were susceptible to the run with a competent passing attack and will struggle with a good run defense because they are one dimensional as well 

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Some of both.  Think we all underestimated West Virginia.  And Alabama got some bigtime benefit of doubt with that #2 ranking. 

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I watched a little of the game b/c one of my 2nd cousins is on West Virginia but I do know from reading some of the comments yesterday is that bama also had some very close calls go there way - if you know what I'm saying, 

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Hmmmm.  Time will tell I guess.

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My wife is a WVU grad so I watch most of their games.  Holgersen is a good Offensive Coach but the jury is still out on him as a HC.  I think WVU was a bad matchup for Alabama like Navy was for OSU. Both Navy and WVU has Offenses that are hard to deal with, and the Offensive side of the ball for the favorites (Ala & OSU) had inexperience at QB. 

I think WVU is probably a 6-6 team and Alabama is going to end up with a 11-1 or 10-2 record.  This is not one of their better teams!