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Remember it's Navy

chicagobuckeye's picture
August 30, 2014 at 5:48pm

I have seen posts already reading way too much into this win. So and so is a beast this person was awful but again remember it's Navy. 

They run a very specialized type of offense so looking at how players looked on defense keep in mind they had 4 throws from Keenan Reynolds.

Also, Navy is a good but not great team. Was Osu suppose to blow them out, no, was it suppose to be a final drive kind of play, no.

Just step back from the ledge before making too many rash generalizations about the team or players until at least next week. 

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I couldnt agree more

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I get your point, but I think the "this was Navy, they're different" idea is actually kind of overblown. Some judgments are able to be passed already, and one of them for me is that Michigan sucks.

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I'm talking more about saying Corners or safety's have been phenomenal or awful when Keenan Reynolds went 2-4. Hard to say a pass defender is good or bad based on that

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Navy will stomp a mudhole in Notre Dame's ass. You read it here first.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I wish I could upvote you. Living in Indiana is unbearable with the nd fans. Always telling me how great they will be and how much smarter they are. I actually had a nd fan tell me how much better rice is than Navy. I hope Navy kills them

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If it makes you feel better, ND fans are also unbearable in the other 49 states.

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Yes yes it does thank tou

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Navy has the makings of a team that could win 10 games on their schedule. That being said, if they ran a 'normal' offense, I think you'd see teams beat them more handedly. The difficulty is not only dealing with the perfection at which they run the triple option, but the larger issue of time management. They run clock better than any team in the country and you have to score when you have the ball or you risk being down (as we saw today). You get far fewer possessions, and they rarely hurt themselves so its a very tricky team to play. They are an anomaly, so judging how you play against them and trying to predict the future is a silly thing to do. I think we should have score a couple more TDs today and that would have made the game look more like it should have. 

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1. we covered the spread

2. the 2009 team that manhandled oregon was lucky to escape, at home, a navy team that was worse than this one

3. this team is young. the improvement from the first to second half was marked

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I think a lot of the improvements were coaching adjustments more than players getting better, but there was a marked improvement that's for sure.

I think it's obvious that there's plenty of room for improvement, and plenty of raw talent to work with. Team needs to progress, hopefully they do.

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Yeah but I say beating Navy is like beating Northwestern or Iowa (usually solid football teams) and first game of the season, freshman QB, new O-line, no Roby and no Shazier on D, its better than a victory over an FCS or crap FBS program (I'm looking at you state up north).

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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I agree but it's more for the people who don't have that perspective and either saw the best or worst ohio state football game of their lives. 

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I was at the game so I didn't get to see the replay.  The touchdown they scored on the pylon, the replay in the stadium looked like his foot was down out of bounds before he touched the pylon with the ball correct or not correct?

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I think his knee was down. Kind of a crappy rule that all you have to do is touch the pylon.  Especially the very outside of the pylon.

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I actually like the fact that the pylon is part of the end one.  It's one of the few umpiring features that doesn't require judgment. The determination if the knee was out first though.... 


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It didn't even come down to the final drive.  The game was about what I expected.  Slow start with some of the youth and inexperience.  O-line struggled early, but got better as the game went on.  D-line was solid.  Navy was pumped up early, executed their stuff well, and even their defense was surprisingly strong early.  However, the offense settled in in the 2nd half, defense was good in the 4th quarter, and the game ended up being not as close as the 2009 scare. 

And Navy's first TD was bullshit.  He was down well before he hit the pylon.  Refs were not good overall.

Class of 2010.

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buckeye4life050233's picture

Yea the officiating was suspect.  I just couldn't tell from the stadium replay if his knee was down first or not.  Not to mention the official that signaled touchdown was knocked down and couldn't even see the play

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You couldn't really tell from the angles CBS had either.

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it's funny that it was the only play they had no other angles on but the other reviews had multiple ones that overruled the first view and gave navy the ball back or gave them a first down lol

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I was impressed by the quality of seamen on the field. 

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A young team got better as the game went. Was impressed with Barrett minus the one bad throw. Defense played better in second half as they were finally able to cover the pitch man....it is well run offense from Navy. Was greatly disappointed in the preparation and game planning until 4th quarter (where I think we wore them down). This was quite possibly the 4th consecutive game we were either out coached or at least to an even match.

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You could post this every single week

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Agree 100%

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