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Finkes predicts no Braxton next year

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August 30, 2014 at 4:54pm

In the pre-game on Buckeye Fever, Matt Finkes was pretty adamant that Braxton wouldn't be back next year. He thinks that he would go pro and even mentioned a position change. I have to say I disagree with his assessment. Why kick Braxton while he is down? Let's not put dirt over him this soon, as he just had a big surgery. I don't know much about Finkes' skills as an analyst, I just think it's ludicrous to be even speculating on next year. Let's enjoy the season at hand, and hope the best for Braxton.

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Yeah seems incredibly premature to state that when theres little evidence to support it, particularly because he is a member of the media.

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As a recipient of labrum surgery, I can attest you will not come back the same.  And NFL teams are not going to roll the dice until they can see him in action. And Brax already had a knock on his passing ability. 

That doesn't mean Brax can't or won't declare. I just don't think his draft status would be that high. 

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They live to pile on 

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It's his job. The fact that there are people talking about him and his opinions this long after the broadcast means he did his job. And saying he could get drafted at another position into the NFL isn't exactly kicking him while he's down. I get worse news than that every morning when I see myself in the mirror.

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if he wants to be an NFL QB, he 100% has to come back. if he is open to WR, he would have a shot at being drafted

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Even with a position change, he will need to show 1) he can actually perform at a new position. 2) that he is healthy. And 3) he would most likely switch to rb...so he would have to show hes durable enough to withstand the beating a running back takes.

A position switch in now way ensures he would be drafted. Also...he mentioned graduate school. Which, depending on how his shoulder responds, would be a big thing in securing his future if football isnt an option. I see no way around it for him...he has to come back to put something on film at any position he might play.

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I think he has to come back so that he can put together a very solid injury free season. This I think will elevate his draft status in the long run.

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I love Braxton and hope he returns at QB next year. That said, what concerns me is that they said a 9 to 12 month recovery. What kind of game shape will he be in with a recovery that long? How much rust will there be?

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I don't see it being a full 12 months, you're likely thinking of numbers given to MLB pitchers...they need the extra time due to the increased stress on their shoulders, but there's a big difference between the mechanics.

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Whatever Braxton decides he's awesome and we love him. Brax for a fourth year would be great, but JT as a second year starter won't be a terrible situation either.

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Finkes is out of his mind. He was a hell of a player back in the day so he can say whatever he wants but Braxton will be back. Probably not going to increase his draft position a whole lot but dude can go out with a ton of records and one of best buckeye qb's ever

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Aren't analysts paid to give their opinion? It's not like he doesn't have a point. It'll be hard for him to get drafted as a QB, and he probably won't be impressive enough as a wideout next year to really improve that draft stock—plus h'll be risking further injury in the process. 

Miller's said he'll be back, so I'm inclined to believe him. But I'd totally understand why he wouldn't—and why others wouldn't think so. 

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