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Kenny Hill came out the same Year as JT

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August 29, 2014 at 12:01pm

Both out of Texas, and even though JT was rated higher on 247, Hill had more top school offers. I don't think knee was an issue since that happened in senior year and top QB's are usually offered soph/jr years.

This isn't a negative post vs JT, I actually think he will be a very good QB in time. But watching Hill play last night I came away tremendously impressed. I see no reason why JT can't have the same or similar impact in game one.

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I was thinking the same thing. If the talent around JT lives up to the hype, and the coaches live up to their pedigrees (I don't see why either cant or wont happen) then JT could play a similar game. Of course he isn't going to throw it 60 times and he is not going to throw for 500, but manage the game, take advantage of opportunities, and lean on a strong run game. COME ON WHY CANT IT START NOW GOD


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I have no doubts Braxton or J.T. could put up 400 yards a game if Urban opens the playbook up. I still have my doubts he will though which is kinda sad. 

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The loss of Hyde and the development of the receivers will greatly help out the passing numbers.

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I already posted this on the AM - Sc thread but man, it seems like it's been forever since we've had a 300 yard passer in a game... when was the last time?  Back with Troy Smith?  I know Braxton hasn't surpassed that mark, I don't think Pryor ever did.. pretty sure Boeckman never did...  Way tooooo long if you ask me. 

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How many yards did Bauserman get against Akron in 2011?

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Answering my own question

J. Bauserman (OSU) - 163 YDS, 3 TD


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163. Braxton had 130

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Joe had 163, but actually closer to 400 if you count the ones that ended up in the 4th row...

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Good question so I looked it up. TP had 334 against Indiana in 2010. Only time since Troy, who did it three times during his career (twice against Michigan)

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Good work.  Damn.  We need to air it out a bit more!  Especially with all these weapons we have now.  I thought TP had a couple games close to but didn't think he did.   And yeah, I remember Troy had some.  TSUN 2x and against ND in the Fiesta Bowl.   Figured he'd have a few more.

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It's also been forever since we've had a 3000 yard passer for a season.

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Yeah, but Hill played against weak-ass SEC defense

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You forgot to turn off the sarcasm font.....

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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700 yards of offense? I admit I was not able to catch the game, however, when 700 yards of offense is put up, rarely is only because the offense is that good. SC's defense has to have major problems, far beyond just losing the #1 overall pick.


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Case Keenum was a 2* QB that Sumlin transformed as well.  Kid is good, but his QB coach (Sumlin) is the reason he did what he did last night.  Here is hoping Herman is of the same mold otherwise we are just talking about apples and oranges here folks.

-Go Bucks!

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South Carolina's defense was horrible last night. 

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I always think of our former coach when I see JT. Can we call the new QB Joe Thomas instead?

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JTB - kinda has a nice lil ring to it.

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JTB IV.  I like EL Quatro

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Kenny Hill for Heisman?


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UTexas fans are watching closely.  Texas did not recruit Hill and Barrett hard because they had Swoopes 5* locked up early in the process.

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Did Kenny Hill impress me?  Yeah, sure. 

Do we know how bad SCar's defense really is?  Not yet.  But my guess is it's pretty fkn awful.  Not sure Hill will impress like that consistently given the different D's he'll face. 

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J.T. as a QB will be more like K Hill than he will be to Braxton Miller.  Pass first. Find 2nd and 3rd receiver. Spread ball around. He doesn't need to run and shouldn't.  GO BUCKS!

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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I would think 250 yds passing by JTB would be considered a success.  And that would be by throwing it half as many times.  So production percentage wise it would match Hill's...to me what is more impressive than Hill's yardage is his completion percentage...73%...that's ballin' especially when throwing it 60 times...

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