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Question about audio stream of football games

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August 25, 2014 at 11:56am

I have a buddy who has to drive every other Saturday to pick up/drop of his daughter in central Illinois and is looking for a way to listen to the Buckeyes while he's on the road.  Does anyone know if there's an app or web stream he can get on his iPhone to listen to the games?  Appreciate any help.

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97.1 The Fan app MIGHT carry the games. I know their website would black out the games during that time, probably to get more people to watch ESPN, but I've never tried the app for games

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I dont know what kind of car you buddy has (or the radio/tech in it, rather) but you can always get the away team feed on Sirius satellite.  Obviously the Buckeyes are away for roughly half of their games...otherwise, listening to the other teams announcers is better than nothing.

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download the tune-in-radio app and it carries 97.1.  You get Paul Keels play by play on there during games