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Roundtable with other blog editors?

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August 24, 2014 at 1:11pm

I've seen us partner with Mgoblog.com a few times where a writer for Eleven Warriors has sort of a round table discussing about Ohio State and Michigan, and I'm wondering if they do that with any other blogs. I've been reading a bit of http://www.thekeyplay.com/ as they have done a great job analyzing our offensive and defensive prowess in anticipation of the upcoming game with Virginia Tech and I'd love to see our experts get together with them for a series.

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I know 11W has done stuff with Black Shoe Diaries (Penn State) and Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa) in the past.

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You'd have to think sbnation wouldnt want 11w mixing with B1G rival sites; they'd give that access to LGHL.

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