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Comment 09 Feb 2015
Just my opinion, but JT is still our best quarterback. His ability to read defenses and execute a precise "west coast" style paying game with short to intermediate throws is unmatched and fits our bevy of running back and wide receiver talent perfectly. Jones, like what was said above, is a tank with a cannon arm but he was only making single read throws instead of going through his progressions. Plus losing or amazing deep threat in Devin Smith will hurt or ability to run super deep throws like we could this year. They're obviously all amazing athletes and people, and it's really splitting hairs on who's the best, but those are my two cents.
Comment 04 Feb 2015
You've got my upvote, this may be a few kids who ultimately decided that they wanted to preserve their health. But it's also highly possible that they were told there simply isn't room anymore. Yes, I wish the kids well, and yes I'm glad we're honoring their scholarship for as long as necessary, but this site would lose it's shit with $EC this and $EC that if Alabama released this exact same report. We should try to look at what's going on objectively.
Comment 22 Jan 2015

For a guy who exclusively uses mobile to browse with I avoid anything on this site I know will be flooded with gifs (like commitment announcement's) because it makes the page horribly glitchy and slow. 

Comment 21 Jan 2015
Kind of a dumb question, but when we offer players like Ferns and Borland and it seems the coaching staff has Ferns as the number one priority, what happens if Borland immediately commits? It seems like we have a hierarchy of targets but we offer everyone at once, what happens if all the kids who aren't priority one commit and then the priority one kids want in as well?
Comment 14 Jan 2015
Psshh, experts shmexperts... I saw one highlight film of Gibson and read some stuff online so I clearly know everything about the kids future.
Comment 31 Dec 2014
34-28 Bama. Defense can't contain Yeldon and Henry enough to allow the secondary to poach picks and Grant can't contain Cooper. Our offense struggles in the red zone and Cardale has a tough outing. I'm a pessimist, growing up a Bills fan will do that to you.
Comment 30 Dec 2014
Woooooo! I hope Don't Really Wilson makes his glorious return, we need all the wrinkles we can get in our offense!
Comment 21 Dec 2014

Aussie Rules, I used to play Rugby back in my younger days and I can attest they're actually completely different games. Pretty much the only similarity between American football, rugby, and Aussie rules is the shape of the ball.

This guy gives a pretty good run down of some of the differences:

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Would love to see Lincoln Riley, solid recruiting ties to the South East and a very aggressive offense with average athletic talent. Frost would be amazing but he's as far of a fetch as one could imagine.