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Comment 15 Apr 2014

This is the way of the new B1G, we better get used to playing any team in the west sparingly, especially the teams unlikely to make the B1G championship game. 

On the plus side we avoid the Spoliermakers too.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Yeah Navy was going for two and Rolle bailed us out a-la Tyvis Powell. But he did take it back 100 yards for the (2 point) score. That's why I wasn't sure if it qualified, still respect to Rolle.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

I may be wrong in this but I think you're missing Brian Rolle against Navy

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I feel Jeffrey Dahmer probably has worst Ohioan locked down if he qualifies, and best campus restaurant is easily late night drunken Burritos Noches (assuming it's still open late, I'm old), or the Columbia Mexicano truck by the gas station on the corner lane and high. 

I guess everyone needs at least one regretful trip to PJ's too.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I'll be honest, I'm still a bit salty that Woody Harrelson lost to Halle Berry in round 1, though it's hard to be mad when your state is represented by the man who defeated Hitler (kind of).

Comment 31 Mar 2014

I know people were getting frustrated that Dontre didn't blow up last season, but I think the expectations were ridiculously high for a freshman. Living in Texas I was able to watch him when DeSoto high played Allen high in the Texas high school football semi finals (one of the best games I've ever watched, look up the game, it was amazing) and Wilson was incredible. Consider me on team Dontre, and I'm excited to see him grow.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Birm, you always seem to have a great relationship with so many recruits. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy your writing here immensely and there's no way I would be able to follow recruiting as well without the Eleven Warriors team; but is there any way you want to join Meyer's staff as a recruiter? I feel the Pantoni-Birmingham connection could lead to a lot of booms.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

I'll be honest, I'm new to posting on 11W and I'm a little star struck a writer replied to me.

That being said diving in to Iowa a bit further you make a good point, their schedule is definitely weak and the few stumbling points (pre Wisconsin) seem to be at home to make it even easier. I'm not up to date on my Pittsburgh knowledge and the Minnesota game I think could be very interesting. In the back of my mind I have a difficult time believing Ferentz still has what it takes in him to bring a team to the promise land. Though as you said, 10-2 (maybe 11-1 is Nebraska is only at three losses by the time of the game) is very possible and would certainly help how the B1G is perceived.

I think one thing is obvious though, the B1G is becoming awfully competitive and doesn't look to be slowing down. Hooray cyclical nature of college football!

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Well I struggled with that a bit because I, like you, think FSU is the best team in the country. Where my issue with the ACC comes from depth, Clemson is losing too much (specifically Boyd and Watkins) to me to be too high on them, and a similar situation with Louisville losing their QB and their coach. Petrino is good, but it will take him a while to get accustomed and get his players into his system. Miami is the intriguing number 2 especially if Duke Johnson continues to improve. However, I remember what happened this year when Duke went down and Miami hit the meat of their schedule. When I tried to rank them against the Big 12 in my mind I think FSU is better than Oklahoma, but Baylor and OK State I think are better than Louisville, Miami, and Clemson. 

Again just my opinion but I see the Big 12 is just slightly better than the ACC. But it is very very close.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

I think an undefeated Ohio State team could get jumped for a spot by a one loss $EC team

It wasn't going to happen this past year and it won't happen this year. We'd have wins over a respected Virginia Tech, always competitive Navy, and a Cincinnati team out for blood. Add in a win over MSU and PSU on the road, a wounded but still strong Michigan and the B1G title against probably Wisconsin or Nebraska and being left out won't even be an issue.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Interesting take, and lord knows you know more about the footy ball than I ever will; but I think this is a little too bold for the B1G to be #2 behind the SEC, I think we still sit at 3rd.

On the B1G side you'll have Ohio State, MSU, and Wisconsin battling for the B1G title. Nebraska will be good, not great (similar to an Arizona in the PAC) and Iowa just won't be there yet in my opinion. Also while Penn State is on the upswing and I believe they end up as the number 2 behind us in the B1G pecking order I think its going to take longer than one off season for Franklin to get fully seated in his Nittany Lion throne.

the PAC 12 will be very good; Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, and Washington competing for the crown. ASU, Arizona, and USC will be like Nebraska and Iowa in the B1G, good but not quite there yet. Plus, you know, seven win Sark.

In the Big 12 I think you'll find a similar situation to the B1G but with a lower bottom in Kansas (Step up your game Purdue). Oklahoma is the obvious favorite after the Bama game but Trevor Knight still needs to develop (I remember Garrett Gilbert in the national title game turning heads, how did that work out). Behind them are OK State and Baylor in the mix with Texas sitting in the Nebraska role.

In my personal opinion the ranking will go SEC, PAC 12, BIG, Big 12, ACC, about 500 miles of space, then the AAC.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

So true, if I could upvote this I absolutely would. Halle Barry is stunning, dont get me wrong, and a very talented actress in her own right. But Woody Harrelson kills it in every role he has ever done and is a phenomenally talented actor.


Plus, you know, I support anyone named Woody.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

We're sending emails and using dip on the sidelines!?!? Think of the children!!

Comment 07 Feb 2014

It's amazing watching the difference in recruiting between Tressel and Meyer. Not that Tressel was a bad recruiter by any stretch of the imagination, but there is this excitement or spark around what Meyer and Pantoni put together. It radiates from the program and recruits are definitely taking notice. Glad to have you on board Pantoni and looking forward to more BOOOOOOM!!!!'s in the near future!