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New Scholarship Players

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August 22, 2014 at 7:49pm

I just saw on twitter that Kyle Clinton and Nic Sarac have been giving scholarships. I'm kind of surprised that Rashard Frazier didn't get one, and the fact that we have to place-kickers on scholarship now, but anyway, congrats to those two. (Mark Pantoni retweeted it so if somebody could embed that in the comments it would be great.)

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Congrats to both, hard work pays off.

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What're we at now, I assume right at 82 or 83 or whatever our limit is?

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I don't think Rashard Frazier can get a scholarship from OSU because he was a transfer from another B1G school (Purdue). Similar to when Boren transfered in from Mich. 

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Huh?  I haven't heard this before, what's the rule?  Is it NCAA or big ten specific?

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Usually is a team that a player transferred from rule ... 

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That conference rule was done away with a few years ago.