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Comment 13 Nov 2014

I believe the rule is just you have to be out of High School for three years, so in that case, he could declare.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I have been thinking that Parris Campbell is going to be the next good homerun threat!

Comment 05 Nov 2014

Urban said it in his presser.

Comment 03 Nov 2014

I've honestly been trying to convince myself of this for so long!

Comment 01 Nov 2014

I would love to just see some big plays. Outside of Devin Smith we haven't really had that big play. I'm hoping Dontre, Jalin, Corey, Curtis, or somebody else can be electric!

Comment 27 Oct 2014

Best of luck to Rod. But where do we turn now? Looks like Curtis, Brionte, and Warren are going to have to really step up to the plate. Also, I wonder if this opens the door for more H-back runs?

Comment 26 Oct 2014

I believe you are talking about Quinton Baker! If so he is class of 2016, and he goes attends my school's rival! Anyway, I wouldn't think that will affect Harris' decision.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I personally just think we NEED 1 or 2 more O linemen, and 1 solid running back. But, course I would love to see Torrance (very likely), Nyheim Hines (who I've wanted for a while now), Cager, and Roundtree.

Comment 22 Oct 2014
Urban said it was just a rolled ankle and he should be fine.
Comment 19 Oct 2014

I doubt we will know anything about any of the injuries until Monday.

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Urban said he was up and moving around in the locker room. 

Comment 18 Oct 2014

Very true! You have to love those kind.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

I'm super glad he is committing to the good guys, but I honestly feel bad when their commitment gets leaked early.

Comment 11 Oct 2014

Yes, Braxton was the only real playmaker outside of Hyde last year, but it's different this year with everybody we have, so IMO a distributor is nice to have. Also, I thought your comments were completely reasonable, so I didn't give any DV's, in case that statement was directed at me.