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August 22, 2014 at 4:50pm

Ok, so here is my problem. I'll be working for the season opener, however, I am allowed to watch TV, surf the net, and basically whatever else I want to do (within reason) during work hours. My problem is that the cable provider we have at work doesn't carry CBS SN. I know what you're thinking. Quit my job! Am I right? lol. Not going to happen. Instead I come to you in my time of need and ask the great minds of 11w to come together and help me find a way to watch this game. Yes I know there are plenty of low quality streaming sites that I don't care to mention but I feel like the Buckeyes command and deserve much better than a low bandwidth garbled up stop and go stream. So, on that note. Could someone throw some knowledge my way with a link or general guidance on how I could watch this game in HD "ish" quality even if it means a small (emphasis on small)  one time fee. I apologize in advance if there is already a thread somewhere containing this information. 

....annnnd GO!

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Try this


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I think that's what he meant with: 

Yes I know there are plenty of low quality streaming sites that I don't care to mention

That said, ain't nothing wrong with settling for a LQ stream. 

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Nail meet head. 

There can be only one

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Is Uverse going to carry it?

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Yep. I talked my way into getting a free 3 month upgrade to the U300 solely to have CBS Sports Network for the game. Best part is, after I talked the lady on the phone into the upgrade, I told her how much I appreciated it because of the OSU game. She then told me she was a Michigan grad... Good thing I didn't mention it until AFTER I got the upgrade haha

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Michigan grads working in customer service call centers >>>>>

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Haha I had the same thought as well.

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Yes, I just switched to Uverse and have it.  I think you have to have the U300 package or better though to get it (which I have). 

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I would quit work and drive to Bawlmer. 

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Heres one possible thing to check out.  CBSSports.com has a service called ULive that streams college sports live.   It costs 17.95 a month but theres an offer there for one week free so perhaps you can take advantage of that just to watch the OSU/Navy game.


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However the schedule listed at the bottom here doesn't seem to have the Buckeye game so perhaps that wont work.


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Good idea. Not sure why the game wouldn't be on there. At first maybe I thought it was a B1G thing, but Penn State is on at 630 AM on it. Buncha BS. Someone take my money!

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I think the bucks would appreciate your dedication by watching through a low quality stream

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ummmm…..personally I'd DVR it (assuming you have one) and watch it later at my own pace with full attention.  You have to play the "don't talk to me about sports" card but it is what I do when I can't be home for the game.

If you don't have a DVR………I guess low stream it is.

Edit:  Do you know anyone with Dish Network or a slingbox?  If so maybe they will hook you up with a password to use theirs for the day and you can watch in pretty good quality on your phone, computer…….

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I have the CBS Sports ap on my iPhone. It looks as though the game will be available on it - at least the listing for it is shaded light blue as opposed to the other listings for that day in a white background.  Their ap is available across multiple platforms.  

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I am allowed to watch TV, surf the net, and basically whatever else I want to do (within reason) during work hours

Are there any similar positions available where you work?

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