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Comment 18 Apr 2017

Nobody wants to hear the "JT might not be the best QB on the roster" talk. It's simply not the popular vote. And by that same method of thinking there will never be a better QB to step into the role at tOSU. It's simply unfathomable. Stop recruiting QB's ASAP. 

Damn you people and your statistics and gameplay footage and so on and so forth...

Comment 01 Feb 2017

You can say whatever you want about it being late and about whatever. He should feel lucky the offer was on the table EVER. That's like saying your pissed because you didn't know you won the lottery until one hour before the ticket was no longer valid. C'mon man cash in the ticket ride off into the sunset with your bag-o-money. Don't let your pride get in the way of your career. But hey what the heck do I know about being recruited by any team ever? Nothing. Just another opinion.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

No offensive line should be expected to block for longer than 5-10 seconds. The play calling has to be such that the receivers not only get open but get open quickly and take adavantage of spacing and defensive miscues. Barrett like it or not will HAVE to take chances. He can't hold onto the ball longer than 4-5 seconds. It's just not reasonable. 

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Thank god. An offense that stops worrying about "who" and starts worrying about "how". Our offense over the past two years has spent too much time worrying about getting the ball into certain peoples hands and not enough time worrying about getting the ball into the hands of ANYONE who can move it down the field. JT was doing that in 2014. Let the playmakers show themselves by making the most of their chances when they do get their number called. You can't spend every play trying to force it down the throat of 1 or 2 guys that don't get open. That will make you beat your head against the wall because defenses plan around stopping your favorite targets. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

There's always two sides to every story. He said, she said. The reality is this, nothing changes if nothing changes. Urban took care of the coaching changes. Now the proof will be in the pudding as they say. If the offense still looks drab,  and the QB still looks like he's making the same decisions on the field (ie holding onto the ball for 10 seconds hoping the receiver will get 5 yrd separations) it will show. Unfortunately by then it's too late to insert plan B and expect a turnaround. That's why a spring/fall QB competition should be official. Winning > seniority, but that's my personal opinion. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Haskins is the future. I'm ready to watch him ball out. Another year of short passes and playing afraid will do me in. I'm not sure I can take it. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

That's just the thing. We can't expect the line to perform like NFL pro-bowlers to make up for his deficiencies. They are college level linemen. Not saying they aren't good, just saying we can't expect them to make up for him. He needs to get the ball out faster. Whether that means the receivers need to be better or he needs to take more chances is unknown. You would have to be in the film room to assess that. I think the past couple years the team/coordinator has gotten away from his strength, running the ball. Not sure why but without the threat of him running the ball, the defense just sends the house and he is unwilling to take chances and he doesn't do well passing on the run.