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Comment 02 Jun 2015

Good ol' Cardale Smith...he catches his own deep ball.

Comment 26 May 2015
I'm pouring out a four loko as I'm typing. May you rest in piece DJ's stomach.
Comment 13 May 2015

Not that I don't believe Braxton is a fine specimen and a gifted QB in his own right, but I like our chances with the other QB's more. Now like I stated, Braxton is one hell of an athlete, but it's for that very reason that I fear him being in control of the ship. The coaching staff and play calling in particular become very different when Miller is behind center. It seems like his athletic abilities almost hypnotize the coaches and "tempt" them into calling more plays designed specifically for him. Last season we won the National Championship based on the predicate that we play like a team...not that one player does it all. 

For that reason and that reason alone I hope that Braxton is utilized but not at the cost of the team or the prize.

Comment 27 Apr 2015
One has to remember that this is the first game of the season for BOTH teams. Although we may have a stacked team talent wise there are always those first game jitters and adjustments. I do believe that by halftime we will have overcame most of those but its a night game in enemy territory. I would set it at -14.5. Yes we want revenge but this isn't FAMU or Kent State.
Comment 25 Mar 2015
Harbaugh is officially psychotic. I had my doubt's, but I'm now without any.
Comment 23 Feb 2015

This falls directly on the shoulders of Thad Matta. Last season was a dud on offense and he was forced to try something new this year. This is the result of that. He tried to get away from the "all defense" type of teams that he's had in the past in order to try and drum up some offense and give the new guys some room to create offensively. This is what we get when that happens. Not only are they not producing on offense (Russel aside) but they are horrific on defense for the most part. He's simply not an offensive minded coach and probably never will be able to coach up the team on that side of the ball. With Matta as coach you will have to rely on a teams natural offensive abilities. So unless you have a team full of Russel's you're pretty much screwed.

It's like the difference between having a Jim Tressel coach your team, and needing an Urban Meyer to coach your team. Now this is a good analogy because just like Jim, I love me some Thad. He's a great coach and has done some great things. But times are changing and his skills in the coaching position are just not built for winning in today's game. He has a great defensive mind but he has no clue how to produce a high powered offense. Now you may point to teams in the past but I believe success in the past was a combination of raw natural talent and the lack of opponents defense. Either way as unfortunate as it is, I believe it's time for a change. We need to get over the hump so to speak. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015
When you're recruiting you should never sell yourself, only the school and the the opportunities that it presents. Also I personally hate how players believe that with a single coach leaving their career is over. Shows little confidence in their ability to compete. If its me I don't care if Ronald McDonald is my RB coach I'm gonna make my presence felt. But thats the difference between approaching things as boy or as a man.
Comment 03 Feb 2015

The Zombie DLC isn't available till the end of the month for Playstation users. So yea.. don't get your panties in a bunch. Also you cannot buy a Zombie Exo. It must be earned through playing the Exo-Survival part of the game. Currently the only thing you should have as a season pass holder is a laser gun I believe it's the AE5. And you should have access to an extra map (Atlas Gorge) which is accessed through the special playlists menu on the multiplayer portion of the game. 

Good day sir.