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11W Tailgate?

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August 20, 2014 at 9:53pm

So I saw somewhere that there is an 11W tailgate. Is this a real tailgate on game-day or some hypothetical thing? Is this in some designated spot or just wherever you can find a spot? I'll be at the VT game and I'd love to come by and say hey if it is something real.

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We all meet at the premium lounge the night before...

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I think this would be a really fun idea, even if not before a game. Just a general meeting. Have a few beers or h-n-r's, whatever.

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If by h-n-r's you mean heroin-n-roofies, HELL YEAH BRO, LET'S TAILGATE!

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I usually either do herion or roofies. People that do both are just a bit much for me.

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On a serious note.... I like the idea. I only go to a game or two a year so I don't have the ability to really plan a tailgate or place to hang out before kick. However, if someone who did have season tickets flew the 11W flag I bet many of us would come and hang before games as we have the ticket availability .....just an informal get together .. Bring your own food/drink, etc. ...just a thought ....wish I had the tickets and parking place necessary to organize it myself.

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Yes, there is a big 11w tailgate every year. It was formally known as Eat Too, Brutus and is now called The Eleven Dubgate. It will be before the Cinci game. No tickets are being sold but they do want you to join the facebook page: HERE. Money raised go for a good cause. I'm actually really excited for this.

My only question. Will we have name tags?

Edit: Link to the 11w event page for your informative pleasures.

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