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August 20, 2014 at 9:47am

It’s fantastic that Braxton will be coming back to chase a national title, prove he is healthy and continue to cement his legacy at OSU. I’m all for it, as Brax is one of the best QBs OSU has ever had grace the ‘shoe.  I am, however, concerned about the log jam at QB for 2015 and am interested to see how that will impact recruiting and any possible attrition at the position. Looking ahead to 2015 (If I am not mistaken http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/scholarship-grid ) we will have Braxton SR(RS), Cardale JR(RS), Barrett SO(RS), Collier FR(RS), Burrow FR and (maybe) Gibson FR.  That is A LOT of talent at the most important position at football.  The gods are shining on OSU with all of this wealth, but it is hard to imagine us carrying 6 QBs and with the passion and desire to play, all of these young men sticking around. I know it is blasphemous to talk about attrition/transfers, and I don’t want any of these guys to go, just putting it out there. I am just hoping that talent breeds and attracts more talent and that these guys are ready for stiff competition at OSU. It really is a great feeling to have all of these skilled QBs dawning the scarlet and grey. 

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Birm already said it will have zero impact on recruiting and if it has any then it will be a positive impact 

Can't embed from my phone but here's a tweet by birm to help your concerns:

For #Buckeye fans that are worried about how Braxton’s return impacts any 2015 recruit, don’t.

and a link to article re: how Torrance Gibson feels about it: http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2014/08/being_mentored_by_braxton...

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That's what i like to hear. I must have missed that. 

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I asked this question earlier today in todays Skull Session, specifically about Gibson.  6 QBs is a lot of scholarships to commit to that 1 position.  I know Gibson is a special athlete that you don't say no to, but can they really afford to have that many on the roster?  Also, it appears they are in good shape with a few elite 2016 QBs, and already have Danny Clark in 2017.  So, unless there are transfers, you are looking at a log jam for a few years, as there will be a years gap between everyone, with 2 possibly in the 2015 class if Gibson ultimately decides to join.

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I was leaving that one wide open (as does Carl). Glad you took it an ran!

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I thought Gutterballs was a better film myself

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Fixed the cable?

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Hard to keep em down on the farm....

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I am more interested to see what the QB position looks like in 2017 with potentially Burrow, Gibson, Haskins and Clark all on the roster. Now, that would be a logjam.


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He fixes the cable?

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Sorry dude, should have scrolled down more

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You have to think as long as JT stays healthy and leads the team relatively well, Cordale is the most likely to transfer.  Especially if we see TG pick OSU in October.  Give the reins back to Braxton in 2015 with a capable JT behind him and then TG humbling taking the redshirt.  And then I find a million dollars on the street and then there's world peace...

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JT will be a starter at some point, most likely this year. I think Cardale will get passed up but that doesn't mean his career won't lead to the NFL. If he learns to pass better, he has all the other physical traits. Collier might find it the toughest but he just seems like a guy who will work hard, be a team player and doesn't really rely on football to dictate his future. I don't see him leaving.

Burrow and Gibson will red shirt next year, especially now that Brax is coming back. I don't see any way Burrow doesn't get a redshirt and Gibson is too raw to not get a redshirt, if he is that adamant about being a QB. I don't see either transferring if they come, but I wouldn't be stunned if Burrow did eventually to get a chance like Graham did two years ago. It would be nice to say that Haskins will be a buckeye but until that day, I won't worry about the future that far in advance. and Clark could be a redshirt his freshman year, so that problem could be years from now.

It is absolutely a good problem to have but as we see this year, too many QBs might quickly become not enough QBs.

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first a reference to the In-n-out burger and then log jammin........is it lebowski day in the forum or something


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