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Comment 15 Aug 2016

My waitstaff friends always remind me to tip on pickup order from places like Outback or other sit down establishments. "they still have to bag it and bring it to your car" is the explanation i get from them. 

Comment 02 Aug 2016

I was at the VT game this past year. IT WAS ELECTRIC. Enter Sandman is , by far, the best entrance in CFB. Goosebumps stayed around for a while with that one. I thought 'Jump Around' at Camp Randle was cool but this far outweighs that. 

When Braxton hit that spin move, the fans were in disbelief and I was just looking around telling them I had had the privilege of seeing moves like that for years. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Stu's Surfside subs....amazing. Go get one and let me know what you think. Polish it off with a everclear slushie from Frosty Frogs!!!!


Comment 06 Jul 2016

He just wanted to take a nap on a very expensive raft. Watch the sunrise. What's the big deal?