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Comment 31 Mar 2014

I cringe at the sight of scUM attire in that place 

Comment 12 Mar 2014

Miami Dolphins: My dad had breakfast with the '72 Dolphins when he was a kid and got all their autographs and pictures yadda yadda. He was a fan thus I am a fan. Growing up watching Dan Marino shredding defenses was nice to watch. Thank god for the Dolphins (not as of late) otherwise I may have grown up to be a sad sad Browns fan. 

Comment 14 Feb 2014

This point may have already been made but viewing 11W from the Samsung Galaxy S3 browser is awful. Anyone know a fix besides getting the Chrome browser app?

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Marcus Ray (sorry guys) was our DB coach while I was at Ohio Dominican. He told us a story about how Shaun Alexander took a recruiting visit to scUM and him and Woodson were planning on taking SA out to a party and show him around campus. Apparently SA was pretty straight laced and cried, refusing to go to a party. Ray said they kept demanding that he go with them to the party and the tears ended up in SA calling his mother. Long story short, SA ended up with Bama.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Where are they now: Antonio Henton...

Comment 29 Jan 2014

No no, thank you, 11W! This is one of the most informative and fun sites to read and really helps me and many others get through the grind of the work day. The recruiting insights, game preview/recaps and some of the other color pieces are just tremendous.

Thank you for all you put into this site and GO BUCKEYES!

Comment 24 Jan 2014

Yeah! Let's move the B1G Champ game out of B1G country!


I have had no issue parking or enjoying myself in Indy for the past two B1G champ games. Plenty of parking, you could walk downtown and hit the bars after Gameday and then back to the parking lot to tailgate and then to the  stadium for the game. Yes, this year was FREEZING cold but we still tossed back cold (almost frozen) ones in the parking lot. Yes the fact that there are not beers served in the stadium is a bummer, but when is the last time you drank a beer at a B1G game?

All in all, I am perfectly fine with Indy. Short drive from NW Ohio, Columbus, Cincy, etc and is centrally located for most of the B1g teams.