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your predictions..

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August 19, 2014 at 10:25am

Just to change things up a bit, and to help calm ourselves from yesterdays news...I know we have made score predictions for the entire season, but what about just the first game? Not only that, who scores the first TD of the season and how?

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JT on a Read option.

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Score: 59-17

TD: Dontre

Number of Braxton/JT threads today: 10

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give me the over on the Brax/JT threads today

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I think I may change the over/under on JT/Braxton threads to 15.5. That way if you take the over you're also picking JT's number in a way

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Still over

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First TD - EzE

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JT Barrett short pass to Dontre for a TD.

Meyer has recruited so much speed/talent that all JT has to do is throw an accurate ball and make good decisions and we should still have plenty of offensive firepower (obviously we'd be better off with Braxton).  I'm guessing 35-10 win with some hiccups.

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all JT has to do is throw an accurate ball and make good decisions

Well if that's all! 

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Heureman or Vannett- 35yd pass down the seam on a blown coverage.

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OSU 34, Navy 14.

The defense rises and sets the tone.

Vonn Bell on a fumble return after an errant Navy option attempt.

(Thanks for the change-up, Wez)

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31-17 tOSU.....Barrett fakes to R.Smith up the gut and runs to the pylon from 5 yards out and Buckeye Nation has hope and faith again.

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35-24, I think Navy will be more game than expected. I also expect a few hiccups on both sides of the ball as a new line and QB is broken in on O and a new scheme on D. For the first score, I like joey bosa on a fumble recovery returned for a TD (followed by a backflip)


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Ohio State 34 Navy 10

First score: Field Goal Shaun Nuernberger

Defensive line sets the tone early.  Navy can't get the inside dive or the outside pitch to work.  J.T. struggles initially, but settles down and make some nice plays with his arm and feet.  A solid, but unspectacular start.  Navy gets a late TD.

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Rod Smith, 1 yd TD run

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I'm going to say that Curtis Grant says "watch this shit.." And picks off a pass up the middle on a slant and runs it back 17 yards for a TD on navy's 1st drive of the game to set the tone..

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Just because I can't wait to see him play,  a little bubble screen to Jalin Marshall who takes it to the house

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.50 Cal to C4 out of the backfield. Explodes into the secondary for a 52 yard TD!!


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First TD: Elliott from 24 yards out