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Kalis on the scout team? Is that what he meant about blood on the field,lol

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August 16, 2014 at 7:15am

I guess he meant blood would be on the SCum practice field? or on the scout team field.hope he studies and at least gets his degree. I maybe wrong but I think one of the starters was a walk on last year. Maybe a Mman can clear that up?





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Not sure I understand - link says throughout the thread that Kalis has a back injury or he'd be starting. 

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They made fun of Kyle Berger's ACL injury in high school, so I'll allow it.  Haha, Kalis has a back injury.  Haha.

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This is correct..Kalis was held out of recent intradquad scrimmage because of back injury..so he wasnt listed with the starters. But Hoke had said there was no question Kalis was leading at RG before the injury. He said it was minor injury but you never know with back injuries.

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You have that right.  I remember when RR burned Gardners redshirt when he had the pissing contest with Tater and the next thing you knew Gardner had a back injury.  It was so severe that he had to dress for every game that year to protect it...

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I know there's some concern regarding the Ohio State offensive line, but that seems to pale in comparison to the situation up there - Kalis playing or not. 

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Which is funny because Hoke has recruited 93838382838373&83727) offensive lineman to play his "man ball" style of football. 

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I think Hoke meant------they play with man balls.

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Yea, those are two vastly different ideas. 

Its good to be a Buckeye. 

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Man balls don't exist up there.

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Kalis is an Idiot,period point blank!!


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Open mouth insert foot syndrome

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Now THAT is what I call Blood on the Field!


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Regarding the walkon question in original post, Glasgow started at C last year and was originally a walk-on but was on scholarship last year. Glasgow had started at guard for first couple games before switching to center. His position this year will depend on who else is in the best five as he has versatility to play a couple positions.

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What position will he be playing against Appy St?  PB (Pine Bench) ; )

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There will be blood on the PB. 

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I was referring to some of the comments in the thread and some other threads that a true freshman or walk on had supplanted Kalis towards the end of last year . Talk about underachieving scout had him  as a 5 star and #6 OT in the country.


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Regarding your clarification - (yawn....) who cares?


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I wonder if he regrets switching his commitment to um.

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