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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin its a no brainer
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Comment 4 hours ago

its gotta open up again I hope. party poker was one of the sites I played as a newbie.when they threw out US players absolute and poker stars still took US players. it did become more difficult to deposit and withdraw funds.on poker stars for $5 you could be playing for $15k 1st place. there was a tourney everyday @ 4pm, $40 for 40,000 guaranteed on a Tuesday afternoon,lol. $215 for the sunday million,lol. just this past year stars broke the record for tournament participants, it was a special sunday million, had a $5 million prize pool I believe and over 60,000 players. poker stars has 300,000 players daily and that doubles on the weekends.the sites we can play now have 3000 players daily. surprised poker stars didn't work out a deal yet. I believe they have purchased casinos in jersey and Nevada,

Comment 19 hours ago

2012- #6 after Urban makes a late charge and Fickle manages to hold onto a few good ones, Perry,Powell,Elflein and Boren all which committed early to midway 2011.

2013- #3 after barely 14 months on the job one of the best classes I have seen @ TOSU as Bosa legacy begins!!!

2014-#7 still not up to our coaches standard but we hit out of the park with Berger,Booker,Hubbard and the crown jewel himself Raekwon MCMillan.

2015-#6 after a horrible start the first 6 months Coach Meyer flips a couple close to signing day KJ Hill and Damon Arnett.

2016-#1 with still some big boys on the board, LSU will be tough to hold off for the #1 spot. Would be a nice reward for the whole program with the #1 class, for their sacrifices and hard work.  Now that Bosa is officially in my wish list starts with Antwuan Jackson, Binjimen Victor, Andrew Pryts and  Damar Hamlin. I've heard as many as 25 in this class so can I'll close it out with a BOOM. The wizard from Cbus shocks the college football world  again and adds Greg Little and Rashan Gary on signing day no less, leaving Pawl Finebum absolutely speechless!!!!

2017-#1 once again in the cat birds seat, long way to go.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

hit & miss. what sites you play poker on? please don't tell me you play that free shit on facebook,lol

Comment 29 Jul 2015

I vote that all future forum topics from this OP be sent to the "anything else" (where useless topics belong) forum. where they will not harm this community as a whole.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Downvote me or whatever, idc, but it's already out there on the internet.

Translation for "out there on the internet"= Bucknuts where else do you find garbage rumors. the players are not handed the "Cup" till the beginning of fall camp, not quite there yet,

Comment 27 Jul 2015

 Wilson broke his ankle against msu I believe. stayed in the game because the team needed him as jalin was slowed with cramps. seems to be exactly the type of player TOSU can be proud of. h was just starting to come on when he was injured. and caught a td after the injury in the same game. the great thing about Braxton being available as the h back in this offense is it opens up all kinds of different formations from a large variety of players. you could have Wilson wide, Elliot/miller/Samuel/brown/Wilson/ in the slot, vannett in motion to the inside cardale & Braxton in the gun, Thomas wide. with zeke you could have him block for a wr screen to Wilson. Braxton adds another super talent on the field.

possibilities are endless I tell ya

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I think Bama totally shuts them down, and wins in a snooze fest like 21-10, our offense didn't have the hype Oregon would have had leading up to the championship game and little nicky decides to use a ball control offense.all the nedia talked about prior to the sugar was  "3rd string QB". I think bama and its coordinators had a false sense they had the right game plan against us.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

wow did you see the daggers she was a throwin at the newsman with Walmart news,lol, I bet the commercial break was fun lol

Comment 26 Jul 2015

hey tressel was great he alone restored our program with pride, especially after delivering on his promise we would be proud of our efforts in ann arbor .  but hate to break it to you but Coach Meyer is on a whole different  level compared to tressel's program. higher paid coordinators, a real QB coach as well as a much better OL & DL coaches. better recruiters etc etc. meyer also made it a priority to get the students involved, which he has. flipping a recruit wasn't even in tressels vocabulary.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

i'd rather wait and see how they distribute the ball to all these playmakers. the great thing about Braxton playing the other positions is having been the QB he should know exactly where each player should be. I don't think the staff is going to put him @ H back and forget about him. he could line up at a different position every play. dontre and jalin will get plenty of opportunities imo.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

tried to log in around noon and the site was down. I knew something big had happened. first I pulled up espin and no suspensions then whineygate because I thought maybe lil bear committed to fsu, lol. saw on scour nicky committed to the good guys. awesome welcome Nick!!!

Comment 23 Jul 2015

meyer needs to shut down twitter imo. sounds a little arrogant for a guy that's played only one year. maybe its just me not taking too kindly to a 20 yo scolding all of buckeye nation. especially for some of us that lived through all the disappointments the last 40 years. I don't necessarily disagree with him as much as the way he said it.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

what happened to votto? he's been playing like a #2 hitter since his last injury. the problem with the reds is they don't have people on base when our big hitters come to bat. we must be the leaders in solo homers. don't know if he would be better in the leadoff or #2, but he hasn't been a #3 hitter for a long time, that's where frazier should be imho.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I love that you don't want to be a jerk. dreams are awesome because "they happen when we sleep". the last time I checked this isn't a spelling or English composition forum.