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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 6 hours ago
Losing 4/5 of a recruiting class really sets us back. You gotta think we are playing without at least 1 contributor from that class as lyle is the other one from that class. You can't overcome that much on a,season. On top of that we lost KBD for the year. I really thought this,was the year KBD would blow up, I really like his game.
Comment 6 hours ago
I saw Cris Carter @ the Weston Mobil (he lives in weston a community in western fort Lauderdale). He was very approachable, shook my hand and gave me a IO, lol
Comment 8 hours ago
Thanks 10. I remember talk his mother was an educator. He seemed very smart as did his wife. You could tell his son Drew, was very smart. He married well, very easy on the eyes. He had tge bedroom set all packaged up like a mover would do. Very organised. I wonder why they were in fort Lauderdale? He,was cut by denver and he said he was playing in the cfl? I do remember he got alot of respect for serving his suspension and finishing his season. Almost beat SCum had Braxton been on target.
Comment 16 Jan 2017
The problem is we didn't have a functioning OL. With 2 freshman and a sophomore starting their first years on the OL we didn't get enough consistency against the better defenses we played. Our skill players were the difference against the inferior teams. Wilson will get the job done imo.He's one of the most successful offensive coaches in the country.
Comment 16 Jan 2017
I wasn't all that impressed with his play this year. Although I will say it wasn't bad for his first year at center. He just wasn't lights out this year, same with jamarco. I have no idea how the coaches grade the lineman but I thought hamarco had some rough days as well
Comment 15 Jan 2017
I also see a collection of players with effort issues in their own way like Scoonie says. But most of our teams have had effort issues to some degree. Wisconsin was getting offensive rebound after offensive. Twice in the first half Wisconsin got the rebound of their own FT's, lol. And they were back to back. That's all about effort and not just the responsibility of the players. The coaching staff should have them ready to play.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
ND and SCum were not goid defensively last year. Urban didn't have to make a coaching change mid season but couldn't he at least come up with the game plan and script some plays? I mean after he saw 90 yards against IU in the passing game wasn't that pretty obvious there was a problem? Im still pissed about us not repeating in 2015 with the talent we had. Sorry but I've witnessed a lot more disappointments then most here. 12 times we've had the best team in the country, going back to woody hayes, and only 2 natty's to show for it. Excuse me if I sound over the top about missed opportunities.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
I think some were turned off by some of his antics after the whistle. Also he lacked vision once he got the 2nd level. He could have broke big plays several times but ran into defenders like a magnet drawn to faux copper at a scrap yard. I don't know if that can ve fixed, you either have it or you don't.