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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 13 hours ago

I have no idea who you speak of when you say other 11ws didn't support fickle? +1 to offset the dv's as I don't think your post violates the tos imo. Some mistakenly use dv's to express their differing opinions, I do not.

Comment 13 hours ago

Thanks DJ you just turned up my angst about Clemson. So our "basic" quarters defense sounds like it's the totally wrong D to run at Clemson? Yet Pitt got it done and we all know where we got the idea to use it (narduzzi) and Chris Ash as the man to implement it. I think with Watson you have to mix up the coverage. I just don't want to get in a shooting match with Clemson. I have faith in fick and combs to stick around and make sure their guys are ready. Didn't hurt Herman's ability to immediately turn UH around and put them on the map immediately.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

To be fair at least half the sacks on JT are because of his indecisiveness in the pocket. He's not moving quick enough at times to avoid the pressure. Yet he has also extended many plays with his feet miraculously at times. I hate to say it but we are going to need near perfect performances from everyone to beat Clemson and advance. I really hope we advance to play bama because just like their 2014 defense I think they are still a step slow.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Maybe we could pluck apple white from UH? What Beck lacks in play calling, he more than makes up for it in recruiting. Then again Coach Meyer being the psych major he is, might just be giving credit to Beck for recruiting to justify naming him the successor to Warinner if he gets a HC gig this year? Just a thought.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

With more 5 stars than the previous 5 classes combined ( I know sounds crazy) Urban Meyer is really killing it. But it couldn't do it without a good staff. They doin work before the dead period.Give me Wilson, Okuda (silent verbal) Tufele, Werner, and for good measure Holmes and Bubba Bolden that would be 22. We wouldn't be in bad shape without Mumford. I mean Prigdon is well rested and we still have lisle, trout, meechy and the  6'8" giant from Bosco prep waiting. Our 2nd OL dominated when they played against RU and BGSU. I'm still amazed Prince was the best option @ RT. I think he forgets to move his feet to tell you the truth. The 2018 class could as good or maybe better from the big time recruits we are in on because Ohio looks much stronger on the top end compared to the 15 & 16 classes.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Look at what happens occasionally in college basketball when a sub .500 team gets hot and wins its conference tourney and gets an automatic invite to the dance. I don't think I want to see 3 and 4 loss teams getting in the playoffs. USC for example had serious problems off the field and in the locker room, getting in the playoffs would reward them for bad judgements that cost their team games. After losing out on getting and giving them a year to think about their bad decisions may help them down the road in the maturation process we all go through as young men.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Was a little bit of a picky eater as a kid growing up. But now I love a lot things I thought was disgusting especially how my father ate. He used to put ketchup in his chicken noodle soup and on his eggs. I don't eat chicken soup or eggs all the time with ketchup but I do occasionally. He also used to eat raw onions with a lot of our meals, he would dip the onions into a little pile of salt first, scallions are good this way too. Onions enhance the combined taste with certain foods I like. Navy been soup is enhanced with a bite of salted onion, as is lamb. It's also a must with smoked fish, like trout or smoked salmon. Smoked trout I like with a baked potato with raw onion on the side. As a kid I hated spinach, until I grew in to my teens. I love fresh spinach sautéed in olive oil and garlic as a side. Also mixed together with boiled potato's. Absolutely hated bacala, salted cod and potatoes. Smells like ass but very good the next day cold. 

  As for our tilt versus Clemson, their offense scares me as well as their front 4. JT will have to play his best game of the year as does Isiah Prince for that matter. The other key will be our DB's versus their WR's.  If the secondary cand defend the pass like they did against Braska with the PBU's downfield I like our chances.

  Hoping all my buckeye brothers and sisters seize the day and represent!!!! O H.........

Comment 06 Dec 2016
Even then he needed help, finally getting his first career interception on a tipped pass no less in his next to last game. He'll get a vote from desmond thats it.
Comment 05 Dec 2016

Fuckin Kanel has just gone from irritating to full blown asshat. Give it up already. I really believe this guys get a general outline or script before doing a segment. DJ be prepared to watch WW2 docs till you can't take it anymore, that time of the year.

I too don't mind Clemson in the semi's yet I would much rather face a offense like bama. Just because I think it's easier to defend schematic wise getting lined up correctly. With Clemson much like our own offense you gotta tune out all the pre snap noise. Clemson is much more beatable then bama. Things have changed for us. Before playing bama in 14 all I wanted for us was to be competitive and not get blown out. Now? My thinking is to get exact revenge on Dabo and get a shot at Bama. Thanks Urban!!!!

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Would love to get past Clemson to face UW. Maybe lane will be distracted with all the job offers and the bama players will be thinking about their upcoming pay days that await them in the "Show".

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Hey I agree Macke that our offense isn't,t average. But there is no denying psu, msu and Scum for the most part shut us down. It gets worse when we don't see improvement and the staff just won't scrap that dam option play. Hopefully we see improvement in the passing game in the post season because if not we won't be real successful. 

Having said that, coach Meyer is having unprecedented success here @ TOSU historically. We're just spoiled. We expect above average just like our coach. I hope Corey Smith gets healthy and contributes.