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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye's winning the 2015 Sugar Bowl.

    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin its a no brainer
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies
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Comment 31 minutes ago

this team is just as capable winning 6/7 down the stretch as well as going 1/7 and even missing the NIT i'm afraid. matta's teams usually close out strong to end the regular season.

Comment 34 minutes ago

agreed and we cannot afford to start these games down 10 by the first tv time out. we gotta attack the basket more imo, and not leave guys wide open for 3's. Wisconsin is not a good 3 point shooting team and yet they crushed us with the 3's because o again we were slow on the defensive rotations.

Comment 44 minutes ago

that particular project was a condo. the contract was over $600k. the $80k was a big chunk of my profit. 95% of what I do is commercial flat roofs. occasionally I do residential homes.  a residential tile re-roof can be from $12k to $40k. now a big ass mansion could be $100k or more for a tile roof. if a home owner is going to pay $18k for a tile roof it may be worth paying a consultant $2k to have no worries imo.

Comment 1 hour ago

florida probably has the strongest lien laws in the country. home owners in florida may be better off having a construction management company or consultant manage their projects. most big condominium associations down here go that route. their fee's typically are 10% of the project value. they mange the bidding and payments and usually write the specs and scope of work and do their own inspections on top of the building department and manufacturer of the material if a manufacturers warranty is involved. i'm currently subcontracting (from the prime roofing contractor) the roof of the new national headquarters  that Amex is building here in south florida. I sub contract the labor portion of commercial roofing projects.

Comment 2 hours ago

kind of funny me not being a big fan of matta and I'm being more optimistic of our team than the pro-matta crowd,lol.  I think Lyle is the real deal and I think his potential in the long run is higher than Druss. his development at the college level has just been slower to materialize than DRuss imo.

Comment 2 hours ago

true, but the home owner is liable for the sub if they do not get paid and you do not get a release of lien from them as well. here in florida you have 45 days from commencement of work to notify the customer via "Notice To Owner" if you are not in direct privity of the customer to keep your lien rights valid. for instance, if I have a  contract with the owner I do not have to file a NTO (notice to owner) to validate my lien rights, said contract puts me in direct privity with the owner. if the subcontractor files a notice to owner within 45 days even without a contract with the owner that gives him lien rights to the property. if you pay the prime contractor 100% and a sub has established privity with the owner and you do not get a release of lien from the sub as well as the prime the sub still has lien rights. home owners get fucked all the time because of this. now if the sub doesn't send the owner the required NTO within 45 days or the NTO itself doesn't meet the requirements of a proper NTO per the state of florida the subs lien is invalid. I got fucked out of $80k years ago because I generated my own NTO instead paying a service $75 to notice the owner. The GC got paid but did not pay me and my lien was ruled invalid because the verbage of my  NTO wasn't exactly 100% correct per the state of florida. tough lessen to learn just to save $75. does not pay to be penny smart and dollar foolish, or however that saying goes.

Comment 2 hours ago

The BIG imo is easily one of the top 3 conferences. msu has had a few terrible efforts in conference this year, losing to Nebraska. I think we have a very good shot winning @ home against SCum.  If we can finish 11-7 in the BIG that probably puts us in the top half of the conference. the key is the last 5 mins of games. we led Virginia and purdue late and played fantastic against UK. so the potential is there. and we have had games where we shot well from the FT line. matta has to make the right offensive and defensive substitutions late in games with the FT line in mind. I just can't see the committee leaving out a team that finishes in the top half of one of the best conferences in the country. I j don't think our bubble has busted yet. 

Comment 3 hours ago

believe it or not some SCum fans are saying bielein is on the hot seat and they went to back to back finals fours I believe. 2013-14

Comment 3 hours ago

Here in florida pool contractors have the worst reputation as far as swindling people out of their money. first off if a contractor asks for a large some up front that's a red flag imo. anything more than a couple hundred to cover permit fees and to legitimize the contract like I said is a red flag. i'm a roofing contractor and base this info on my particular industry's standards. make sure your contract has a specific scope of work and payment schedule. do not let said start work before he presents you with proof of workers compensation, general liability and his license. verify the contractors license on the state site or local building department. my residential payment schedule: 25% @ commencement of work (with a permit) 50% after the roof is dried in with felt paper and edge metal and the passing of the felt inspection, 90% after the shingles are installed, the final 10% after all debris is removed and the passing of the final inspection by the building department along with any guarantee's and warranties are issued, a final release of lien from the contractor and verify with the building department that the permit has been closed out. don't pay anything unless they meet the agreed upon schedule of payment. without a final release of lien an employee can lien your home if the contractor hasn't paid them. if the contractor uses a subcontractor you need their insurance and a release from them as well.

Comment 4 hours ago

my mother was born in the Bronx, so when my aunt visited the first time and saw the little dicarlos slices she was beside herself to say the least. that's the pizza I grew up on. I also visited NY growing up and original Ray's was awesome as well, and the slices were huge, but I still crave dicarlos.  

Comment 13 hours ago

exactly or when we forget to take something out of the freezer to cook. the publix we shop at is brutal to stop everyday for something fresh because of all the snowbirds down here now.

Comment 13 hours ago

you may be too young but 2Guys on US-1 just south of the tunnel was one of the best pies I have had in south florida. they closed early 2000's I believe.

Comment 13 hours ago

I only wish my home town fav (Steubenville) Dicarlos was available. they use provolone instead mozzarella. but again its probably the sauce.

Comment 13 hours ago

Home Run Inn was on sale 2 for $10, and was the only reason I buy it. I don't buy frozen pizza unless its on sale, its the principle of it.

Comment 13 hours ago

we are all responsible for our choices and the consequences of our choices. he got a 2nd chance and he chose not to be responsible. i'm glad he's on the right path and wish him the best. Justin boren played a full year for SCum, does that make him a Michigan man?

Comment 14 hours ago

all you are doing is rationalizing bad behavior, enabling if you will. x only stays in your system for 3 days. he tested positive in 2013 and was suspended. its not like he didn't know the possible consequences if he tested positive a 2nd time. I wish him well and glad he got his life back on the right track. its a privilege to play for TOSU, not a inherent right. is it stupid that the ncaa considers it a ped, probably. he knew the rules. imo its a slap in the face of the 84 players that choose to do the right thing to stay eligible.