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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 25 May 2017

I totally agree Hove. I think most of us in Buckeye Nation have also learned not to throw stones unless it's Hairball or Peppers!!!!

Comment 24 May 2017

6 months before Sandusky was indicted 80% of the topics over at Audibles was about TOSU and tattgate. I posted a link about Sandusky's grande jury investigation and they all said it was just a big lie.That the victims were after money. But players selling their own  property was the root of all evil in college football. And TOSU football program was full of thugs and gangsters, especially TP.

Comment 23 May 2017

I too find a place to park for my lunch, which is rare that I even take one. But I usually park at a shopping center, listen to cowherd and pull up 11w on my iPad. Wouldn't it be pretty easy to tell if the guy was eating as he sat in his car. Especially since they watched him for a year? I could see if he did it everyday but the article said once a week. 

My heart goes out to the victims of the Manchester bombing. What's next? Bombing a day care? "They" have sunk to a new low even for them.

Comment 22 May 2017

I really don't think the weather would be a factor for a kid from Virginia. I went from Ohio to Key West in July and let me tell you, adjusting to the humidity in Florida isn't that fun either. August and September in Tallahassee is brutal. 82 degrees at 7 am with 50-60% humidity is very discouraging. I have no idea how these kids practice in August and September down here.

Comment 22 May 2017

Since the decision to waive Smith is injury related and if he clears waivers, he would revert to Injured Reserve. The Jets could also reach a settlement with Smith and cut ties altogether.

Eric, I do not think this necessarily means he is looking for a job. It could be but we won't know that till the 24 hour waiver period expires. He's in his 3rd year of a 4 year contract. Obviously he's not going to rehab in time for the 2017 season being this is his 2nd ACL injury in less than a year so the jets don't want to waste a roster spot on him. I believe this is just the procedure of putting a non veteran on the injured reserve. This prevents teams from putting young players on the injured reserve so they can use their roster spot for another player. Teams can put veterans on the injured reserve without having to expose them to the waiver wire. 

Comment 19 May 2017

Wow didn't know fentanyl was so toxic. My ex used to get fentanyl patches for her chronic back pain. They fused 2 vetrbrae together in her neck which straightened her neck. Your neck naturally should be slightly forward. What it did was cause pain in her back to be constant. That was the best medication for her but our insurance quit paying for it so her doctor put her on methadone and OxyContin. To her credit she doesn't abuse her medications as I had always thought she did. She was  taking the same doses for years, which pale in comparison to stories I've heard of what real abusers take. 

I remember the vote that sent TOSU to the Rose Bowl that year. Many in SCum nation blame the MSU AD as the swing vote. For many the SCum starting QB getting hurt was the deciding factor in their decision.

Comment 18 May 2017

Would be nice if the head coach would make a statement or if interviewers would ask the tough questions the fans want answered. Like what is going on? Why so many transfers? I support coach Matta 100%, though I would have went in another direction.  my family is not getting tickets this year till they see progress. 

Comment 15 May 2017
DJ, I know you don't want to argue about players getting their share. I would be ok if the they received it in a trust fund after they graduate. Imo it'll ruin college football if the they get big money while in school. Just curios why we have this argument now and not in the 70's? Maybe a fellow warrior could figure out if the salaries coaches were getting in the 70's is commensurate to modern day with inflation and the cost of living?