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    TOSU's national championship 2002 against scUM south.
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Comment 56 minutes ago

Go back and watch some IU games from the last couple years. Wilson's offense didn't revolve around the QB run like ours did last year. Imo JT shouldn't have more than 10 QB designed runs per game. And even that is a high number. Yet I would definitely encourage him to run on passing downs if the middle of the field is wide open. Can't wait to see what changes there will be from Warinner/Beck's offense the last 2 years.

Comment 2 hours ago

There is definitely enough circumstantial evidence that can lead anyone to believe in aliens. Just in the last 10 years we have found more interesting formations just here on earth. Recently some say they think they have found evidence of pyramids in Antarctica. Was watching a national geographic show about Death Valley and some rock formations look like are in a man made sequence or pattern. All the new planets and galaxies we are finding is pretty cool as well.

Comment 2 hours ago

DJ, I wouldn't say Webber was a sledge hammer quite yet. Maybe this year he will quit going down on arm tackles. Zeke totally changed the standard expectations I have of a RB. He was truly a sledge hammer in the 3 game championship run and in his last year. 

Wilson has developed several pro receivers and RB's @ IU. Can't wait to see what he can do @ OSU with the obvious resources and talent upgrade.

Comment 29 Mar 2017

Didn't know the toads had become a problem. I use to live in Loxahatchee, a large western palm beach community that is built on old citrus groves probably 10 miles east of Belle Glade. Met Pappa Duck at a gas station back in the day when he sold his cd's out of his wrapped SUV. My house was just south of the Corbit refuge. The most destructive animal I dealt with were the raccoons. Nasty animals. Though they can be very cute yet very destructive and a carrier of rabies. Came home one day to be greeted by an army of turkey buzzards feasting on a dead raccoon between my driveway and pond. Turkey buzzards can be very intimidating up close. Yes we all had ponds on our 1 1/4 acre lots that were made for the the fill dirt to be used for the house pad instead of trucking in the fill for the pad. Actually saw a catfish walking to another pond. Would never have believed it without having seen a catfish walking with my own eyes. I was hoping the pythons would eat the toads but then our python problem only gets worse. Yea those toads are disgusting imo. Found Coral snakes a few times in my pool. 3 years ago I moved to the city just couldn't take the drive anymore from the Acreage area. If I was working in Kendall which is the southern most area of Miami, it's almost a 200 mile round trip for the day, almost 4 hours both ways depending on traffic. 

Comment 27 Mar 2017

This is cutting edge happening. Not a brainiac but doesn't Nano science figure in this?

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Yes he has but what if rondo was healthy for the Game 7? Granted Miami would have still won a championship before lebron leaves but the first one was basically served on a silver platter with Rondo sitting out. 

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Blows me away the pundits don't mention Lebron as MVP. He's averaging just under 27 ppg, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. But if it gives him that chip on his shoulders for the playoffs like last year so be it. Lebron is all about the playoffs. I still like them against Boston without the home court but would prefer the cavs have home court obviously.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

If he didn't mention this on his application he has no claim whatsoever. That will be the determining factor probably. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

DJ, good work on the PB&J story. I prefer my white toast buttered with PB&J. I feel bad for those outside the US that didn't grow up with PB&J. I used to have one every day after coming from school and waiting for dinner. Probably the first thing I learned to prepare for myself. Had a friend that would put pickles and bananas on his. Wasn't my thing but it wasn't that  bad either. 

I think we all have been waiting for Campbell to emerge. He was very young 17, his freshman year I believe. I think maybe he just needs to get his confidence up. Blowing a sure TD vs vatech had to bother him.