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Braxton's stat over/under

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August 15, 2014 at 11:11am

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2900 passing yards on 68% comp. 31 TD

700 rushing yards. 10 TD

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Whatever it takes to bring OSU a B1G title, entry into the playoffs and winning the National title game for the first NCAA football playoffs.

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Im going a bit conservative on the passing. I think by mid year our defense will be good enough that there wont be a need to score 50+ every game just to keep up.

2,600 passing yards 65% completion  29 passing TD

850 rushing yards 9TD

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I'm in...

2800 yards air, 65% 28 TD (bonus stat - 6 INT)

500 yards ground, 6 TD.

I think he sits late in some contests, I think the running backs get the tough carries.

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They must be predicting injuries.  If you remove San Diego from last year's stats, Braxton threw for 187.6 ypg.  Their prediction of 2095.5 this year puts him at only 149.6 ypg (assuming B1G champ and bowl game) for a full season.  I just can't see a per game average that low at all.

So I say he goes 2940 (210 ypg for 14 games... more if we reach that all important 15th game) and 28 TD.  Rushes for 650 and 9 TD.  I also think this won't get him the Heisman unless we're undefeated going into the playoffs.

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I honestly believe that if a team decides to load up and rush him, that he will still run – often.

I think closer to 2.5-3K passing is realistic, but I still believe he rushes for near 1K. It's just the type of player he is – his fall back choice is always to take off, and that's not necessarily bad, and with his training, he can work on that urge, but I doubt he will ever completely ditch that inclination.

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over on passing yards and total touchdowns

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I'll take the over on everything.

3000 passing yards 31 touchdowns.

1000 rushing yards 9 touchdowns 

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So you're predicting a heisman?

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Ya. I'll admit I'm being a tad optimistic but I do believe that he can put up those numbers. 

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I see him throwing for at least 2700 yds and rushing for around 850 with 38 total td's

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2786 yards passing, 25 TDs  to 7 INTs, 65% completion. 1,041 yards rushing, 13 TDs.

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Great numbers all around and the total amount of INT's can be counted on one hand.

He'll be going out in style

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Heisman Preview: Braxton Miller:

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Great add, thanks for the post! 


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I'll get in on this action. 

2700 yards passing 29 TDs with 7 INT (63%)

750 yards rushing with 8 TDs. 

Someone remind me of this thread when the season ends! 


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You think his completion percentage is going to go down?