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Comment 09 Jul 2016
I like the idea, but when is the key. Think about it from a recruiting perspective. Coaches need to know who is staying and who is going long before nsd. That way they can appropriately fill their class. If the combine isn't until say end of February and a guy you thought was going ended up staying, what do you do with his scholarship? Does he now have to pay for his classes that year? Do you have to Gray shirt someone? It changes the whole calendar.
Comment 30 Jun 2016
Like you haven't :) I trust Jason and Ramzy will get a stud in the recruiting department. Until then, I'm sure most of us are checking out Birm's new digs.
Comment 29 Jun 2016
The zoo is a favorite. PB is nice. Recommend renting a kayak and enjoying some time on the water. The Fishery is a great restaurant in PB as well. Great place and excellent food. Local place, not touristy. Message me if you want to grab coffee and talk buckeyes when your are here.
Comment 20 Jun 2016

If I could get BTN in high def in a cable alternative I would jump at it and likely cut the cord now. I hope Jim Delaney gets this message!

Comment 06 Jun 2016

I agree. I like the old school unis because they have a little flair with the stripes making a turn near the shoulders. I don't like the numbers over the stripes. 

I think they should have cut the stripes off below the numbers (which could be smaller) and add stripes up the side that match the 1916 unis with the curve hear the shoulder. This would make them seem less like a barcode. 

Comment 10 May 2016

This could descend into politics, which is forbidden on this site of course. Let's agree to disagree this is douchey. Bottom line, I would prefer to choose where to donate my dollars than allow any government, especially one proven to be inept at managing money and financial matters, to do something with those dollars. I believe Bono donates a large sum of money where he chooses. I have no problem with this.