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Comment 28 Jun 2015
So does it ever warm up in Boston? I'm visiting on business and we'll it's cold. Again. In late June.
Comment 25 Jun 2015

Living in SoCal, I would like to like the Lakers, but I can't stand Kobe. Loved the Lakeshow when it was Showtime (Magic, Kareem, Worthy). If Byrant retires (please please please), maybe I'll follow them and Silk on their way back to the top. 

Comment 25 Jun 2015

He repaired Roger Clemens’ shoulder, and Clemens returned to win the Cy Young Award.

All due respect to Dr. Andrews, but there may have been more "medicinal" help that Clemens got there. Here's to Braxton and his Advocare doing it right!

Comment 19 Jun 2015
Kelly is a member. Maybe he can weigh in...
Comment 18 Jun 2015

Great trolling!

Comment 18 Jun 2015

Below I've posted Jabrill Peppers College Highlight Film for comparison....

Comment 15 Jun 2015

And for the record it wasn't google ads that was giving me this crap. It was, another add provider.  Seems like it was recently added to the site. Maybe time to rethink that decision.  They have been sufficiently blocked now. Sorry 11W Staff. I don't want to see that content. 

Comment 14 Jun 2015
Yes I get that. I'm actually in digital marketing business. I don't look at that kind of site actually. Doesn't happen. Very cautious. Also you as a site can tune those ads to a degree.
Comment 12 Jun 2015

I don't really like Hang On Sloopy. It's kind of a dumb song.  People dance really stupid to it, too

I thought the B1G was done and would be disrepected all season after the week 2 debacle in 2014. I even said there was nothing we could do to change the SEC dominance in 2014. Only Oregon had a chance to end their run. (I count FSU as an SEC team imo)

Comment 09 Jun 2015

How can you keep Nick Conner off the field after the spring game surprise?