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Comment 24 Aug 2016

OK, I'll say it. I respect Harbaugh for getting rid of a problem.

He's still a weird dude, but I respect the move 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

So I live in SD (moved from cbus 4 years ago). I'd like to be a Chargers fan, but the way they handled themselves with the stadium and now with Bosa, it really pisses me off. They play the hardest of hardball and expect everyone to bow to their demands. They then put out misinformation about the other side, playing politics in the media. It's not like the Chargers are a franchise winning Super Bowls every year and people are dying to get here to play with them. It's not like everyone loves the QB and thinks he will lead them to the promised land. It's a mediocre team, and management treats everyone around them like crap. 

I say get yours Joey. Maybe if the team rallies together and there is loyalty you do an unselfish thing for the betterment of the team, but the way the franchise is handling this doesn't lead people to want to stick around and make it that kind of a place.

Comment 09 Jul 2016
I like the idea, but when is the key. Think about it from a recruiting perspective. Coaches need to know who is staying and who is going long before nsd. That way they can appropriately fill their class. If the combine isn't until say end of February and a guy you thought was going ended up staying, what do you do with his scholarship? Does he now have to pay for his classes that year? Do you have to Gray shirt someone? It changes the whole calendar.