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Comment 11 Apr 2017

I'm currently looking at a signed photo of "Little Animal" on the wall in my office (Along with Archie, Krenzel, and AJ Hawk). He's one of my favorite players at OSU, ever. Won't forget him stepping in against TTUN as a frosh and becoming a legend at LB. I've enjoyed following his Pro career as well. Not just a great player, but a great person.

Best of luck, sir, on your next chapter in life!

Comment 03 Apr 2017

I figured those 2 would be #hottakes. I could go either way on those 2 guys. I think it depends on the type of year the individuals have. Arnette could be overshadowed by Sheff or Dez. Then again, he could be the star in the backfield. Who knows. Can't wait to find out though :)

Surprised no one has challenged the Parris Cambpel #hottake

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Phi, I think you and I have the same thought about this being a special year. I don't want to go so far as to predict a Naty, but there is a lot of talent and strong coaches here. All the pieces are in place for a run. 

Comment 03 Apr 2017

With eligibility left, I could see Booker coming back to get some more tape out there and lift his stock. Depends on the type of year he has. If he breaks out, of course that could change. I don't think Baker stays barring injury. 

Comment 03 Apr 2017

With 3 5-Stars already in the group and a large-ish class, I think you could be right. I believe it will be the top class if we can land the talent like we have recently. 

Comment 03 Apr 2017

The OL is intriguing to me. I see Jordan as a LT eventually. Wohlabaugh comes in at center ostensibly. Prince probably is here another year, whatever you do with him. Pridgeon would have 1 more year. Bowen is around and has some time in the system. Myers, Wyatt and Munford are here or coming. You'd think they'd take a center in this class. Tackle seems thin once Pridgeon and Prince are gone. Meechy and Burrell - I'm cautiously optimistic will do something, but there are 2 guards I could see them recruiting over to be sure. So maybe 
OT - 2
OG - 1
C - 1

I'm just spitballing here.