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Comment 4 hours ago

Happy for Parris and the rest of these guys. This is a great opportunity to shine early. Imagine the butterflies in his 18 yr old stomach Monday. Geez...

Comment 4 hours ago

Probably happen after he loses his black stripe. I wouldn't expect to hear Meyer works him in until he's an official member of the team

Comment 7 hours ago

I've really enjoyed the Hokie fans on this site. They have been mostly polite and provide good insight. Best of luck to VT after this game of course. Come back anytime!

Comment 03 Sep 2015

Bear is a term that is WAY overused. The scheme accomplished something important - it stopped the run by putting many defenders in the box. They also brought a lot of people on passing downs - more than we could block. However you accomplish those 2 things, it is a tough thing to beat. We essentially did the same thing to Wisconsin in the B1G Championship game and look how that turned out for them. Why? Because Stave isn't great and they had no downfield threats. 

I think you will see the same strategy of stopping the run from VT. If that is the 4-6 front or not, we'll see Monday, But the idea and goal will be the same. They will make the WR beat them and not lose the game on the ground. 

I like our WR core and whoever plays QB is much better. Also, I saw Decker say in an earlier article that they didn't play horrible. Well, I saw OL guys pushed back into the QB several times that night, especially the right side. That can't happen Monday, and I don't expect to see it since they are much improved.  It will be a good game. Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Sep 2015
I think we go 5 wide several times, motioning Braxton into or out of the backfield to run or create mismatches with defenders on the edge/slot. I can also see a full house look with qb, Braxton, and Zeke in the backfield running counter tray or a swing pass (you could do both from same look). Miller brings a lot of possibilities as a weapon or decoy.
Comment 31 Aug 2015

History of past teams has nothing to do with what will happen on Monday. I like hearing how the program is jacked up in anticipation of this game. That's good. We will be loose and relaxed, ready to take on the challenge. I'm sure this game isn't bigger than 1/1/2015 or 1/12/2015...unless we lose :)

Comment 30 Aug 2015
I wasn't a huge fan of Marshall or Wilson to be honest. Lattimore, Campbell, or my personal favorite, Run TMc, Terry McLaurin please. That speed...he could be like Teddy Ginn Jr.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I think you are right HF, that it will be a lot closer than many expect. I thought we would try to hang 100 on VT this year, but with the suspensions and such, that becomes more difficult. Reading more about the Hokies in preparation, there is much to be concerned about. That said, I still sleep well at night. Games are won in the trenches. I like our trench this year
Comment 30 Aug 2015
I don't think this can be understated. That was terrible scheduling last year for us. I'm not saying we would have won and blame it all on the schedule, but that was a real problem. We had to prepare for cut blocks and odd personnel for week one. It sure didn't help