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Comment 01 Mar 2015
My own worst enemy with Christian Slater. It was good! I'm going to add justified which goes off this season. I thought they had more plot possibilities to exhaust. Walter Goggins and Timothy Olyphant are tremendous in this show.
Comment 03 Feb 2015

Well he can watch us play at the Rose Bowl in 2018. Not sure who he'll ride to the game with, but it's not UFM

Comment 02 Feb 2015
That's only 6pm PST. Could have bumped into each other at dinner. Not saying it's legit, but not impossible
Comment 01 Feb 2015
Palmer, Lienart, Bush...USC had a run of Heismans back then. tOSU could have a string of them coming
Comment 31 Jan 2015

...and the meltdown continues. I think Harbaugh will be good for them, but it might be a long time until they can recover the talent they need to be competitive. Not seeing the instant recruiting impact the UFM had in 2012 class

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I'm hoping for big things from Johnny, even this year, but it might be a wee bit early to start comparing him to one of the best WR in CFB in the last decade. Cooper is special and has proven it on the field. Here's hoping Dixon gets there, but let's hold off on such high praise

Comment 25 Jan 2015
Saw something on BR that Jashon Cornell could be a DT a la Diesel. Made me feel better about the DT depth, but would still like to see another one soon.
Comment 17 Jan 2015
If Urban doesn't pay for his tattoo do we have to forfeit the Natty?