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Comment 17 Feb 2017

Not sure how we say locks on anyone other than Hooker before the Combine. If I were a scout, I would have lots of questions and concerns about Lattimore's health situation. It will be asked. Could he be a 1st rounder? Sure. He could be in the 2-3 I mention that move up there. But I wouldn't call him a lock right now. Conley and McMillan are also question marks. I think Conley has the better chance of moving up than McMillan IMO based on experience and results/output, but we'll see what the scouts say. 

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I only see 1 for sure 1st rounder with 2-3 more possible. More likely Buckeyes will dominate the 2nd-3rd rounds with 3-4 Buckeyes coming off then. Brown is a real wildcard. He could move up, but is likely a late rounder. Punters don't often get drafted in the 7 round affair these days, but if they do it's in round 6 or 7. 

Comment 23 Jan 2017

good play-callers recognize the way those calls are sequenced together matters just as much as the calls themselves. In this manner, Wilson's status is elevated amongst many of his peers.

So much this!

I really feel this is where Ed fell down. You could see time and again he had a concept that worked, but he never played off it. There was no baiting the defense with what worked previously or even going back to the successful play. I look forward to Wilson beating up other teams instead of embarrassing us once a year. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Some names I haven't see on here yet

1. West Virginia (Border War!)
2. Pitt (Another Border War!)
3. Missouri
4. SDSU (Let's do a home and home please!)
6. Colorado
7. Arizona (Another chance to kill Richrod)
8. TCU

These are all programs that have had some successes recently and historically and I think we can reasonably win with talent alone. I realize some of them are on the calendar already. I look forward to them with eager anticipation. :^}