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Braxton Miller Practicing?

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August 14, 2014 at 2:25pm

Any insiders know if he is taking more reps in practice?

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I don't know, but to be honest it's making me nervous 


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you and me both

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It's not like he's not throwing at all.

As someone who's had two shoulder surgeries, limiting his reps early is absolutely the right move. He needs to build up strength and muscle memory. Coming right off of his therapy, his arm doesn't have the stamina yet that it did last year. If his workload immediately jumps up to its previous levels, he'll mess up his shoulder again.

This is the right move and it's nothing to worry about. He'll be full-go by the time we kick off against Navy. It's just the first week or two of camp that they're taking it slowly.

Look at baseball pitchers. When they come back from injuries, they always start with long toss and then they move to bullpen sessions and then simulated games and then rehab assignments with increasing pitch counts until they get back to the majors. They don't just say "Oh, your therapy is done, go throw 110 pitches against Boston tomorrow."

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Why not Cleveland? Why does it have to be Boston?

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Only need 80 pitches or so against Cleveland.

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Oh, you b*st*rd... Touche...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I don't think his throwing was shut down altogether. from what I read they are bringing him along slowly like a pitcher. he's on a pitch count as he strengthened his shoulder I believe.


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The camp video from today showed him taking reps and throwing the ball.

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Looks like it in the video on the main page. "Camp Meyer"

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no news is good news. and in the video just posted he is shown practicing. lets all simmer down now.

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His shoulder hurts if he works out hard 2 days in a row. NOT good.

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When they're scheduled to play games 2 days in a row, this will be a problem. 

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Most of the throwing was done by 16 and 12, I saw Braxton throw 1.

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ohio state could play in 15 games this season. they wont if braxton gasses his arm out.

he's going to be a senior, has been playing since he was a freshman. 

im no insider but why not be ridiculously cautious in.... training camp?

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I seriously doubt Miller would be practicing at all if he were hurt. Considering EzE, Thompson and Berger have already gotten injured makes me think Meyer is simply limiting Brax as a precaution. I imagine the closer we get to the opener the more he will practice. That's my guess anyway.

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The combination of injuries/lack of noise makers has me a bit nervous 16 days out.  It's been a very quiet camp.

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Does this help?

Does this help?

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The true status of #5 is probably a well guarded secret, but seeing him throw at all is encouraging versus walking around with a headset watching practice. Although I am concerned, I lean toward DJ's logic, in that it doesn't make any sense to rush him in camp when we need him for the long haul. Plus I am pretty sure we can beat Navy without him if necessary, which gives him another week. 

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He was throwing balls on a rope in practice. It's just a matter of volume. He will be fine. They are being overly cautious on purpose. 

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If you watch the practice videos that come out every few days, he is getting some reps but the QB is usually Barrett or Jones in them.

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The Hokie fans are variously excited and worried:

"Great.  I don't want him to play so that we will win."  "They are creating a built in excuse when we beat them."  "It's Urban Cryer playing mind games."

You gotta love CFB fans.

Brax had surgery.  They are taking it easy on him - as they should.  I'm more concerned about the injuries he gets once the games start than the one that has been addressed.

I heard Danny Kannell say this morning that Ohio State isn't a national player because they are too reliant on one player, and he is either hurt or is going to be.  My heart wants to punch Danny in the face, but my head says there might be a grain of truth or two in what he said.  I hope we never have to find out what the OSU offense does without Miller, but I sense that Danny is under-appreciating the talent that would be behind and out wide from the back-up.

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If VaTech plays anything like the Sun Bowl I watched they are in for a rude awakening. Their only weapon is gone on offense and i'm sure their defense will be ok...but come on now. They need a reality check. I imagine their reaction will look like this after a night game in the shoe..

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Never listen to Danny Kannell.

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The eternal Buckeye optimist in me says that Braxton is 100% and they're trying to give Jones some reps with 1st team so that they're cohesive when should Braxasaurus go down this season.

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I know it's ESPN but wanted to drop the link. Braxton interview. BONUS, Braxton has two throws at the end...kind of. 


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You can see a couple throws from Braxton in this video of Wednesday's practice: