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MSU has Bye Week before the Rematch

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August 14, 2014 at 6:20am

Does it scare or worry anybody that the Fartans have a bye week before OSU plays at East Lansing for the rematch? I just found out and I already expected it to be a tough game...........I think this makes it even more challenging.

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I would expect that game to be extremely difficult under any circumstances, but night game on the road against a team coached by Dantonio and that staff with an extra week to prepare? Not good. But every team has its challenges, especially in November.

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It'll be a tough game. But has anyone ever noticed after a team beats the Buckeyes, that team has a worse record the next season? 

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I hadn't noticed but thinking back...yea I could see that.  Anyone with google skills and a free evening want to give us some stats? Now I'm curious how it actually panned out.

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buckeyedude's picture

I personally think bye weeks are bad for a team. It just seems to me that 90% of the time they come out flat after having a week off. Of course if a team has a bunch of injuries, it gives them time to heal. But no, to answer your question, I think bye weeks hurt a team more than help because they get out of a rhythm.

We have Illinois the week before, which will be a good "warmup" for E. Lansing, while their boys will lighting up doobies and going shopping at the mall.



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I am with you BuckeyeDude.  You always hear about the benefit of having a bye week before a big game.  But, I think it backfires just as often as it benefits the team...unfortunately, that has included the Buckeyes on some previous occasions.

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Playing Illi the week before is good and IF we play our A game the starters will get a ton of rest - keeping everyone healthy that week will be huge.

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I disagree.  A bye week can be really good with the right coach....(Bellichick, Saban, etc.......).   Although there are your exceptions.   Wasn't our record after bye weeks under Tressel below .500.

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That's what makes me dread bye weeks even more than the fact Ohio State isn't playing

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eh it typically works for alabama, the team widely named as the originator of the process dating back to the bryant days.

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Ill be more worried about MSU when I see how they perform early on in the season. I think they are getting a lot of pub because of the way they played last year rather than the level of talent they have this year. Connor Cook is OK at QB, I would say he played great vs us and Stanford but Im far from acting like he is among the nation's best QB's. Will MSU's defense still be as good as it was last year? Perhaps, but we'll have to see. Ive said this a bunch, if we had even a shred of a defense last year, we beat MSU. I think, on paper, we have improved on offense and on defense and MSU has either remained static or will be slightly worse than their team last year. Road games are always hard and there will be added pressure if OSU is unbeaten going into that game, so its going to be a tough one for the bucks to win. I think the game is too far away to start to worry as OSU and MSU have a lot of football to play, but to answer the question, I'd say the bye week doesn't add any extra worry for me.

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I completely agree with this assessment. I feel the same way as you as far as the rosters go. I think our offense is going to be at the very least as good as it was last year. Maybe just in a different way, using other weapons instead of relying on Hyde. I think our defense is at the very least going to be better then last year (no way it can be worse). The only thing going against the Bucks is having to play in East Lansing, although we have won there many of times.

Sparty is a very interesting team and I will be tuned in to watch what they do early in the season. They are getting more  pre season hype then  they ever have in years past. Will be interesting to see how they handle the target on their backs. My guess is they have a loss if not two by the time we come to town in November.

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I would be shocked if they perform at the same level that they did last year.They lost the heart of their defense from last year and 3/5 of their OL.On the other hand I am really excited about our O as Urban works in more of the speedy young talent he has stock piled in his 1st couple of classes. We are going to be better than a 112th rated pass defense also. All we need to do on the back 7 is cut out the penalties and at least be in the same  zip code as the receiver and we cut that in half easy. Plays like the TE td we gave up to Iowa and Sparty's Td to the H back that walked into the end zone, don't remember if that was sparty's last score or not. Philly dropped a long ball in the BCCG (real time it looked like Darquese(sp) made a great play on the ball) also that would have made a world of difference also. You complete one long ball like that and it could help loosen up the D or sparty go's down swinging stopping the A&B gaps, as planned.


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I think people are underestimating MSU ability to reload, which is natural. For example, you mention MSU lost 3/5 of their o line, but OSU lost 4/5 of theirs. They have a more experienced rb than OSU has. The back seven for OSU has issues also. Now I believe as a Buckeye fan that there will be improvements, but I think what gets lost is the improvements the Spartans will make. Cook should be better, and Narduzzi will have players ready to go. The game will be extremely tough especially on the road.

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They're gonna need it. Maybe one after as well. 

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You can look at this a couple of ways.  MSU gets to rest and heal, they also get a chance to get rusty because they will not be in their routine.  OSU does not get a chance to heal, but the routine continues.  MSU will focus on OSU for 2 weeks, OSU will start to think about MSU on Sunday.  Dantonio is 3-4 after bye weeks (through 2010, couldn't find an easy reference to present day and didn't feel like doing the research either).  It is safe to guess that he is still around .500 to present day, with the best result being 6-4.  Not a giant killer by any means.  Personally, I like having the groove being on the side of OSU.  No time to think about it, no extra days off to get in trouble or get distracted, no having to get back into the groove again after having a weekend off.  Think Monday mornings when the alarm rings, how do you feel?  It's just business as usual for OSU, no disruptions.

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It seems this topic is brought up a lot, both in the NFL and in college.  Other than getting an extra week of rest for players dealing with injuries, I don't know if anything has ever been proven as to the team having a significant advantage.  At that point of the season, the teams are who they are, and each squad will have plenty of film to watch of each other.  Personally, I like that the Buckeyes will be rolling after playing Illinois (which if all goes to plan, could end being basically a bye week for the starters anyways), as opposed to coming out flat from an additional week of rest.

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The key is to hammer Illinois so that we have a two quarter warm up rather than a four quarter game.  I'd rather crush a team quickly the week before a big game than just be off. 

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we have them @ home so one would hope we can blow them out early. we normally play them later in the BIG schedule and they usually keep it closer than we expect.


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No matter what we will get everyone's best game. That will be a tough, hard hitting game. One I am very excited for.

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And it will prepare us for the end of the season, that's for sure.

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Im going to be there, I can't friggin WAIT!!!!

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I might (probably will) feel different as the game draws closer, but going to East Lansing and to play Sparty who've had a week to prep/rest seems right to me right now.

A convincing win by the good guys (provided things have gone well up to that point) would look pretty good going down the stretch.

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One week to prep for us? When it's over, they will wish they had two weeks off.

Go Bucks. 

Beat Navy! 

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Fartans? I hope that's a typo...

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Hopefully we can retire that one before it is used again.


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I want to know what BethMowins has to say on this subject!

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Sure it's tough to play Sparty after their bye week, but champions find ways to win.

Let's party, Columbus.

What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

Perhaps Dantonio is taking a page out of the Saban playbook.  Alabama for years has scheduled bye weeks or practical bye weeks (scheduling Sister Mary's School for the Blind) before their big games.  Not sure how he gets the SEC to go along but can't say I disagree with it.  Why not give yourself all the advantages you can.

I know multiple OSU opponents have bye weeks before they play us.  IT'S A CONSPIRACY.  Perhaps ESPN is involved somehow.

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I'm much more upset that in 2015 and 2016 we have to play both the Michigan teams back to back right before the conference championship. 



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No Max Bullough, no Darqueze Dennard, no Denicos Allen, no Isaiah Lewis. I'll also have to wait to see MSU on the field before I decide how worried I will be about November 8th.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Yea, those four were huge contributors. All speculation at this point, but very close to getting actually concrete information. Two more weeks!!!

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I think the importance is a little overblown as far as coaching strategy goes - I doubt Urban is going to wait until after the Illinois game to start looking at Michigan State film or have his coordinators coming up with a strategy for the game.

I think the week off also adds a little more pressure to Michigan State - expectations will be higher because they have another week to prepare/rest, and losing so much leadership/talent on the defensive end maybe an early lead from Ohio State will get in their head a little more.

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It scares and worries me that you refer to them as the "fartans"

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Look at OSU the last decade after bye weeks..  Night games after a bye week was not very kind to us so doesn't mean too much



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MSU had their glory season; no worries.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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MSU football is amazing when it comes to not living up to expectations. I'd expect them to lose a few games this year.

Also, Illini is the equivalent of a bye week... I'd rather keep on playing, keep our game rhythm, and punch sparty in the throat.

This is what we're dealing with on 11/1/14

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As does Penn State. The Buckeyes will be ready.

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NW and Iowa used their bye weeks last year to come out on fire against us. Both came up a tad short but I think anytime you face a dangerous dual threat QB like Braxton that extra week to prepare is absolutely priceless.

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buckeye4life050233's picture

suprised no one has mentioned that the msu game is the 3rd time that the bucks will be facing an opponent coming off a bye and all 3 are within a one month period (4 game span).  2 of those games are against the 2 toughest tests of the year (both night games on the road) at Penn St. and MSU.  The other is the week before Penn St. against Rutgers.  It is going to be a tough grind but it will make us that much better if we prevail

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whiskeyjuice's picture

It's not their returning players or how they are playing the first half of the season as it is more about their coaches. I think they came up with a pretty good game plan against OSU last year. The part that has me concerned is that their coaches have that extra week to come up with a defense to neutralize OSU's offense. If the Buckeyes offense plays like I think they will with multiple weapons and strategies, I think they will be fine. Last year OSU had times where Hyde and Miller were 90% of the offense and I think teams like MSU were able to key on them a bit. Of course Hyde and Miller are great players and will produce yardage and points no matter what. But like on that 4th down play it would safe to assume that the ball would be in Hyde or Miller's hands. I truly believe that Ohio State could have won the last 2 games if they had another major contributor. The WR's and TE's were effective at times but I wouldn't necessarily consider anyone else major contributors. 

I have mentioned in other threads that this year would really be the first year of what Urban has been trying to build offensively. If OSU plays like I think they can...........then I won't be worried anymore. GO BUCKS!!!

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