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My mom, dad and brother graduated at Ohio State University. I have an Associates degree from Columbus State and was working towards a Bachelors at OSU but have yet to complete it.

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Comment 30 Nov 2016

The way Des feels now is how I felt in 95 & 96 when OSU lost to the bad guys.............................Des you asshole, thanks for the memories.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

My apologies for not explaining well.

I'm trying to flip the thought around on people that are constantly negative.

So when OSU has a good game they score a lot of points, maybe some records get broken, etc.

The haters come out hard when OSU loses or doesn't play well, so I'm asking if they could describe a game where OSU could lose, & they wouldn't complain.

Comment 03 Nov 2016

This is where I'm confused. JT in 2014 threw many accurate deep balls. Go back & look at the games and highlights. Not all of his accurate throws were to Devin Smith.

JT was a very impressive passer in his redshirt freshman year. Not so much since.

Comment 03 Nov 2016

With the world practically revolving around sex, I bet you must be angry all the time.

Sex, sexism, and sexist tones are used everywhere; commercials/advertising, gaming, magazines, movies/games, humor & not to mention that it influenced the VHS, DVD, & Blu-ray video formats. 

I would say that it is nearly impossible to avoid while interacting consistently in the mainstream public or media of any kind.

I didn't check your profile but if you are new here, it is not uncommon to read comments such as the one you responded to.

I'm not defending the "sexist tone", just thought I would make you aware in case you would want to rethink being a member here. The good news for you is that the MODS do not allow Nude pics or any GIF that would appear to have a "jiggly" motion to certain body parts.

Comment 30 Oct 2016

I caught some of the Bama & A&M game last week on CBS. It seemed to me the hits between the players were noticeably louder than what I hear on other networks. The vibe I got was that they (CBS) was wanting to have viewers think they hit harder in the SEC. 

I know that ESPN has it's deal with the SEC but if I'm not mistaken, I think CBS is still loyal to the SEC.

Anybody else notice the SEC games "hits" being louder than other networks?

Comment 30 Oct 2016

This whole vanilla thing is what the opposing teams see. That's why some of the opposing players have used the words to describe OSU schemes as simple or basic. The media blows it out of context by making it seem they are talking trash when they are not meaning to talk "trash". 

I suspect that with a young team, the coaches made this keep it simple solution. Depending on how many players return next year, we may see schemes that require more thought.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

I'm still stumped at why JT seemed like a natural passer as a redshirt freshman but since seems to struggle. Including last year with devin & michael as options. 

What is Beck bringing to the table besides recruiting?

Comment 23 Oct 2016

It's only one loss. Why would Urban want to take that comment back? Do you think Urban would not love his team because they lost a game?

There are a few more games left this season & if OSU happens to win out (I know it looks doubtful based on recent performance) then your comment will look premature.

If OSU loses another & doesn't make the B1G champ game, then your'e spot on.