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My mom, dad and brother graduated at Ohio State University. I have an Associates degree from Columbus State and was working towards a Bachelors at OSU but have yet to complete it.

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Comment 11 hours ago

I used to think I liked the idea of a player like Samuel to get more touches at returns but now with the influx of talent, I'm more into the idea of letting other talents try and make a name for themselves. 

I have had lots of enjoyment with the 3 games so far because the announcers are constantly shooting off different names of players making plays. That can't but help the recruiting train that Urban started. 

Also makes it more difficult for opposing teams to focus on our playmakers if with have half a dozen playmakers that are interchangeable and on the field at the same time.

That last thing that I now admire about sharing duties is that the players are a little more fresh throughout the game and hopefully when we reach the end of our upcoming (and hopeful) 12 game stretch.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

If there is such a sign, I would imagine "availability" would refer to the student athlete keeping out of trouble & going to class. 

If you get in trouble with the police or neglect your grades, you would become "unavailable". 

What's with the assumption that he wouldn't bounce back from injury & improve as a player? 

& why are you having a hardcore stance on this?

Really makes you appear shallow.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

That's what I said on another thread but in different words. 

2014 was so fun because going in to the B1G Champ game, it didn't really seem like OSU had a chance to get into the playoffs with how negative the media was towards the conference. 

Then sitting there watching 60 minutes of damn near mistake free football, I almost couldn't believe it. Then I didn't really expect them to beat Bama but I wanted them to at least put up a fight. 

This year I didn't expect OSU to be playing the way they have, I expected more growing pains but I'm still going to chill this season because I don't really expect them to stay undefeated but that's when watching the games are more fun when they do win, especially in an OP manner.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I hear you loud n clear. Upsets happen on a semi regular basis. 

It's obvious this season is going to continue to be fun but I won't be upset if OSU happens to drop a game or two.

They aren't even supposed to be looking this good this early in the season. 

Don't get me wrong, I sure would love them to go undefeated...........blast Clemson in the playoffs so bad that people would wonder why the committee chose them in the first place followed by ending Saban's career after winning by 20 in the championship game because he came to a realization that Urban has reached another level of coaching recruiting that no man has reached before.


Comment 20 Sep 2016

Makes me wonder why we didn't see more blitzes from those 3 teams. 

And naturally being 3 games in with virtually a brand new team, I'm looking forward to seeing how other teams will game plan against OSU. Starting with Ash, I wonder if he can field a competitive team or if OSU is about to test the scoreboard operator's stamina again.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Interesting but that is part of the catch isn't it? Realizing if your players can match the talent level of the other players. At some point a coach has to know he can't win. He may hype his team up and say they have a shot but in reality, "C'mon Mannnnn", there are many schools out there where the coach wants to say "fuck it". "We can't win". "They are bigger, faster, stronger & we are just going to suffer a lot of injurys, lets forfeit".

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I like that thought. But now that you said that, Weber is probably going to have a serious coming out party. I can almost sense it...........I think by the end of the year he will have at least 2 200 yard games. He is playing very good right now but you can see the potential dripping off him. He is going to be beastly before he leaves college.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^ After watching Barrett in 2014 and up to now, makes me wonder about the QB coach. But it can't be all Beck. We all know URBZ loves his QB's so I would imagine Meyer is highly involved with their development. 

I not trying to call out Urban, just opening the idea that there are other things that can get in the way of a good performance. These guys have personal lives that could impact their performance on the field ie; fight with family or friend, a break up, school, baby mama drama, etc.

I know I'm not always my best at work. 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I'm wanting to get tickets to this years OSU WISC game but I have to fly to Cali the following day. I will find out in 5 days if I can get to the game or not.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

They like their Leinekugel (not sure of the spelling) & of course Miller lite. After my first year of living in Wisconsin, I can no longer drink Miller lite. It tastes like warm piss strained through a dirty sweat sock. And don't ask how I know what that tastes like.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I lived in Milwaukee for almost 10 years. I can say without a doubt. They do not like OSU. They do not like OSU fans. 

Now I'm speaking about random people in the bars and streets. I made quite a few friends there that would go to the sports bars to watch the games with me. And even though they would wear their Badger attire when they were with me, I would still get comments & boos from others. 

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I'm sure it could be a little of both but I'm leaning more to the talent & players. The guys of last year played well but the guys we have this year are quicker at turning their hips & accelerating to the point that they can run along with the receivers & still watch the QB. Watch other DB's like Oklahoma for example, their defenders were constantly beat by our receivers (Noah mostly) & can't even turn around in time to see the ball. But our secondary? They are covering the receivers and looking back for the ball. I hope that they are actually this good & not get exposed by a good QB this year.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

lol, I love it but this is insane. I see and hear opposing fans & various media hating on Urbz & OSU saying that they run up the score too much & need to let others play but what they don't realize is that our back ups look like starters out there on the field.

After 3 games now I need to remember to savor and enjoy this season. 2014 was fun but that loss to VT had all of Buckeye nation wondering if it was possible to get into the playoffs. But fast forward to now........HOLY SHIT these guys are getting after it right out the gate. I hope they van keep this up and don't peak too soon. I believe in 2014, it wasn't until the beating of MSU at their place that it clicked in my head that we have a great team. But this year these guys are unreal. After reading what somebody posted about selling OSU football as a quick ride to the NFL is on too something & I think URBZ is selling that especially after this last draft class. 

We are living in glorious times my fellow Buckeye friends. Tressel had some great starters but the depth didn't seem to be there for all positions where as now, it is hard to find a lack of it. Hmmmmm, I wonder how Burrow would do if..............nevermind, scratch that thought.