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My mom, dad and brother graduated at Ohio State University. I have an Associates degree from Columbus State and was working towards a Bachelors at OSU but have yet to complete it.

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Comment 07 Feb 2016

From what I can tell on stats and film, I definitely wouldn't call him bad but I will wait and see how he does with his OSU career before I label him "great" or "not great". 

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Many teams have changed styles since then as well. I think it is difficult to make comparisons as there are too many variables. 

What im more interested in, is how they teach the offensive playmakers to counteract this defensive philosophy. If you are Braxton (or whomever) and you know the defense is going to be athletic and aim for the closer hip knowing a teammate will arrive on the other hip, does that change your jukes or moves knowing that the more you dance around the more time you are giving the defense a chance to catch up. 

I ask because I'm sure it's a matter of time before majority of ncaa defenses will mirror this strategy then the offense will have to adapt or change for the better.

Comment 30 Jan 2016

Keep in mind what it was like at that time with the media bashing osu over the tressel thing and how urban left Florida. He had to overcome both of those media obstacles. Now that he has established himself at OSU, I see the recruiting easier for him now. He is consistently proven himself. The logical side of me doesn't see how any player focused on reaching the NFL or even just playing NCAA for the exposure, championships, etc wouldn't strongly consider OSU now. 

This upcoming year could be huge in cementing himself even further into legendary status if he can get OSU to win 10 or more games again after have losing so much talent.

great to be a Buckeye!!!

Comment 28 Jan 2016

I have heard stories/ rumors about recruiting before scholarship limits. As I understand it, coaches would recruit who they thought were the best players even if loaded at a certain position just to keep those players from ending up on other teams and sometimes aimed specifically at other teams, i.e. Ttun.

not saying that's the case here but urban has mentioned several times that he wants the best athletes. Urban has established a trend of signing players that can play multiple positions. I'm not going to list all the names but if you are a member here and as hardcore as most of the people here, you already know. So while it may seem like many db's, I know for a fact that some of guys listed at db, have a great chance of being a receiver, or even a linebacker. Look at Lee, and Shazier. 

Comment 24 Jan 2016

I respect what you have to say. i appreciate that you are not here to troll or start up some shenanigans, however it appears that we have some immature buckeye fans as you are collecting DV's for speaking well on OSU and wishing/hoping ttun catches up. 

As rivals, there will always be tension, but I wish for the day that people can tell the difference between someone being genuine, respectful with well thought out arguments vs someone trying to stir up shit. 

IMO you should not have gotten so many DV's.

Now I'm ready to see how many DV me for this, lol

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I'm usually pro big 10 but the Connor and Archie thing really pissed me off. I don't know if he addressed his intentions with the media or if he was asked about it but it appeared to be purpose. 

I highly doubt Archie would have said or done anything to offend Connor. That leads me to believe that Cook did that because Archie is associated with OSU.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

Thanks for creating a topic to wish him happy b-day. I appreciate tressel and what he did for the university. I suppose there isn't a chance for the ncaa to realize the 2010 season should not be vacated.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

Are you saying they didn't play well because they lost? 

Because i I recall several games this year after VT that OSU won but I wouldn't have said they played we'll, especially considering the players tha returned from a dominating end of season run last year.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

To us fans that watch the games and compare stats................osu this year and last year are quite different. Houston this year and last year are quite different. When you look at the changes from both of the teams from last year and this year, it's hard to argue that Herman deserves the credit he is receiving if not more.............imo.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

I would like to add matt Keller. While undersized, he was fast, versatile and had a great pair of hands. He seemed to have always made positive plays.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

The real question is "is there anybody out there willing to try and influence any member(s) of the committee?"

im sure it's very possible that a powerful corporation or individual could or has influenced these kinds of things before.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

So it would be the debate of most deserving vs perception of the better team. UNC would probably be more deserving based on making it to the winning the conference title game but I could see the eye test and the fact that  this almost same OSU team from last year is the better team if they hypothetically were put up against each other.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Strength of schedule doesn't determine the the best team in the country otherwise it would easy. Just take the top 4 teams with the toughest schedule. The thing about college football is that you could use a wide range of stats and paper data to make arguments for many teams to be in the top 4. Hell, media and many fans like to use the "eye test" for college football more than any other sport or league. Nfl has playoff teams with records barely over .500. Having said all that, it would be hard to argue Colin here's point. 

On the flip side, the stats that you provided suggest that Alabama is more "deserving". So there is the real debate..........should the top 4 be the most deserving? Or should it be the 4 teams that are perceived the best? I think the committee selects who they perceive to be the best with a little mix of deserving. I'm just not sure how much weight they put on perception vs deserving.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

The irony in your comment is that you added to posts in a mark may thread. I know you are trying to make a point but the only way to truly ignore is to ignore and not add to the mark may threads as opposed to asking questions and stating that you ignore.

Comment 13 Nov 2015
I'm heading to champaign now with my buddy. Looking to get our pre game on! !!
Comment 11 Nov 2015

I will be there and expecting to lose my voice. GO BUCKS!!!