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Has Chad Lindsay said anything about he differences between OSU and Alabama?

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August 11, 2014 at 10:56am

I'd be really interested to hear what he has to say now that he's had some time in the program.  I didn't see anything from the Media day.

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Im sure he was asked that during media day. Could just be that he didn't say anything significant and thats why it hasn't been among the other stories. Im sure he and the media were more interested in how the competition for center is rather than discussing something thats been analysed several times. 

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We pay a lot less, players aren't afraid to lose their place on the team if they don't live up to their star ranking and sprain an ankle, Mark Emmert doesn't shower with our head coach.

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He said the coach here is much taller.

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Literally every time he was asked about a difference between the teams, offense, or coaches, he basically answered the same way. He just said something like: Well they're practically the same because they expect the best out of you, and they win.

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Sounds like Tressel was his former coach...

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It really does! 

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...and so forth.

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Sounds like the two programs are more alike than different.

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Did anyone here really, honestly think that our program is really that different from Bama?

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Based on the accusations I hear about SEC schools and their shady behavior from OSU posters here and elsewhere, yes, I'm sure there are those who think differently.  

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On the field? Nope. Off the field? Who knows.

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Holy wow, Chad Lindsay is Jim Tressel's long lost child. If Tressel was the Senator, Lindsay is the Alderman. I'm sure there are differences between the programs & coaches, but he wasn't giving a damn thing away. That was a pretty funny video to watch. You can just about hear Tim May's frustration over not being able to get a real answer out of him. Smart move on Lindsay's part...

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Yeah, he's obviously been schooled on how to talk to the media. He's a pro at it.

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Not to self: never play cards with Lindsay. The eye-contact. The un-revealing answers. The poker-face! 

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Kinda got comical for a minute there, Chad had to say that the coaches and programs are similar like at least 4 times in a row. Sometimes I get annoyed with reporters.

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Damn I think he's laughing on the inside while giving these replies.

He's gotta be saying to himself: "Why don't you try rephrasing the question one more time and I'll tell you the magic answer you are looking for...."

He's obviously been taught up to handle the situation properly. By the end he just flat out lies. Obviously there are major differences in what's expected of the Center in the respective offenses. He just doesn't wanna talk about Alabama.

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Just saw in the O-Line article that he has a degree in communications.  Seems like he's putting it to work already.

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he completely stonewalled Tim May ...love it

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Seeing how Alabama is king of college football right now, I'm very pleased that according to Lindsay the two programs are "more alike than different" 

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Boy - Lindsay knows how to handle the media - very Senator like. You can sense he's a pretty smart dude, which you would hope for from your center. I was hoping we as Buckeye fans would get at least a little of the insider "dirt" on Bama and how Nick ran things vs. Meyer, but that's just not gonna happen with this guy, and that's OK I guess.

Really, Lindsay has a lot to lose if he is perceived as bearing a grudge against his old team, were he did have success and rings. I'm sure he doesn't want to close those doors. He also hasn't spent that much time with is new team, so he may not really know what the differences are yet, other than what he's seem in camp and with Summer conditioning.

Just happy to have the dude and hope he can provide some meaningful help this season. I will say this, if we gat a Bama v. OSU matchup later this year, his media skills will be tested to the extreme..... 

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Damn, I almost forgot that Ohio State picked up his transfer.  My guess is that he is going to be a first-rate player in the B1G this year.  Losing out on Chad Lindsay was a big deal for me; I thought for sure Nussmeyer had given us the inside track with him.

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It would be ironic if he doesn't end up getting the starting spot and has only limited playing time this season.  I guess that's still better than being associated with the OL at Michigan this year...

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He might not even start.

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more teeth and smells better

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Proud alumni of The Woodlands High School.  I was pissed when he committed to Bama, since I figured he would go to Texas/A&M.  Now he's a Buckeye, not bad

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I think I'd rather get a root canal than have to talk to most media if I were a football player. I don't know how he keeps his composure there!


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I like the guy, he is great at coach speak which may not be fun to watch but is good to have on the team.  

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Interesting stuff.  Glad to hear that he finds a lot of similarities.  Sounds like he doesn't want to say too much of course.

I think he will prove to be an invaluable asset.  Even if he doesn't start right away always great to have a top notch player to step in if needed.

Go Bucks!

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Excited to see this kid on the field - hopefully he will be one of the leaders

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I can see this being a future story if OSU meets Bama in the playoffs.

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I have a feeling he won't start...

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Why would he have to? the SEC is so much better than the B1G right now.  Our top 2 teams (OSU & MSU) would put up a good fight against the SEC's two best (Bama & Auburn) and may even win. However our lower teams like Purdue, Rutgers, etc. would not beat the lower SEC teams, Kentucky, Vanderbilt..

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