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Comment 9 hours ago

UNC lost to a 3-8 team.  Winning the games should matter more than who you scheduled assuming they are somewhat relative.  In this case UNC's schedule was weaker and they lost a game.  UNC vs. Iowa isn't really even worth pondering.

Comment 9 hours ago

I'm not sure why you put it in italics.  They do have 0 losses.  If they had 1 loss they would be somewhat out of the conversation like UNC.

If they win all of their games (already beat 2 ranked teams) and then beat a top 5 team in the CCG they should be in, period.

I'm not sure why you don't understand that winning your games is the most important criteria.  UNC lost to a 3-8 SC team and hasn't beaten anyone who is ranked.  If you don't see the difference I'm not sure there is anything else to say.

Comment 9 hours ago

Why would any of them other than Butch take that job?  Dan Mullen and Shiano could/should probably both get better jobs.

Comment 9 hours ago

I think we could both give pluses and minuses about each of those jobs, but I don't think it's a stretch.  The have local recruits, UA money, new facilities etc.  The only major problem they have is that they will play Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State every year.  That's just brutal, not to mention OOC games against WVU.

Comment 11 hours ago

UGA is the #1 job open right now since USC was filled yesterday with Helton.

I would rank the current openings as:


South Carolina




Comment 11 hours ago

Why would Fedora leave UNC to go to VTU.  That's a lateral move.  The ceiling at both schools is the same or very close.  They are not Vandy and they aren't Ohio State, they are somewhere in the middle.

Comment 11 hours ago

That's pretty wild considering UNC has played a 3-8 S. Carolina and 2 FCS teams.

Our schedule wasn't the toughest one ever, but it was better than that.  When they play Clemson I bet they jump us in SoS.

Comment 13 hours ago

I don't really have an opinion about Richt but do you want a guy who has spent the last X years running the spread (Herman at ISU for example) or a guy who has spent the last 15+ running the pro who is no learning to run the spread?  I'll go with the young guy who has spent all of his time running/thinking about the spread.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Houston beating Temple isn't a lock by any stretch.  I can't imagine the Rose picking a 1 loss Iowa or a 2 loss MSU over OSU.

In short, i think it's a long shot at best.

Edit:  If we did play Houston it would be a pretty bad beat down.  Easily 28+ imo

Comment 30 Nov 2015

The talent gap was absurd. Peppers is a stud athlete, but he just looked like another guy when mixed in with OSU's athletes.

I thought this during the game.  He could definitely play for OSU but there was a much bigger gap than I anticipated.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

Perfect response.  

The whole TTUN, not using the letter M stuff is so childish it's embarrassing.  Are we all 12 years old?

Oh, and the state flag has blue it in, you want to remove that too?