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Comment 3 minutes ago

The post was asinine.  I'm a pretty big guy, played football in college and spent tons of time in bars.  I have NEVER felt threatened by a girl.  If a girl raised her fist to me I would have been laughing too hard to defend myself.  This guy should have been laughing and walked away.  The thought of him feeling threatened is laughable in itself.  You spend all day running around with guys who are 6'3 240 and made of steel and yet you feel threatened by a girl?  Please...

Those trying to sympathize with him don't have a clue.

I stand by my post and I think people like Silverhaven show how we've become pussified!

Comment 3 hours ago

I've been there (a few times).  Just power through the renovation and the rest will take care of itself.

Comment 3 hours ago

Agreed.  This plus listening to the SEC talk for the previous years knowing we were part of the problem in 2006 and 2007.

As good as it felt, it also felt like a weight lifted off our shoulders.

Comment 4 hours ago

You need to chill... you should be enjoying a summer where the Bucks are National Champions!

As much as I want the season to come I've enjoyed this off season very much.  I know what our prospects are for the future but I doubt that in 1969 people thought we would have to wait a generation for the next one.

Comment 4 hours ago

The difference in offense will blow them away.  Every person who touches the ball for Ohio State could take it to the house on any play.

To VT fans feeling confident - Be careful what you wish for!

Comment 21 hours ago

It looks like there were 50 5* players in 2007 per scout.  If there are 30 in 2017 (oh my how 10 years went quick) the equivalent number would be 6 which is pretty reasonable.

Comment 21 hours ago

UB - Do you remember what bars were like in college?  I couldn't hear myself.  I'm not sure how I put myself in a position to defend the bartender but I don't feel like he is to blame.  He's the only one there which had to get something accomplished, the rest of the people are at the bar to essentially people watch.

Comment 22 hours ago

If it continues this way it is essentially a USC class from 2003-2007 or a UF class from 2007.

Florida from 2007 - 10 5* players, 10 4* and 3 3*

USC from 2007 10 5*, 5 4* and 3 3*

Comment 22 hours ago

I think that ship has sailed per 247, but we may get Danny Clark.

Comment 22 hours ago

Agreed.  I was hoping to see more 2016 DL recruits.  I find myself looking for DT guys every time a recruiting post appears only to be dissapointed.