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Comment 19 hours ago

Drama - I don't think anyone is betting their life savings on it, I think people are just lookinf for the next OSU great.

I'd argue Dontre had a great season but was limited by Hyde and Philly.  This year there are going to be a whole bunch of touches to go around and no clear cut starters.


Comment 18 Apr 2014

It's amazing to me that so many guys buy dumb stuff like cars when they get their first taste of money.  It's great that he did something for his mom, but a car is clearly not the best use of you first hundo.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

You can say what you will about those USC teams, but they made teams from every other conference look bad.  They split the 2nd NC.  They lost 1 non-conference game from 2003 to 2009.

Off the top of my head:

33-7 OSU

70-17 Arkansas (who won 10+ games that year)

55-19 OU

24-14 and 32-18 Michigan

Nebraska 28-10


Comment 08 Apr 2014

You don't say the government is talking out of both sides of their mouth do you?  Imagine that, two of the most hated government entities in a fight... too bad.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

DJ -

What he makes has no bearing on the validity of his opinion.

If college athletes join a union, they would have to pay taxes on what they receive.  Should be interesting to see them now pay $50k in taxes so they can get all the benefits Colter is pushing for.



Comment 26 Mar 2014

No shot if OSU is undefeated.  There is no shot we get jumpted by a 1 loss non-conference champion.  The only way it is conceivable is if it is 4 undefeated conf champions but even then 1 will be from the Big 12 without a CCG.


Comment 26 Mar 2014

How can you have the ACC as 5th?  FSU will be there with bells on at the end, Clemson is no longer average, Miami should be better, Louisville will be good.  Maybe I'm putting too much weight on FSU, but I just the inthe Big 12 is average at best.  The only hope is OU beating Bama but I think that was more about a perfect matchup for OU than a true test of strength.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

I think the ACC should be higher than the B1G/PAC12.  They had the best team in the country last year and probably the best team in the country this year along with Clemson who made OSU look average (yes I know they lose a lot).  Add in Louisville, Miami without faux sanctions and that conference looks ok.

I think all conferences will be a lot tighter this year.  The SEC is replacing a bunch of QB's who really ran things for the last 4 years, the ACC is up, the B1G is on the rise (if MSU doesn't slip) and the PAC12 is back to full strength.  The B12 is clearly still down even though OU kicked the elephant's rear.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

I'll take this as a "while they were at their best" vs. "best career"

Eddie - 314 yards in a game and it wasn't FAMU!

MoC - A legit game changer - the strip in the NC was one of the biggest plays in OSU history

Everybody else (Beanie, Hyde, Pearson, Herron etc)

Born in 75 - Started paying attention in the early 90's.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Agreed but it won't happen Joey will be gone by the time he gets here.  I'm pumped we have him for 3.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

To me this is similar to when the guys took down the banner before the game.  I actually love it.  Is it good for the image of the school etc?  Probably not, but if I ask myself if I look back on it fondly, I do (mostly because we won anyway).  I'm glad he did it and to me it just adds more spice to the rivalry..

Comment 10 Mar 2014

No, but I remember calling my best friend as he was yelling "I'm running to central park, I'm running to central park, I'll call you later"


Comment 09 Mar 2014

I'm not really a fan.  While I love the thought of playing Nebraska and MD (I live in MD), I miss the old big east with Miami, VT and BC.

I think "thinner" conferences produced more parity which is good unless it is forced by rule changes (IMO).

The SEC is going to be really tough to conquer for long periods of time because the Big12 is no longer a real threat annually, the Big East is gone (Miami was always a threat from the BE).

I love college football, and the change hasn't slowed it one bit, but I do miss some of the old rivalries.

Rivalries take time, sometimes decades to foster, breaking them takes months.