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Comment 2 hours ago

DubJay - I believe you have a clog below your 1st floor then.  When you add water above and there is nowhere for it to go it basically sits in your drain until it slowly gets by.  When you're adding it, you add it relatively quickly and the air that currently sits in the pipe needs to escape which is why you get the bubbles.  When you have water coming up it's because there is no more air and you have water/waste in the drain.  I'm sure you have a cleanout in your basement which looks similar to the one in the image above.  Unscrew the cap and snake it.  Have a bucket handy as it may be full of waste.  You will need a large (motorized) snake for the larger 3 or 4 inch pipes which is what I'm sure it is.  You can rent them at tool rental places.  Or you could just hire a plumber for < $300 assuming that's it.

Comment 4 hours ago

Dubjay - I'm not a plumber but I have run an entire house worth of plumbing (to code) and have a fair amount of experience.

What floor is the laundry room on?  Bubbling like the sucking kind is due to a lack of venting.  Bubbling due to air being forced out is due to pressure.  Water backing up is a clear sign of a clog.  Are you sure what you're hearing is sucking and not pushing?  Assuming it is pushing/bubbling out it would seem to me that you have a clog below your first floor, could be outside or it could be in your basement.  Drains get wider as they leave your house.  ie the sink drain may be 1 1/2 inches to a stack which is 3 or 4 and then outside with is > 4.  My first bet is that it's in your house.

If you have overflows and sucking from the drain that would indicate you have a blockage and a vent problem which seems to me to be highly unlikely.

Since the plumbing system was functioning properly in the past I doubt it is due to design/configuration error. 

Comment 20 hours ago

  Not only do you get a say in where it is you go,

That's not how it works.  My roommate was an UDFA and he got 2 calls and accepted the first.  Another friend of ours got a call from the Giants, waited and it dried up, he never got another call and he never played in the NFL.

In short you get what you take just like the draft.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Kijana - Since you asked for facts - Since 1990 drafted LB's from OSU vs. PSU.  Ohio State - 6 first rounders assuming Lee goes, Penn State - 1.

Ohio State: (22)

Lee, Perry, Shazier (1), Rolle (6), Homan (6), Spitler (7), Freeman (5), Laurinaitus (2), Grant (7), Schlagel (3), Carpenter (1), Hawk (1), Reynolds (5), Wilhelm (4), Grant (3), Bullard (5), Diggs (4), Katzenmoyer (1), Powell (1), Styles (3), Harrison (3), Tovar (3)

Penn State (20)

Hodges (4), Mauti (7), Stupar (7), Lee (2), Bowman (3), Hull (7), Connor (3), Posluszny (2), Shaw (5), Arrington (1), Short (4), Killens (3), Ravotti (6), Holmberg (7), McKenzie (6), Givins (8), Donofrio (2), Goganious (3), Powell (8), Collins (2)

Comment 23 Apr 2016

if we gonna do it, do it big den!


Comment 23 Apr 2016

I would take Wade over Harris.  I feel like good running backs are somewhat easy to come by and you only need 1 on the field.

Corners are harder and you need 2.