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"Friendliest" B1G Stadiums?

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August 11, 2014 at 12:21am

So I've never seen our beloved Buckeyes in any venue other than The Shoe, but I've always wanted to travel to a different B1G school for an away game. However, after having seen the way Michigan fans are treated at the Shoe (granted, that rivalry is ridiculous and the sort of blatant disrespect I'm speaking of is usually limited to the student section and overly obnoxious Meatchicken fans) I'm somewhat reluctant to spend the money and time just to be flamed the entire game.

I've heard horror stories about Wisconsin, as well as (obvious) Ann Arbor, but have any of you had good experiences with away games? I've heard good things about Iowa, as well as some of the smaller schools whose games rarely sell out and we take over the stadium. Whatcha got?

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I think Columbus is probably the friendliest to Buckeye fans.

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I went to Penn St in 97. It was the older crowd, but they were so nice, I nearly puked. 

Everything you hear about Wisconsin is true. It's really the student, but a bunch of assholes. 

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Only opposing stadium I have been to is Michigan (3 times: Utah game, last 2 OSU-Mich games).

The Utah game was the game I received the most "hate" believe it or not. I was decked out in S&G, making it known I was a Buckeye fan. Some guy sitting 5-8 rows in front of me kept antagonizing me the entire game. Outside of the stadium people were swearing at me and calling me names.

The 2011 game I didn't receive much hate at all. Michigan fans were very friendly after they won, and they kept congratulating me on Urban coming to OSU (even though it wasn't official).

This past game wasn't so bad either. There was only one guy who annoyed the shit out of me (and another group of OSU fans) the entire game (I mean the entire game).

Unless you're going to a Purdue, Indiana, or Illinois game you can expect some sort of razzing. But everything I have experienced up there has all been in a friendly nature (except the Utah game).


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There was only one guy who annoyed the shit out of me (and another group of OSU fans) the entire game (I mean the entire game).

Sorry, that was me, but in all fairness it wasn't because you were rooting against Michigan, it was because you had that big #1 foam finger you kept sticking up in the air and I couldn't see the game.  The only thing I remember being worse was that guy in front of me at the Utah game from years back that wore the sombrero.  I tried to give him the business about it too, but that freaking sombrero was so big he couldn't hear me.  Luckily some guy a few rows in front of him finally heard and tried to help, but he still didn't take it off.  Go figure.

So my advice is if you leave the sombrero and/or foam finger at home, you should be all right.

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I have met great fans from all B1G schools except Rutgers. Do they have fans?

The bigger the game the more they hate. That's to be expected. Can't imagine anyone at NW  or Indiana or Purdue would ever be a problem. 

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Saw plenty of pretentious signs from NU students on College Gameday back when we played last season, however I'm sure they don't even know how to give other fans crap about football.

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I knew I wasn't the only one to catch those that day.  "Look mom, no sanctions - ever!"  Douchenozzles.

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Did you have a "Point shaving convictions R U" sign?

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I was in Orlando and caught a Russell Athletic Bowl. It was between Va. Tech and Rutgers. I can't believe how rude the Rutgers fans were. It's that New York/Jersey personality. Loud, obnoxious and cocky. 

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I went to the Northwestern game last year but there were so many OSU fans that I didn't run into very many NU supporters.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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I can attest to this.  It seems like Columbus North in Evanston for a Buckeye game.  Easily 80% OSU fans, and the NU season ticket holders seemed to be very annoyed by our presence and the fact we were constantly standing and cheering (the fact we scored over 50 points may have contributed to this).

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Michigan, theres hardly anyone there anymore. I would put Purdue but the stadium is a crap-hole, I think the 'friendliest experience' for OSU fans is Iowa. Ive always liked my visits there and the city/campus is underrated IMO. People were cool as hell, friend made a bet with a couple fans that if OSU were to win he gets their Iowa flag, tent, and cooler, and after OSU won they not only paid up with smiles on their faces but bought us a round of beers at the bar we were at later on. Really cool fan base and I enjoyed Kinnick. 

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Iowa fans are definitely the friendliest, probably right up there with Nebraska's.

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My worst Big Ten road experience was at Iowa, but I think it was just a few bad apples.  I had beer cans thrown at me pre-game and death threats from drunk rednecks during the game. They didn't say much after the Buckeyes won.  

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Michigan, theres [sic] hardly anyone there anymore.

2013 Home attendance:

  • Michigan:  7 games; total attendance 781,144 (ave. 111,592 per game); 1st in the nation.
  • Ohio State: 7 games; total attendance 734,528 (ave. 104,933 per game); 2nd in the nation.

If there's "hardly anyone" in Ann Arbor for football Saturdays anymore, what does that say about The Ohio State University?

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I was shocked when I went to The Game this past year and saw the student section only about 70% full.


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Your top picture; almost fifteen minutes before the game.  Band has not yet come onto the field for pregame show.  You can see the countdown to the game time on the north scoreboard (14+ minutes), as well as Michigan's drum major in front of the tunnel entrance.

The bottom photo; not sure what that is.  I've seen that photo and I recall it being Akron.  I was at that game.  Pathetic showing by the students.  I think it was their first second weekend of the fall term, and they showed up reeeeeaaaallly late on a gorgeous warm day.

You won't find me much defending Michigan students' football attendance of the past several seasons.

Remember, what Michigan is doing now, mostly, is trying to get the maximum use out of the Stadium.  Making student tickets more expensive and not less, would seem to me to make them more dear to the owners.  Use them, or lose heavily.  Tickets that aren't sold to students can actually be sold as season tickets to the general public along with season-ticket seat licenses.  As you'd see if you were a Michigan Stadium regular, is that the whole bowl fills up routinely well; the student sections are the ones that are late and last year's general admission policy (now abandoned) made it look that much worse by encouraging them all to pack down low in front (something I have never understood but you'd have to ask them) and leaving huge seating gaps above them until they all arrived (late first quarter).

Here is a photo of that same game published by cbslocal/Detroit.  This is second half action I think, and is pretty representative of the crowd of 107,120.

As for The Game in 2013.  Here's an Associated Press photo of Brutus in the south endzone, looking toward the northwest corner of Michigan Stadium which is where the Michigan students occupy the entire corner and half the endzone.  You tell me if that looks like 70% full.  I've seen other photos, of Michigan's band and the OSU band, marching pre-game.  Once again, it is arguable that it may be 30% empty at that point, pregame.  Even into the first quarter.  Students, showing up late...
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M Man, you're right that the photos were misleading. I was at The Game last year and by mid 2nd quarter the student area was nearly full other than a row or two. That said, I was surpised it took so long to fill up. If your team gets back on track, they will come earlier. Good point about raising ticket prices. I bought nachos at the Indians game in Cincy last Thursday. I only wanted half but since they were $7.50 I ate the whole thing.

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Did you seriously ding him because he left out an apostrophe? Come on, dude, rise above that kind of pedantic nonsense.

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It was a sarcastic joke, but Ohio Stadium capacity is 102,000…Michigan's capacity is 110,000+. Those numbers are skewed by the fact your giant hole in the ground is bigger than our luxurious stadium. Isn't Michigan having issues selling tickets and are devising ways, like the recently botched idea of fireworks, to get fans to games? 

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Season ticket sales for this year are off by 1.5% according to the Ticket Office.  Which I blame entirely on our home schedule which is weakened substantially (it might be hard for you to believe, but it's true) by the fact that for a second year in a row Michigan travels to East Lansing.  This year is the first in most Michigan fans' memories (and before most were born) that we have a home slate with neither MSU nor OSU.  It's critical this year, because this was our "away" year with Notre Dame.  The business with flipping our schedule with MSU is what really gripes me and NOBODY has as yet given us a good explanation.  Brandon hasn't explained other than to blame it on the Conference.  Brandon is surely right about that; it was the Conference's doing and Brandon knows well how much this has pissed off just about all of his season ticket holders -- his core constituency.  But WHY we were forced into this arrangement is still mostly unknown.

The fireworks thing was not to sell tickets.  It was planned for the Penn State home/night game which will be one of the premium game of the year.  It was mostly to add pizzazz and excitement.  The small horrific part was that they planned fireworks as part of the game.  Like home run celebrations at the old Comiskey Park.  That part was seen as gauche by the Regents.  Because we've had fireworks before.  Just as has OSU.

I like the 'Shoe and all.  You've got a nice little place there by the Olentangy.  The Big House is better, by far.

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I like the 'Shoe and all.  You've got a nice little place there by the Olentangy.  The Big House is better, by far.


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I went to Purdue last year and their fans congratulated us on the victory before the game started. Walked just over a mile through campus to get to the stadium and was greeted with nothing but smiles. Definitely opposing fan friendly. Didn't hurt that Ohio State fans outnumbered the Boilermaker fans that day.

I'm sure they were a little more obnoxious when their teams were good (90s and Breese), but those days are long gone.

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was there in 2009. On friday their fans/students were debating going to the game even the game day newspaper talked a little about predictions for the OSU game seeing it mainly as "will OSU score 100 points?" and "will Purdue score any", the stadium was 1/3 empty, and when we lost, all hell broke loose. Got stuff thrown at us, people coming up to our faces and screaming about how we lost, my girlfriend at the time got harassed quite a bit. I mean I'm sure that type of stuff happens everywhere and a big upset win will be celebrated with extreme displays of emotion, but I think Purdue fans appear 'charming'/'cute' before the games because they are used to being crap, but they turn into d-bags when they occasionally win. Just my experience there. 

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I was at that Purdue game last year as well.  Their fans are very friendly.  I have a buddy who graduated Purdue, and we joined in on all the bar hopping with their "Breakfast Club".  It was a great time.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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I went to the game also last year.  Walked through their small but nice campus on the walk to their stadium.  Didn't hear one fan yell at us or anyone else in scarlet and gray.  I think their fans were just happy to be there on such a nice day.

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I've been to most of the stadiums.

I've had unpleasant experiences in Ann Arbor, Madison, and State College.  Not enough that I wouldn't return, just that's where I've seen jerks being jerks.

Everywhere else has been nice.  Champaign-Urbana struck me as particularly friendly.

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agreed. Been to those three as well. PSU for the most part was alright after the 2009 win, but I'd say the friday night before and during tailgating the majority of the fans I came across were twats. I think Michigan students are some of the most pretentious douche bags Ive ever been around. The amount of lame-ass jokes about OSU being a "school where you go to get a janitorial degree" was astronomical. The alumni that I met in Ann Arbor weren't too bad and had the same respect for the rivalry that I had/have, but man, their students generally, are huge POS's. Hard to decide whether Ann Arbor or State College sucks more in terms of "friendliness". 

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I've been to Ann Arbor, Purdue, Illinois, and Indiana. Of those four Indiana was by far the friendliest. Although when my buddies and I were at one of the bars, our bar tender mentioned that IU fans know they are bad at football so they don't take it too seriously. He mentioned that if you were to wear the opposing team colors during basketball season that it could be a different story. We parked over at the stadium and had to walk about a mile to get to the bars and restaurants. Stopped and asked a younger guy working in his garage for directions and he treated us very kindly. I cannot say too much about Purdue and Illinois, because I went there on service projects while a student at OSU. While we got to go to the game they did not let us venture out too far past that campuses rec center/ student union. UofM is what you would expect an away game at a rival would be. Taunts and insults but they still had Dick Rod and life was good. 

My goal is to travel to all the B1G schools. This was pre Maryland and Rutgers. I've got 5/14 down, and looking to possibly add number 6 this year. 


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I was treated okay inside the stadium in Madison but taunted a lot in the parking lot after the game. Overall it was okay. I want to do more traveling to away venues as I age but as of now I have kids who have sporting events on Saturday's.

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There are bad eggs in every fan base. Iowa might be the best place, but you could still be seated next to an asshole. Just pick whichever you want and hope for the best. 

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Exactly. All fan bases and/or stadium environments are pretty much the same, with some good apples and some bad apples. If you're a Pitt fan in Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, WV you're likely to receive about the same level of hospitality/hostility as if you would if you were a Wake Forest fan in Duke's stadium. I could scour the internet and find 2 or 3 examples of Pitt fans that had a cozy, inviting experience at WVU and, conversely, 2 or 3 examples of Wake Forest fans who got hazed at Duke. Therefore, both environments are equivalent.

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Speaking of bad eggs...

In the late 90's our car (Dad's minivan) was egged, keyed, and tires deflated while attending the game up north.  This wasn't fun to return to after having quarters and nachos tossed at the OSU section during the game.  I refuse to set foot on that campus, or pay money to any company based there.

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Indiana is the best. It is Columbus West.

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I've heard good things about Nebraska fans being welcoming 

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Nebraska fans were extremely nice when I went to a game out there.  They appear to be more obnoxious when they travel.

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Northwestern has my vote for the best away game.  Chicago, 11W social, tiny stadium with friendly/intelligent fans, Chicago....

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Went to ann arbor last year, sat in a section of season ticket holders, no only had no problem they were a blast to be around.

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Memorial Stadium, Nebraska. Hands down the friendliest and most knowledgeable fan-base I've ever experienced.

Even if they lose they give their opponents a Standing Ovation as the leave the field. Great tailgating as well.

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That's funny Jed - taking head Brock Huard and former QB said the exact same thing this week on his radio show when asked the exact same question. Couldn't stop ranting on how nice the cornhusker fan base is, win or lose.

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Ive been to AA a couple of times for The Game, always had a good time, but was always somehow shocked how nice people were. Tend to tailgate at the golf course there were a ton of Ohio State fans too. Even stayed and went out to dinner and drinks  in town, wasnt that bad. I'll go back.

Penn State was awful, not a good things about it to report.

Illinois/Purdue/Indiana all about the same, they knew what was coming and even jocked about it.

Honestly the worst I've seen is from our own fanbase, The Texas game was bad, idiots yelling F Texas to little kids, that day was a little embarrassing for such a normally awesome group of people. Then completely redeemed itself when USC came to town.

So I'd say its a crap shoot, depends where you are, who you're with, and the age group you're dealing with.

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been to michigan and wisconsin.

i actually enjoy being abused by rival fans and talking shit, so as long as there's not shit being thrown at me or some bro trying to knuckle up, im having a good time.

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Haven't been to any other B1G stadiums, but from all accounts doesn't Nebraska win this hands down.  I've heard nothing but good things about their fans.

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In my experience it's Nebraska and it's not close.  From tailgate all the way through the stadium exodus after the game, folks in Lincoln couldn't have been more friendly or more accommodating.  Granted, my experience there was the first B1G game at Lincoln Memorial stadium so they could've been on their best behavior, but I had heard about the Nebraska friendly before and gameday exceeded my expectations.  We wound up being invited into several Nebraska tailgates and the fans at all of them were knowledgeable about the game, knowledgeable about the buckeyes, and hospitable.

Nappy's picture

Been to Indiana, Purdue, and Wisconsin.  Had a blast in Madison.  And there were more OSU fans in Bloomington and W. Lafayette so they don't count.  Going to MSU this year.  I don't think there will be any issues.

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Illinois fans are very friendly.  I've been to three OSU at Illinois games and have had fun tail gating etc and fans are friendly.  Even the Illinois-UC game was cool.

I've also went to Purdue last year.  There weren't enough Purdue fans there to notice anything.

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Have been to 3 OSU-Purdue games (including Holy Buckeye game) Their fans are cool. Last year there were more Buckeye fans than Purdue fans. And most of those left at halftime. Can't blame them. It was like watching a high school team out there. Man were they terrible.


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I went to the Purdue game last year, as well, I was thrilled to be able to see our Bucks for about $45 (and that included my wife's ticket!). Had a great game day experience, and loved exploring campus after the game.

I've also been to an Indiana game, a number of years ago, and it was similar. Cheap tickets, more OSU fans than home fans, and the campus was fun to check out.

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I've been to all of the B1G venues (other than Maryland and Rutgers) and I can honestly say that I've rarely had any negative experiences (outside of a random expletive here and there, I take it as a compliment). As long as you're smart and you stay away from the fraternity areas and other large masses of home team fans, and most importantly DON'T BE A DICK to the locals, you should be fine. Most of the OSU fans I've seen get harassed are the ones who are running their mouths and acting hard. 

Respect their house and they usually leave you alone.

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The three friendliest(football environments) that I've been to are Northwestern, Purdue, and Indiana.

What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

I said Nebraska earlier but perhaps I should have gone with Indiana.  Their fans are kind enough to leave many available seats so we can watch our team.

In this regard, perhaps Northwestern is a close second.

BuckeyeMike74's picture

The Wisconsin fans I have seen at Camp Randall were pretty split.  Some (the younger crowd) were extremely rude.  Others (they older folks) were quite nice.  I was there in 2012 then we beat them in OT.  They were pretty annoyed that I was celebrating with other Buckeye fans around me. /eyeroll.  

After the game we all agreed that drinking beer was cool

G_off's picture

The fans outside of Spartan stadium in East Lansing were getting a little out of hand while we walked by. Definitely not welcoming by any means. Michigan stadium fans were much more tolerable and hospitable compared to Sparty fans. Like others have said, it only takes a rogue fan or two to ruin an entire road game experience and leave a bad taste in the mouth for the whole school and fans.

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So my philosophy on how to treat our biggest rivals; kill them with kindness.  I want opposing fans to go home and feel like a trip to Michigan Stadium is like a visit to Fenway Park or Wrigley Field.  Or Augusta National Golf Club, or White Hart Lane, or La Scala.  And that Michigan fans are the smartest and classiest in the Conference.  Unfortunately, my philosophy has limits (see, e.g., Notre Dame) and is not universally accepted.

Also, when I am in East Lansing for the Michigan-MSU game, I fully expect to be treated like shit, and usually am, and my attitude is generally self-fulfilling.

Tips for Ohioans coming to Ann Arbor on The Gameday:

  • You'll be treated nicely, by the Victors Club members in the Blue Lot and at Ferry Field;
  • You'll be treated nicely, and you'll find quite a few of the most diehard traveling Buckeye fans, on the UM Golf Course;
  • You'd do well to stay off South State Street near Packard and definitely off Hoover Street immediately before and after the game;
  • As for South University Street, where the infamous Taylor Lewan fight occurred... I think that anywhere in downtown Ann Arbor, you'd have to look rather hard for trouble to find any.  That usually means being drunk yourself and looking for drunk Michigan fans.  Shocker; it's possible to do that if you try.  And that is what seems to have happened in the Lewan case.
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White Hart Lane? Why the Tottenham reference? In the case of premiership football stadiums, I want the Shoe to be like Anfield.

M Man's picture

I once lived in Muswell Hill and so Spurs were my team by default.  Like the Tigers.  And my first Premiership games were Spurs games at White Hart Lane, when they had the Argentine nationals Villa and Ardilles.  Back in those days, Tottenham was like the Dallas Cowboys.  Spending freely and creating an image that they were God's gift to the league.

FROMTHE18's picture

Ah very cool story. Ive spent a little time in north london as well (about 3 months) doing things for work. Stayed near Holloway so was surrounded by Arsenal supporters. It seems the spending freely mentality has switched in north london with Arsenal having a big summer of signings. White Hart Lane is a nice ground, historic, the Emirates is just a modern monstrosity. I like the old english stadiums, Anfield is fantastic. Im not a liverpool supporter by any means but it was probably my favorite of the handful I got to visit. Newcastle's St. James' Park (now Sports Direct Arena) is also a very, very cool stadium. 

baker.buckeye's picture

Indiana (aka OSU west).  Bloomington is a cool place to visit and the stadium has "pass-outs", so you can leave at any point during the game and return to your seat (preferably to get beer they don't sell inside).  They always take their stadium photo for the media guide when OSU visits as that is when there is the most "red" in the stadium.

CTBuckeye's picture

Been to a couple of OSU games at Penn State - outside of a few drunk college kids the fans were pretty friendly / didn't bother us at all despite them losing both times.  Tailgating area pre-game was pretty nice as well - tossed the football around with some Penn State fans.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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I've been to Illinois twice, Purdue twice, Indiana, Northwestern, Michigan State, Minnesota and Penn State as a fan.

Of those I would have to say the Penn State game was probably my favorite.  It was a night game and they were doing their white-out (Don't they always?).  We met a couple that were getting married before the game and they asked us to be in their wedding pictures with them.  They were fun to tailgate with.  

The game at Indiana was mostly all Buckeyes everywhere, so it's really hard to judge.  

Once at Illinois it was mostly Buckeyes everywhere. And the other right around a 60/40 split for the home crowd.

One of my best friends from high school is married to an assistant men's basketball coach at Illinois, so you can imagine that most of the people we hang out with in Champaign were pretty good to us, as well.

I would say that most all the away games I've been to people were very cordial to us.. For the most part.

The only fan base that gave us really in flack at all was at Minnesota.  But that was only some college kids with a little too much to drink.  Not really that big of a deal.  It was a night game, and we arrived extremely early. So we parked under the stadium. Then, we took the train from the Metrodome to the Mall of America just to check it out before the game.  There are some great places inside the mall to watch all of the early games, through the day.  Most of the people we met were pretty nice.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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Well, I completely forgot that I created this topic last night as I was half asleep. Thanks for all of the shared experiences and replies. I'm all good with some good natured ribbing, but when it comes down to all out verbal assault, I have a bit of a temper myself, lol. 

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ive been to the big house many times for The Game and others.  their fans are mostly pretty friendly but the bad apples are highly obnoxious/abusive.  been to spartan stadium twice for osu games and the fans there are generally friendly.  be interesting to see what it's like this year. 

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Other than the traffic, Indiana is a nice trip. Their fans don't care and it's mostly OSU fans anyway. They even have a nice grove to tailgate in with big oak trees. Northwestern is a great trip too. All OSU fans and you get to do Chicago stuff. I've been to The Game in Ann Arbor twice and despite a student shoving my Dad (for no reason) I decided scUM fans from that state are much better than the scUM fans here.