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B deck

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August 9, 2014 at 11:20am

Sorry to bother but I found some decent deals in the B deck. 18B.  Has anyone sat there?  Was it awesome??

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Depends on the row. First few are okay, but anything further back and you risk having your view obscured by one of the pillars supporting C-Deck. Also, you get cover from the sun or inclement weather, but feels like you're watching football in a cave.

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I was in 8B row 3 for PSU last year. It's not bad in the first few rows. Covered but it still has some outdoor feel. I also sat further back in B about 4 years ago and I would not recommend it.

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Not bad for their asking price probably wont cut it.  Thanks for your input.

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I sat up high in B Deck for the Miami game in 2010. Never again. As one poster mentioned, it felt like watching football in a cave. The overhang extends so far down that you can't follow the ball on punts and kick offs. Not to mention it was pretty steamy feeling on a warm day. I actually left at Halftime and watched the second half on TV.

I love the Horseshoe, but I wish they could have eliminated the B Deck Seats that are higher than Row 4 or 5. 

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The top three rows of B deck are horrible as the rows are way too close together. I spent all of the CAL game between some dude's thighs and he was a rather large specimen. I will never buy seats there ever again.

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I spent all of the CAL game between some dude's thighs...

Heyooo! Let the jokes begin in 3, 2, 1

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Once it loads and you click Start, a view of the stadium will pop up.  There is a search bar at the top, type Section 18B, row 3 (row 2 isn't an option), and a view from those seats will appear.  Right in the middle of the field, no obstructions of view, and you'd be close enough to the front of the overhanging C-deck that you probably won't even miss much, if any, of punts.  Obviously what you're comfortable paying is up to you, but based on the website, they're pretty darn good tickets.


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View from specifically 18B, hard to say from what row exactly, but clearly a few back.

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18 is close to midfield, so that's good (I sat in 21C for the 2003 season and it was basically 50 yard line - I think we were in the top row, though, so way high up).  I saw above you said row 2, so you'll be good from pillars.  Great seats.

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I sat it B deck for "The Game" in 2012 and it was nice because it was so cold and it blocked the wind but the view is a little rough. 

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I personally despise B deck, as others have said, its like a cave, always have a obstructed view, cant see the scoreboard and most importantly, you are surrounded but "handsitters" I'm very vocal watching games, weather at home or at Ohio Stadium. I like to stand and be loud. The majority of B deck eat dinner before 5 pm and dont appreciate loud people.  I occasionally get tickets from a older friend and that where his seats are and he prefers them. I always trade them for other seats, normally south stand straight up with a scalper. 

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