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Major Applewhite at OSU camp

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August 5, 2014 at 12:42pm

Does anyone know if Major Applewhite is some how part of our staff now? as a consultant or some capacity or was he just simply hanging around watching practice yesterday?

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Not sure if that answers the question. What does working with mean? Is he studying our offense or is he working for tOSU now? 

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He was working with OSU. Coaches and ex coaches do it all the time. Could be studying it and offering feedback.

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Thanks for the link i'll check it out.

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Applewhite would be good to have around. I was hoping we could get Tebow on staff. As polarizing as he is, I think he would be an awesome recruiter.

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Tebow has a nice cushy ESPN gig with the new ESPN SEC Network. I don't see him starting at the bottom as a position coach/recruiting coordinator. It is a thankless job.

However, the Gator Butthurt would be incredible.

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Applewhite would be good to have around. I was hoping we could get Tebow on staff. As polarizing as he is, I think he would be an awesome recruiter.

His ability to recruit wouldn't negate the fact that he has never been a coach before. The only way Tebow could recruit for Ohio State would be as one of the 9 paid assistant coaches on the Football staff.

Currently those are: Herman, Warinner, Drayton, Hinton, Smith, Fickell, Ash, Johnson, & Coombs.

So if Herman leaves, you want to hand the reigns of the offense over to Tebow? Even if we promoted Warinner to OC and gave him play calling duties, you want to turn over QB development to Tebow? Owner of possibly the worst throwing motion around...

In short, it just won't happen. Maybe he decides to come back to Ohio State as a graduate assistant but that'd be an awful big step down from ESPN and his cushy contract.

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He has as much experience as a position coach as Vrabel.  Urban Meyer didn't know Vrabel but he hired him anyway based on Belichick and Fickell's recommendations.  

Meyer knows Tebow and based on his comments it is obvious he feels Tebow is one of the hardest working / best person he has ever known.  Tebow is polarizing for some but there is no doubt he has a rock star like aura that would help him in recruiting.  You are assuming he'd call the offense but no one is saying that  He'd be a position coach and one of the other guys would call the plays.  There is no doubt Tebow has terrible mechanics but that doesn't mean he can teach good mechanics.

This all assumes that Tebow would be interested but if he approached Coach Meyer and we had an opening on offense, Urban would find him a spot as Tebow would make the Buckeyes better.

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I wouldn't compare Tebow to Vrabel at all, that's a bad comparison.

For starters, Vrabel had at least 1 year under his belt as a position coach before Meyer.

As a player, Vrabel was an all pro and 3x super bowl winner with a decorated career that spanned 13 years.

And Tebow?

I'll wager all my helmet stickers..Tebow will never make the Ohio State Football Coaching staff

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From Louisiana and big ties to Texas. Would be a great guy to have. Has been an OC since 2007 (which was the first OC that Saban had at Bama) Currently does not have a job as all coaching spots were filled by the time Strong released everyone from Texas.

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Chances he's being vetted as a possible replacement to Herman?   over/under 25%

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over. Would help replace Herman's recruiting area in Texas as well

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Over, but not by much.

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breaking: mack brown demands that urban cease contact with applewhite and invite chris simms to practice

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Just a crazy opinion or thought but if Tom Herman were to take a head coaching Gig Some place after this season  maybe Applewhite could be a guy urban would look at? I really don't know i'm just talking out of my as really. lol 

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I would think he'd get a look. It would be a major hire...

But, Urban would have to keep him away from the co-eds:)

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"'Major Applewhite'. Gee, that's fun to say!"

Dot this

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Just sounds more important than Minor Eggwhite.

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As I recall, the assistants on Mack Brown's former staff will be paid what they were due to make this year unless they accept another job. If they accept another job then Texas will pay them nothing. So Texas may be paying him $500,000 to not accept a position on another staff. That's what I recall but I can't find a link.

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Ha! So Texas is paying him and he is helping the good guys!!! Nice!! Thanks Texas!!! 

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With Herman likely leaving for a HC job at the end of the year, wouldn't be surprised if Major is on the short list to be his replacement.

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It took me 3 years of him in college to realize that he wasn't in the military, I'm not proud of that.

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Urban being Urban.Always looking ahead.a year or two, covering all possibilities.

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Speaking of involvement with the staff, anyone knows if Jim Heacock is still involved with the defensive staff ?

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I believe he is still part of the program but it is in a non-coaching role. I believe he interacts with the coaching staff regarding the defensive game plan and scheme. However, who knows how that has changed with the addition of Ash. 

Heacock and Meyer have a long history as Heacock gave Meyer his first paid assistant job when Heacock was HC at Illinois State.

As long as Heacock wants to be part of the program I believe he will be, but he will never it is highly unlikely he will be a part of the football staff as the rigors of recruiting under Meyer don't fit his style and he isn't getting any younger.

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Well the link here is that Major Applewhite was AHC/Co-OC right in the middle of Colt McCoy's stellar career at Texas.

I think Urban has realized that the best operative at the helm of this offensive will require an Oregon-type (hence visits and studies with Chip Kelly) and/or a Texas circa McCoy Jr. season (went from 65.1% 3303yds 22TD 18INTs 139.2RTG to 76.7% 3859yds 34TD 8INTs 173.8 RTG when Applewhite came on board) to truly utilize all of the weapons on the outside while still keeping his QB as an admirable weapon on the ground (5-700+ yards) with great short-intermediate passing game, and weapons everywhere.

What Urban is trying to do is His Offense + Oregon + Texas = ZOMG.

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I'm for whomever helps OSU win, win and more win

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Wasn't Applewhite the one who got caught Bobby Petrino-ing a student? 

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It sounds so dirty when you put it that way...

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