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I'm Adam I bleed Scarlet and Grey. I have been fortunate enough to attend many great buckeye games throughout my life. I have a lot of fond memories of the shoe it really is true that that place is my sanctuary. There is no better feeling to me then being in the stands and seeing the band come out of the tunnel and knowing the game is getting ready to start and hearing the beat of the drums and the roar of the crowd.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Crowd surfing after the 02 OSU/Scum game.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Lawrence Funderburke
  • NFL TEAM: 49ers
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Do i have to.
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Any German Bundesliga team.

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Comment 9 hours ago

Birm, with recent commits from  Liam McCullough and   having having Sean Nuernberger coming in and Cameron Johnston established. Do you see any other "specialist" for this class or maybe the next. I know this group sometimes gets overlooked. But we maybe somewhat thin at punter if something freak were to happen. My concerns were because Cameron Johnston being rock solid. I wasn't sure if he may go early in the draft but thats a few years away. Or if something were to happen to one of them we may be a little thin. Thanks

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Here is what I would do but only if you had the extra cash to do so.   I would try to secure 3 tickets to a decent section in the stadium.  some time between now and then. So you know your at least in the gate.  If for some crazy reason we happen to lose before the date of the game. Unload them quick. so you can keep the value of them because you will notice how value will start to drop. But assuming were still undefeated.Keep your eye out on craigslist in the columbus area and maybe cleveland and cincy area. and see if any one are getting rid of the tickets you need getting closer to the time you need for that game you want sometimes.You will really be surprised the deals you can find. And then if you get to the stadium with your other tickets. And you got them for a good price you can unload them  for a small profit or break even and have some spending money. Just my opinion.  I have done this a few times I usually don't really care where i am as long as i'm not in B deck behind something though. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Jason, 1.I also remember the old site had like an 11w dictionary. Like when terrelle pryor was referred to LIC  on here you could just look up what that meant and it would say LIC-Lebron in cleats/Terrelle Pryor. Because sometimes I have no idea what the hell people are talking about when they use different names for things on here.

2.Also I don't know many of the other big ten blogs and besides 11w and Michigans could we get links to some on the site for the upcoming season to check them out to read up on them.

3. I have also saw that some peoples profiles you can private message some users maybe that could be explained a little more.

4. maybe a section why did my forum topic disappear for new users. when they possibly could have doubled posted a topic on accident.

5. I know its kind of an unspoken rule but the politics stuff on here. maybe just a warning about it or something. that this is sports not politics.

6 advertisements you see on here are based on your viewing habits and not the choice of 11w. thats why some see michigan stuff sometimes or other random things.          

and just a general when to upvote when not to. sometimes the privilege gets abused based on someone doesn't like someones opinion.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

lol if kiffin is still there in 2016. I think he is a short stay at alabama. 1. He probably jumps at the first half decent job. or 2. Saban gets rid of his ass by then because the offense isn't getting and production. Just my opinion.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Not knocking the guys opinion but when i think of an "outsiders view " I think of someone who would have have no biased whatsoever  like lets say some guy from Washington State who could give a shit less about Ohio State.That what an "outsider"
 is to me.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Like i have always said I don't follow recruiting as much as a lot of people.  But could this mean that OSU is more in with the Harris kid from KY? and maybe Baker just see's a lot of clutter in the future at the RB position for ohio state?  I wouldn't blame him. I'm sure he isn't afraid of competition but with a bunch of running backs on the roster in the next few years. Maybe he would be doing whats best for him. IDK 

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I would say there were far more Mike Gesicki threads on here a while back.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

1. I can't stand "fans" of osu or michigan who can't even tell you one player on the teams name.

2. I think Bobby Hoying was one hell of a quarterback, and doesn't get mentioned with some of the all time greats like he should.

3. I miss not having as many buckshots on the website as there were on the old one. It seemed like all day something new was on it now it takes days for something new to be put on it.

4.I can't stand the .gifs

5. I read every single comment on every thread. But I don't post much at all.

6.I always start my morning off with the "Breakfast of Champions a Mountain Dew and a Marlboro and read the Skull Session. 

7. I hate "seven nation army" chant every time I hear it I think of Penn State, and I feel it makes us look like we can'r find our our cheer (granted everyone is doing it now)

8.  Every time I would see another Mike Gesicki Thread on here for the 10,000th time. I just thought to my self you fools why are you wasting your time.

9. Our Cheerleaders are great athletes but sometimes I think they are lacking  behind some teams in the looks dept... yeah i went there.

10. The "Hey" cheer that they do during the games is obsolete, It doesn't do a damn thing for me

Comment 14 Jun 2014

This is great! I didn't get to see many of the games from the 90-s to the early 2000's on TV at all because I was fortunate enough to be in the stands at the home and away games. So this will give me a chance to see the games in a different light and maybe even see my self as a young pup in the stands. Big thanks who ever uploaded these.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

I have learned your not allowed to bring a different point of view for discussion. Thats why I don't post on here anymore hardly ever.

Comment 02 Jun 2014

I don't know anything about him but I assume he is a pretty solid player. I'm just happy He went to a B1G School. I'm in the camp that I want as much talent as they can get in the B1G. It can only help us in the long run if the B1G Schools are ranked higher throughout the season like how the SEC has teams consistently in the top 25. also the SEC teams have started to get the benefit of the doubt if they start the season say 6-0/7-0 even if they should have the ranking or not. But it makes everyone elses strength look better. Thats what I wish the B1G could get back to. we just need a few guys on the bottom to pick it up just a little and I think the B1G would be close to being back. My opnion

Comment 02 Jun 2014

Just wondering anyone who does have 247? does the site allow you to crystal ball players just for your self, Just to see if you were right in your own predictions. As almost just for shits and grins or does it just allow writers and such to do so? because if it did I  might pay for the sight just to do that. I know it sounds corny. But it would be a game to me to see if i could guess right if i was to start getting in to it.

Comment 30 May 2014

Yes, Press Coverage!!  everyone around me  in section 17A will also be happy im not screaming for it.

Edit: for anyone who was around me i'm sorry lol 

Comment 29 May 2014

Don't worry my Buckeye brother you will have to say it more then 8000 more times. The gibson threads will just keep going on forever just like the mike gesicki ones did.

Comment 29 May 2014

the term swag, ......anything kardashian. ......"rednecks with confederate flags "-who have never even been passed the mason-dixon line or even know what it was. .....People who need a damn invitation to turn left on to a street.  ....12 year olds playing online games with mics on who just have to sing for some reason. ... People who leave Dogs in there car in the summer time. ...anything thats made in China. ...Parents who let there adolescent girls wear clothes that makes them look like romanian hookers. ...Medias Biased reporting....  The WAR ON DRUGS.  ...North Korean Government. Nick Saban hate that guy with a passion and everything he stands for he is so phoney.

Comment 27 May 2014

The fact that the SEC - and “southern football” in general - keep winning national championships, continue to be lauded as “real football” on ESPN and throughout publications everywhere, that’s what is slowing down Ohio State and the rest of the Big Ten in general. Until the football program changes that perception by taking back the crystal ball, the Buckeyes are going to have to sell people on the idea that “we need you to stem the Tide,” literally.

I have been trying to tell people this for a long time. I think some of this comes down also to like some have stated above its been so long since we have won a National Championship. The rest of the country looks at us as a laughing stock. I know its hard to take but its the reality of the situation. Ohio State doesn't  put off the "swag" or what ever term the kids are using now a days. Teams are not scared to play us like they used to be because they have seen that we have fallen short  on the big stage. Anytime I tried to make this point last season I would just get people screaming but were 24-0!!!!!!!! go suck it. well yeah but look at our bigger games the last 5-6 years. I can still remember there was a 2-3 year period ,where even Tressel was having big trouble in all the Big Games the 2 MNC games USC games Penn State the one year. and when we would lose the media would blow.So for recruiting Not only do you have to change the kids mind set on ohio state. you almost have to get his friends on board. say what you want but you know you don't want your friends saying why are you playing for that weak laughable team. when you could play for (insert home/ Close or trendy team here) Its all about perception thats why I welcome what Penn State is doing and hope they start kicking ass and hope Nebraska comes around that is what is going to set us over the top and make the kids come back and say I want to play there. They kick quality teams ass everytime they play them.    Sorry for the rant  Just love my buckeyes and im passionate