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Top Buckeye Football Moments Seen in Person

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August 2, 2014 at 6:14pm

Just curious what some of the top Buckeye moments/plays people have witnesse in person are.  Some of my top moments include:

- Ted Ginn's punt return against UM in 2004

- Troy Smith's miraculous scrambling TD pass against Penn St. in 2006

- Devin Barclay's game-winning kick against Iowa in 2010

I made a comment about this in another forum and thought it would make an interesting forum on its own.

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BuckeyeRealist13's picture

Unfortanently two of my top moments came during losses. In no particular order.

AJ Hawks interception against Vince Young

Barclay's game wining kick against Iowa

Tedd Ginns return against Florida

Beanie Wells long TD run against Michigan in 07

Maurice Clarrets catch against Michigan in 02

Pryor's first start against Troy, throwing 4 TD's

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My first ever Buckeye game.

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I was also there to see Braxton's first game in the Shoe' as a true freshman, I remember taking a short video of him warming up on my phone thinking it would be cool to look back on it in a few years.

The 2012 version of "The Game" was also a great moment.

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The 2012 version of "The Game" was great. Watching Hyde 'eat' and mock Denard. 

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Nugent was absolutely clutch as a Buckeye.  Easily my favorite Buckeye kicker of all time.

Champions.  Undisputed.  

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Agreed South - the one thing about Nuuge that I really liked is that when he made a field goal it was usually right down the middle. Not very often would he shank it. 

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First game I ever went to as well, heck of an ending.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Troy Smith's play action touchdown pass to Ginn vs. Michigan in '06.  Still one of the best play action plays I've ever seen, Beanie sold it so well.  

Braxton's game winning pass too Devin Smith vs. Wisconsin.  Only silver lining to a nightmare of a season.  

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Beanie sold it well, and Troy executed one of the most diabolical fakes I've ever seen!

There it is, at the 50 sec mark. Not the best view of the play, however.

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Camera man got hosed as well falling for the fake all the way 

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My last game in The Shoe before moving out West was Wisconsin 2011. We were sitting by some Wisconsin fans and were jawing back and forth the entire game.  I really thought when Wisky scored to go ahead late in the 4th we were done.  And then this happened....

"You do what I cannot do. I do what you cannot do. Together we do great things"

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Typical Bert crying about pass interference when there wasn't any Badger within 5 yards of Devin Smith when the ball was thrown.  So where did old Bert end up, anyway?

Champions.  Undisputed.  

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What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

I know he was doing the pass interference motion but what I think he was trying to say Braxton was across the line of scrimmage.  He wasn't and screams of joy were heard throughout my house.

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Great day to be a Buckeye!

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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What makes that game against the Badgers a little more sweeter now is that they had a Super Bowl winning QB and we still won.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

InTressITrust's picture

2012 Purdue. Kenny! Kenny Kenny!

Boy was that magical

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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DaveStephens's picture

First and only Buckeye game I've been to. Can't wait to get back. 

The Dude abides.

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Either Ohio State-Nebraska 2012 or Kenny Guiton's magic against Purdue.

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50 yard line seats in Sun Devil stadium on January 3, 2003. Press row was directly behind us and Archie Griffin's family box was one row above the press. Being at the stadium that night was priceless, and sharing the experience while sitting a few feet from Archie the entire evening was the cherry on top. It was the acme of my Ohio State fandom. Four hours of Buckeye utopia that, for me, will never be topped.

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KBonay's picture

It wasn't just the game. It was the experience after.....running around Mill Av bars soaking in the glory.  One of my all-time life moments.

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Carlos Hyde's superman run on Iowa.

Marcus Hall murdering a man on the field against Penn State.

DaytonBuck1980's picture

'03 NCST triple overtime game. Can't remember the section but it was one over from the neutron man (god bless him). Practically parallel to the goal line with a perfect view to see AJ Hawk stuff the hole and stop TA McClendon dead in his tracks on the 2 point conversion. From that vantage point I knew right away that we had won. 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

TheVictoryBell45's picture

Braxtons hail mary to Devin Smith against Wisconsin in 2011 would be my top moment. The Shoe was electric that night. It seemed like the crowd channeled all their frustrations from the past year towards Wisconsin. The team and the stadium had revenge on their minds from the 2010 loss in Madison too. When Wisconsin took the lead late you could just feel the depression in the air. When Braxton completed that hail mary the amount of joy/excitement in the stadium was off the charts. Plus I stormed the field after the game so that was a fun night. 

2003 NC State game is up there for me too. I was only 13 and it was the first "big game" I had attended. I remember being amazed at how loud the crowd was. Anyway, the game was a classic. NC State made a big comeback and forced the first overtime in the history of the horseshoe. It went to 3 overtimes and the Buckeyes stopped Phillip Rivers and the Wolfpack at the goalline on fourth down and won. Incredible game and atmosphere. 

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DaytonBuck1980's picture

Damn, you are correct. It was 4th down. Thought it was the mandatory 2 point conversion for some odd reaaon

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

BroJim's picture

JT's like time in The Shoe, Spring Game 2011.

I season my simple food with hunger

Buckeye Knight's picture

97 Rose Bowl

Eddie rushing for 314 yards vs Illinois

Braxton hail mary vs Wisconsin in 2011

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good calls man. You've been doin work for a while.

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M Man's picture
  1. Woody tearing up the down-marker in Michigan Stadium.
  2. Malcolm Jenkins leading "Jump Around" in Camp Randall.
  3. Katzenmoyer's final game in Michigan Stadium, where he played like he was possessed.
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That's a pretty good list M Man.  I think you may well be a closet-Buckeye fan.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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Buckataltitude's picture

Troy Smith's heisman coming out play. It was the scramble around td throw to Robiskie against Penn State.
Still my favorite Buckeye.

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Fatpants's picture

Both of Cooper's wins over michigan. Given how often those came, they were exciting. 

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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VintonCountyBuck's picture

Woody dotting the i. 

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

Can I just say the entire '02 game against TTUN?  The only time I've ever been to The Shoe and it was awesome.  If I have to pick moments, I'd say Clarett's wheel route in the 4th quarter and then Will Allens pick to end it.

I've watched replays so many times that when I remember it live I still hear Musberger saying "Let's party Columbus"

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AeroBuckeye2001's picture
  1. Solomon Thomas's interception to seal the Sugar Bowl win against Arkansas, and joining in the "SEC" chant.
  2. Jake Ballard catch against Oregon in the Rose Bowl.
  3. Devin Barcklay's kick in OT against Iowa sending us to the Rose Bowl.
  4. Participating in O-H-I-O cheer in Michigan Stadium 2009.
  5. Pryor's 4th & 10 conversion against Iowa in 2010 after Posey dropped the TD.

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Moved away from the great state of Ohio early in my life. Only game I attended was the Vests 100th win at the helm (those "vacated" games mean nothing to me). 

The Legend continues

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My dad and I got to go to the celebration of champions after we beat miami. It was fiercely cold but we were warmed on the inside, by all the fans and seeing Tressel and the Buckeyes celebrate the national championship. Cie Grant stole the show with his rendition of Carmen Ohio. What a year! And what a celebration!

"Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends"

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Knarcisi's picture

5. Tito Paul's hit on Derrick Mason in East Lansing in 1994 

4.  Eddie's 314 vs. Illinois in 1995

3.  Braxton to Devin 2011 Wisconsin

2. Completion of 12-0 vs scUM in 2012

1.  2002 National Championship over Miami in Jan. 2003. 

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Phickell's picture

Many have already been mentioned, but also really enjoyed watching Terry Glenn get 253 yards and 4tds at Pitt in 1995.

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UrbanCulture's picture

1) Devin Barclay GW Field goal

2) Kenny G Purdue

3) Carlos Hyde mocking Denard spoon feed 2012.

Can't wait to add many more

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Texas tech in '02, my first game in the shoe. We were all in awe of this freshman running back named clarett. Never would have guessed it was the first of 14 wins! Runner up was the home game vs Cal. Went to the game with my older bro who was finishing his residency at OSU medical center ER. We could clearly see Devin slip behind the defense and were screaming at Braxton to pass to him. It was an awesome end to a very tense quarter/half of football.

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JakeStevensIsSwag's picture

My first game ive ever been to just so happened to be the OSU Wisconsin game when Braxton was a freshman.  That was insane. Also saw Braxtons crazy 3 yard rush for a TD against PSU in State college.

Buckeye fan from PA

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I need to get to more games but best was OSU stomping PSU last year. Lots of PSU fans in my section for some reason. Silence is golden.

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Crumb's picture

I was in roughly the same area, the northeast part of The Shoe, it was awesome cause one guy was taunting the PSU fans something fierce and they got quiet real quick.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

BrewstersMillions's picture

PSU fans aren't the silent type! They always speak up when they should!

Fly Patterns's picture

Good topic. I haven't been to dozens of games or anything. Probably about 10. My favorite play (not the prettiest game) was probably shazier stuffing Monte ball at the goal line in Madison 2012).

jedkat's picture

97 rose

2002 fiesta

2004 marshall

2009 iowa

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My first game was against Toledo in 2011 when we had that terrible year. I have been to four games: Toledo, Indiana (2011), Cal (2012) and Iowa (2013). The best play I attended was Carlos Hyde's Backward stumble against Iowa that ended in a TD. Miller's run against Cal where he destroyed that one DB's ankles in the hole. Miller to Smith in the Cal game to put the game out of reach in Q4. I don't remember much in the Indiana game, I was in the student section with my fiance and I was pretty hammered...And the end of the Toledo game where Sweat disrupted the pass to clinch the W.

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GreatLakesBeer's picture

Watching Carlos Hyde become the 1st running back to rush for 1,000 yards under Urban Meyer.

If you will it dude, it is no dream

Keith Byars is the man's picture

I'm getting old to remember specific plays:

but one that really stands out would be the shoeless run by Keith Byars

will Allen's interception to end the 2002 game.

i remember JoePa leaving the field early wondering at the time what's going on? Found out later. Lol

whole game upset vs. then number 1 ranked Iowa.

so many memories with my dad and his friends going to games. Used to be my favorite thing to do growing up was getting up early on fall Saturdays and head to the shoe with them.

Nothing is Impossible!!!

The Rill Dill's picture

Marcus Hall's salute to Michigan fans, in 2013.

RenegadeBuckeye's picture

My very first game as a kid was the '84 game vs. Illinois. Keith Byars was a monster.

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JOhio1560's picture

Only been to two games in person, which makes my list easy.

1. Ohio State curb-stomping michigan in 2010.  The NCAA cannot tell me that that game did not happen.  It DID.  And it was glorious.

2. Brian Rolle's 2 point interception return of Ricky Dobbs.  

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cjmgobucks's picture

1. Taking my son to his first game in Columbus  OSU vs. Akron 2011 (Bauserman's only decent game.  ever.)  And the start of the Braxton Miller era...!!

2.  January 3, 2003

3.  Germaine to Boston to beat ASU in the Rose Bowl in '97

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Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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OscarSierraUniform's picture

I have seen the single game rushing record broken twice against the same school. 1984 Keith Byars v. Illinois and of course 1995 Eddie George v. Illinois. Those 2 games and then Maurice Clarett's first game as a Buckeye Freshman v. Texas Tech. One for the opposition would be Illinois QB Dave Wilson throwing for 621 yards (NCAA Record at the time) in 1980. Of couse, we still won, 49-42. But that sure was a crazy 2nd half. Those are my top 4 live.

See ball, get ball.

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1) Pick of Navarre to end The Game in 02 and send us to the Fiesta Bowl

2) Chris Gamble pick six against Penn State in 02

3) Troy Smith scramble and bomb against Penn State in 06

4) Cie Grant singing Carmen Ohio in the snow during the Championship Celebration

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GreatLakesMike's picture

Watching OSU beat Michigan for the first time during the Cooper era. The streaking fan who stopped in front of the Michigan sideline and performed the Heisman pose made everyone's day. 

Toolface4's picture

Only been to 4 games, all on the road ( 2 Illinois, northwestern, Purdue) so small pool to draw from but probably either Roby's blocked punt or eze Latin the wood on the Purdue returner.

GoBucksOrDie's picture

Cannot rank 'em, too many that were too good:

Archie's zigzag TD run v. Minnesota 1975

Art's comeback @ UCLA 1979

Woody dots the I 1983

Keith's shoeless cut and run v Biting Illini 1984

Chris Spielman pukes on the field v, Indiana 1985

Bobby Olive's dive and catch v. LSU 1987

Eddie v Biting Illini 1995

My father and I during the last snap of the TSUN game 2002 

Cie Grant singing - 1/8/2003

Teddy up the sideline v TSUN 2004

Destruction of ND @ Fiesta Bowl

Troy all day - Game of the Century 2006

Domination over TSUN 2008

Interesting signature line

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I'd give my right nut for a win over ttun in person. Never been to The Game 

Crumb's picture

I hope you get to see it someday brother, the only Buckeye experience even close to the same feeling was 14-0 back in 02.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

Seattle Linga's picture

Could not get enough of the post game wrap up then after the NCG - I was up till 3:00 AM watching ONN interview every player and coach. Only station that went into that much depth with their coverage.

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Crumb's picture

04 Marshall, Nuge and Santonio crushed em (First game I got to see in person, it was special)

08 Minnesota Beanie came back from injury and was jumping over defenders

09 Iowa, Barclay's overtime field goal for the B1G Championship and rushing the field

'10 ttun, first time seeing The War in person and we beat em by 30!

'12 Cal had great seats and could almost pat Devin Smith on the back as he sprinted to the endzone with the game winning touchdown.

'12 Purdue was sitting next to the Purdue band and probably would've gotten arrested if it weren't for Kenny G (They were trolling me terribly)

'12 The War. Nothing like seeing the clinching of a perfect season. The defense played so well in the 2nd half I kept thinking they couldn't keep it up and the offense needed to reward them with a TD but Boren and gang stomped on their throats. And El Guapo ran out the clock

'13 Iowa El Guapo's amazing run and telling the refs they 'sucked monkey butt' for their call against Roby. I know they heard me cause they looked right at me.

Last year's Indiana game is the honorable mention cause it was freezing cold and snowing, just amazing football weather, and Ryan Shazier made just about every tackle.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

BuckeyePT's picture

My best moment was after the win against TSUN in 2002 when a few thousand fans had rushed the field. The fans had pinned in the TSUN band in their seats and then the fans promptly sang "We don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan" to them. It was a classic moment. A close second was from that same season when Chris Gamble returned the interception against Penn State. 

FairfaxBuckeye's picture

A few that moments from games I was fortunate to attend over the years:

5. Bobby Olive's catch of Greg Frey's pass to beat LSU in a great comeback win

4. Braxton Miller's 40 yard TD pass to Devin Smith to beat Wisconsin. 

3. Terry Glenn's 82 yard catch and run on a pass from Bobby Hoying against Notre Dame--splitting the Notre Dame defense and running away from them. 

2.  Chris Gamble interception and return for a touchdown versus Penn State in 2002. 

1. The National Championship Game against Miami. So many great plays. So many great memories. I'm so glad I was able to be there for that game with my brother. 

Jabba the Hoke's picture

4a. TBDBITL's video game show.
4b. TBDBITL's Hollywood blockbusters show.
3. Troy Smith's scrambling td pass against PSU in 2006.
2. Braxton's hail mary against Wisconsin.
1. Smith to Gonzalez at Michigan 2005.

HeuermanTheFireman's picture

Since I am a newer fan of the Bucks I will try something different. Something I saw a Buckeye great do before enrolling.

I saw Maurice Clarett rush for 400 yards in the playoffs against an opponent that was ranked second in the nation at the time. The craziest thing I have ever and will ever see.

The person responsible for toes clearly wanted you to stub them.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Maurice Clarrett's first big TD run against TTU. That was something. All summer we heard about this kid. When he broke off that first big one, it was kind of like "Oh...ok he's not bad at football"

Will Allen's game saver in the 2002 tilt is probably the most engrained memory I've ever had the privilege of seeing live. That one play was the difference between the Fiesta Bowl and third in the Big Ten that season-that game truly was for all the marbles.

Ted Ginn's return against Michigan in 2004 was sort of bittersweet. It was the play that sealed what would ultimately be the last game I saw live while a student at OSU. As excited as I was, the feeling that my time was drawing to a close at OSU started to sink in right about the time he turned the corner on that one. It was as pretty surreal feeling. I had several months before graduation but it was clear football was ending.

Yoyoma's picture

This one's tough because, like so many others on here, there are so many to choose from:

'95 Notre Dame - Glenn's long TD...found out when I got home it was during Regis Philbin's sideline interview!

'02 Penn State - Gamble's INT TD

'04 Marshall - NUUUUG!

'05 Michigan State - FG block for a TD as the 1st half expires...turned the tide in that game.

'06 Penn State - Troy's scramble and bomb.

'06 The Game - best game I've ever been to in any sport...and I've seen a perfect game in baseball!!!

'10 Iowa - OT Thrillers are always fun

'11 Wisconsin - Hail Mary!

'12 Nebraska - the entire second half curb stomp.

BrutusBuckey3's picture

Only 2 buckeyes games I've ever been to at the Shoe

2011 Braxton's miracle v. Wisky 

2012 beating scUM to finish the perfect season

RubixTube's picture

'84 Illinois - Keith Byars runs out of his shoe

'90 Hall of Fame Bowl - Carlos Snow scores the opening TD

Never before in the history of man have lives less lived been more chronicled. - Dennis Miller

VarsityClubMD's picture

To this day I am bitter about missing the '84 Illinois game. Dad and I couldn't go because that was the one Saturday all season that my HS team played on a Saturday instead of Friday night. Whoever it was that bought those tickets from him saw history made.

Dot this

Sloopy_HangOn's picture

Sadly, I've never been to a regular season Ohio State game, but I was in attendance when they broke the spring game attendance record in '09 which is a pretty memorable moment (along with a memorable sunburn).

Luckily, I believe I'll be making my first-ever regular season trip to the Shoe this November for The Game. Words cannot describe the excitement.

VarsityClubMD's picture

Just off the top of my head: Woody Dotting the I, #36 entering his first game as a freshman, The Game 2006, 

Dot this

Gobucks2204's picture

I was privileged to see the 2012 game against Michigan. Jim Tressel was honored by being hoisted on the shoulders of his former players during the game.  I was moved to tears.  We won 26 to 21 and stormed the field. I had to help two of those heavy OSU fans (not sure if it was Buckeye guy or Big Nut onto the field. All I know is they were heavy, and they about killed me.  Will remember that game forever. My first Michigan OSU game of my life, and an undefeated season. 

"Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends"

BoFuquel's picture

Vic Janowicz: "The Snow Bowl". GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.