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Urban Tenure at OSU

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August 1, 2014 at 12:10am

Two things:

1) Can anyone help me find a link as to how long Urban plans to coach at OSU? I swear on Woody's grave that I favorited a tweet that had this answer a while back, but it's buried deep in my favorited tweets section. Lol. Help a brother out?

2) How long do you think he will be our coach? I genuinely believe this is his dream job and that he is committed to not just college football, but to The Ohio State University. I'm going with 10-15 years. Crazy to think Meyer (50) is 12 years younger than Saban (62).

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If he stays at Ohio State for 10-15 more years, the peak of Ohio State football might be ahead of us instead in the past with Woody.

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Couldn't agree more Mike - in a couple years we will have flat out studs at ever position possible. He's got a great start at building the foundation. 

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 If he stays at Ohio State for 10-15 more years, the peak of Ohio State football might be ahead of us instead in the past with Woody.

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I seriously think I can sit and watch this all day!

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I did...all night

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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This is twice that I've clicked on this thread and not even read what it's about.

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IT's going to b e amazing, just wind 'em up and let 'em go...........

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Id say we get 10 more out of Urban, anything after that would be amazing


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I think he'll stay for around 10 years, although more would be awesome.  I do think that Ohio State will be his last coaching job.

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I think ten years sounds right...though I have no problem if he stays beyond that.

Another intriguing question would be who would (could) replace him?

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Eventually Tom Herman will leave the program for a HC job. I hope when UFM does decide to retire, that Herman is his replacement. A fellow Ohioan with a very innovative offense. 

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I think a lot of it is going to depend on his health.  I know its very important to him to keep up with that after everything at Florida.  I truly hope that we get another ten years with him, but I think we need to truly cherish each year he is here.

I am not sure we will ever see another coach come in and bring the excitement/hope as he did.  He was the only guy that could take this program from a low point to an extremely high point like that.  I do think he is creating traditions though that we will continue to see long after he is gone.  Let's hope he ends his career here, but maybe takes another position and always has an office at OSU.  

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I don't see Urban going anywhere anytime soon. His health appears to be a non-issue. He's not leaving Ohio State for another college job and I don't recall Urban having any interest in the NFL. It doesn't seem like his name is mentioned too often when jobs open.

Urban said himself that the year off made him realize how bad he wanted to coach again. There's only 1 blueblood program in his home state and he's coaching it. 

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Great point Mike oh and by the way - Nice picture!!!