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Road Game Non-Visitor Section Survival Tips

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July 25, 2014 at 9:37pm

I missed the window for road game tickets because I was out of the country. I want to buy tickets for one/both of the MSU or PSU night games. As someone who has never traveled for an OSU football game, combined with the fact that these should be very hostile crowds. I was hoping that someone could give me advice or survival tips. I saw some great tickets close to the action but not in visitor sections. Is it cool to sit in these sections? What should I wear? How should I act? Am I worrying too much about this? I just feel that tOSU fans will always be targeted because of our awesomeness. 

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Take an umbrella to Happy Valley

A man got to have a code...

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bring safety goggles and neosporin

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I was in Happy valley the last time the Buckeyes played there.  Everyone was cordial and went out of their way to make us feel welcome.  We got thanked for coming more often than not.. Hell one couple even invited us to stand in their post-wedding/honeymoon pics with them.  Of course, all this was with the Sandusky stuff still fresh in their minds.  So take it for what it's worth.  We had a great time.  My favorite road game I've ever been to, and that includes East Lansing.  That student section is amazing.

When we were at East Lansing everyone seemed ok as well.. But it was nearly ten years ago.  Half the people in the stadium were Buckeyes.  I imagine that has changed in the recent years

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Ohio State did have a pregame handshake with Penn State in The Shoe right after all the Sandusky stuff came out. This might have temporarily thrown some water on the fire between the two fan bases. I doubt that means much now, the rivalry between the two fan bases is revving back up to its normal levels.  

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Avoid frats tho

I like the bux.

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Avoid frats tho Bro

Fixed it for ya

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When i went to the Penn State game 2 years ago when it was in State College, my brother and i, were dumb enough to buy tickets right 18 rows off of the field. We were the only Ohio State fans in the section. However, it wasnt too bad because there wasnt any jerk-penn state fans. Alot of the OSU fans had a section way up top. I think when Stoneburner caught that TD pass for around 50 yards he pointed up to them. That was pretty cool. Thats all i have to offer. 

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Just watch what you say after win we because fans that are scorned will go after you either verbally or physically. Just let the results speak for themselves.

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Don't go to Taylor Lewan's after parties.  

Go Bucks!

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I went to Happy Valley in 2007 for the night game with a small group of guys. Tailgated all day and into the evening, Early on fans were fairly tolerable (though not friendly) and as the evening went on many Nittany Lion fans became verbally abusive bordering on physically abusive. We were dressed in Ohio St. gear and doing OSU cheers (but nothing offensive, this is pre-Sandusky scandal so the only thing to use against Penn St. fans was the fact their HC pooped his pants on national TV against Ohio St. the year before.)  What got me was the dearth of Ohio St. fans there that night. It seemed like 99% of folks there were Penn St. fans. They do not like to sell tickets to opponents fans, either. I have been to every B1G stadium except Iowa, and have always paid less for tickets on the road than I would have paid for a game at the Horseshoe. We kicked their ass that night so during the game and postgame all was quiet.

A couple of other tips for going to "Happy" Valley:

  • If you are staying the night, book a room now, there are very few places to stay (we stayed in nearby Clearfield)
  • Bring beer/ alcohol with you. The only place to buy booze in Penn. is at the state liquor store and there is one in Happy Valley and it is hard to find. If you are wearing Ohio St. colors people will give you wrong directions if you ask where it is.
  • eat at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.

hope this helps

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Also if you have to stop for gas or food. I highly recommend Sheetz. Will not regret it.

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I went to the PSU Alabama game 2 years ago and stayed in the RV lot.  There was very little shit pointed towards the Bama fans.  They were playing "sweet home Alabama" on repeat in the RV lot and nobody really seemed to mind.  The Bama fans were mildly obnoxious but I guess they have a lot to be proud of these days.  This was one of the last games pre-Sandusky if I remember correctly.

Anyway that's all I've seen.  There is a video on youtube with PSU frat boys throwing beers at OSU fans, not the experience I've seen or had.

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I've been to four OSU/PSU games in Happy Valley (and a few more as a "neutral" fan) since I only live 45 minutes away. All of the OSU games were white outs, so needless to say I stuck out like a sore thumb. I will say, it is MUCH easier if OSU is leading/wins so it's a good thing they usually do. I know this sounds backwards, but Penn State fans are the biggest bunch of fair weather fans I've ever been around. When the get whooped, they are eerily quiet. However, when they win (like they did in '05 when I was there) they will call you out like crazy and they are brutal. I even got punched in the back of the head a few times walking out of the stadium after that game.

Also, I've never sat in the visitor's section, I've always been out with the PSU masses. I usually go with a buddy of mine that is a PSU fan, so that may help to act as a buffer for me. They will definitely try to ruffle your feathers before the game though so your best bet is to find a Buckeye tailgate and hang out there. The good news is there are plenty of Buckeye fans to be found, and like I said, they are easy to spot among all the white.

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I actually got tackled at the '05 game! I was wearing a #7 Teddy Ginn jersey with "Ginn" on the back. I was partying with some of their students, and everything went great. I was with a Marine buddy and everyone seemed to love us. Turning point was when we walked to the car to get something and we started getting heckled. I laughed and struck the Heisman pose, right before this student tried to blindside me. Luck for me, my buddy was behind me and pushed me out of the way before I got drilled. I jumped up and went after the kid, as my friend stopped me from stomping him to death. He was scared to death and amazed that I was pissed. Sure if I would've gotten my hands on him, we would've been jumped by a bunch of students, but I was all about it. I'm generally a good person to drink with and party. I'm respectful and know the limits. I guess the Heisman pose wasn't smart, but I was under the impression that everyone was cool... how quickly it changed. The night was terrible. We lost a close game and the fan base is rude!! Mostly it's drunk students, but I even saw older people doing the same. They are different when they lose, but they are sore winners for sure! I saw people get jumped, and hit with all kinds of objects (urine filled condoms, batteries, food/beer, etc...). I put on a jacket over my shirt to avoid harrassment and a fight later that night. It was a great place to party, and beer/liquor is cheap there!! I got a PITCHER of red-headed sluts for $9! I was walking around pouring shots and it was a good party environment for 20 somethings!

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Love the Heisman pose move... classic.


1)You must sit in the visitors section. I've sat in nosebleeds in Spartan Stadium and Michigan Stadium twice and its been 3 of the rowdiest and best experiences I've ever had. You cant beat cheering, high-fiving, singing the fight song/Carmen Ohio with Buckeye fans on the road. Imagine this scenario, Braxton Miller runs in a game winning TD with 15 seconds left to play would you rather be sitting with thousands of angry Lion or Spartan fans or be going crazy with Buckeye Nation?

2)Wear Scarlet and Gray, neutral colors are bush league.

3)Act how you would want opposing fans to act in Columbus. Would you want to walk in Eddies Grille and see/hear drunk UM fans singing Hail to the Victors? No? Well Spartan and Lion fans wont want loud, annoying OSU fans in their stomping grounds either. Don't be afraid to show Buckeye Pride but do it in a respectful manner.

4)Be prepared for verbal abuse. It's going to happen. The best thing to do is laugh it off and look the other way about it. If you see it might turn to physical abuse leave the area immediately.

5)Travel in groups. This will cut down on half of number 4. Think about it, are opposing fans more likely to say something to 2 Buckeye fans or 8-10? And meeting new Buckeye fans is one of the best things about road games. Went to East Lansing in 2012 and found a Buffalo Wild Wings near the stadium. That place was packed with Buckeye fans! We sit down with a group and drank and ate with Buckeye fans before walking to the stadium together and not a word was said. After we beat Sparty and walked to the car by ourselves was a different story.

6)Do research. Look online for friendly Buckeye places. If a review says "College oriented, rowdy crowd" you probably should find another spot. Last year I went to AA and walked in my hotel and there was blue and yellow balloons, the blue read "GO BLUE!" the yellow "OR GO HOME!". The staff was actually friendly but I remember thinking "Uh Oh" after seeing that.

Don't be intimidated. The majority of fans are well educated, mature fans. It's that 1% that gives a fan base a bad name. OSU will always travel well so you will have plenty of support wherever you are. I will be in East Lansing again this year and would love to meet up with fellow 11W's. GO BUCKS!

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Well said Shawnee - number 4 and 5 hit home - also do not get in anyone's face you don't know just to rub it in. Stay classy

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At the game in Ann Arbor in 2009 my cousin and I walked past four houses absolutely loaded with ttun fans partying. They were all college students and there were people on the roof and in the yard, the four houses were jammed. We were walking past them on the other side of the street and all four houses turned their attention to us. They started yelling/chanting at us and throwing beer. Since they were all scUM fans none of them had the arm strength to hit us from across the street. We stood there and taunted them right back and then went to the stadium and watched the Buckeyes get a  victory while Buckeye Nation took over the big house. Great day. 

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 Since they were all scUM fans none of them had the arm strength to hit us from across the street.


This literally made me laugh out loud here where I work.

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Embrace being the enemy. Walk tall and proud. Avoid drunk college age kids and ALWAYS celebrate with our fans after the win.  Be especially nice to the children in the stadium (they are not totally corrupted yet) and don't confront a holes during the game ((just stare them down and cheer The Bucks).

After the game, steal  their women and drink their beer. 

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#99  Bring home a victory.