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Big Ten Championship Game Tickets

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July 21, 2014 at 9:17am

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I received something in the mail from the Indiana Sports Co (or something like that) about signing up to have the seats i had last year on a permanent basis. There was a deadline of July 8th and i received the letter on July 6th, so i was a little skeptical. If i see anything for the passcode i will pass it along! 

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Did you get that air mail? Or was it email? I've been looking for mine. 

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Anyone have an update on a code for tickets? I purchased tickets last year and still have not heard anything. 

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The presale code is: michiganwontbehere

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I'm still waiting for a repeat customer code.  I was not satisfied with the result last year, gonna try again.

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Bring it - this game will have a much better outcome then last years game.

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Just received the pre-sale code for those who purchased last year.  Happy to share in hopes of having the stadium all-buckeye again!

Pre-sale code:  B1G2014

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Anybody happen to get the presale code yet?  I purchased tix last year, but didn't receive a code this year.  Thanks in advance.

Disregard - just saw the other post.  Sorry - Im new here!

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Will this be in the Colts Stadium?  How do they choose the locations?  It has got to be pretty awesome for the guys to say they played in Lucas Oil Stadium, AT&T Stadium in Texas, and the Super Dome in New Orleans.  All pretty awesome venues.  

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It is in Lucas Oil through 2021.

I don't ever see it leaving the BIG footprint. Lucas Oil is pretty perfect in terms of being centralized inside the conference footprint. Chicago could be an option, but it isn't a dome.