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Big Ten Championship Game Tickets

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July 21, 2014 at 9:17am
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I received something in the mail from the Indiana Sports Co (or something like that) about signing up to have the seats i had last year on a permanent basis. There was a deadline of July 8th and i received the letter on July 6th, so i was a little skeptical. If i see anything for the passcode i will pass it along! 

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Did you get that air mail? Or was it email? I've been looking for mine. 

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Anyone have an update on a code for tickets? I purchased tickets last year and still have not heard anything. 

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The presale code is: michiganwontbehere

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I'm still waiting for a repeat customer code.  I was not satisfied with the result last year, gonna try again.

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Bring it - this game will have a much better outcome then last years game.

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Just received the pre-sale code for those who purchased last year.  Happy to share in hopes of having the stadium all-buckeye again!

Pre-sale code:  B1G2014

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