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Anonymous Recruit Exposes Dirty Business at Ohio State-Finally!

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July 18, 2014 at 6:00pm

The recruit in this report will remain anonymous because he didn't want to suffer repercussions from the internet world.  His claims, largely substantiated, are that the internet has bullied him at every turn, and he is adamantly against bullying.

Mr. "A", as he will be hereafter referred to, says that it's about time Ohio State is shown to be what it is.  A bully, and a mean one at that.  We asked Mr. A to give a little background as to why he feels that way:

"First of all, Ohio State calls Michigan 'that school up north'.  That is not just mean, that's disrespectful.  I mean, Michigan is mostly northwest of Ohio, so it's not even accurate.  But Ohio State is not concerned with accuracy, just a general direction...north."

When prompted for more evidence of the deplorable issues at Ohio State, Mr. A had this to say:

"On the field, it just goes from bad to worse.  Over the last decade, they have been shown to be bullies on the field.  For instance, most of the time when the Buckeyes are ahead against other opponents, they substitute backups into the game.  But against Michigan, they keep their first stringers in nearly till the end.  This is extremely disrespectful and shows a disregard for how the game of football should be played.  No honor at all, no consideration for the feelings of this one opponent, and it disgusts me."

We wanted to move ahead in our interview, but Mr. A was tearing up at this point, so we broke for lunch.  Once he had regained his composure, we asked about his recruiting visits, and if he could shed any light on the darkness that is Ohio State football.

"Well, I've visited both schools, and it was like night and day.  At Michigan, the attitude was light, airy, and upbeat.  We were treated royally.  We got invited to a buffet with the staff (the coaches did eat first), but there was still plenty left over for us, and not at all like some ignorant OSU fans want to say...that Coach Hoke eats it all.  He does not.  But after the buffet, we were treated to a singalong.  Everybody was holding hands and swaying and stuff.  It was so cool.  I almost committed right there."

When asked about his Ohio State visit, Mr. A's face darkened and he frowned, nearly coming to tears again.

"At OSU, I just didn't feel any love.  Nobody reached out to me, nobody sung or even hummed.  And there was absolutely no hand holding.  It felt like I was getting cold-shouldered from everyone.  It was pretty much all football talk and academics and stuff.  And then Meyer said some pretty horrible things about Michigan, and that's when I knew this wasn't the place for me.  Michigan just felt like, you know, home."

Our curiosity posed the next question about what exactly Meyer had said.  Mr. A didn't hesitate after brushing away one tear rolling down his cheek:

"That Coach Meyer...he said Michigan was in a rebuilding mode, and was having trouble finding their way back to prominence, and just wasn't that good right now, but if I wanted to try to help them out, that I should commit to Michigan, although he doesn't call them that, just 'the school up north'.  And then he said that if I wanted to be coached by the best, win championships and move on to the NFL that I should commit to Ohio State.  I thought that was a really insensitive thing to say, the OSU coaches were 'the best', and I kinda felt bad for Michigan right there."

Mr. A concluded the interview by saying that he would never, ever, in a million gajillion years...commit to the Buckeyes, because "they are mean, man, just mean".

We wish good luck to Mr. A no matter where he chooses to play his college ball, and thank him for this evidence-backed expose of the dirty business going on at Ohio State.  Hopefully, other recruits will see it too, and by committing to Ohio State, they will just encourage the continued inappropriate bashing and bullying of Michigan football.  We believe this sort of stuff just doesn't belong in the world of college football.

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Already posted homey.

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Ummmm double post bro..look at the one exactly one spot below you.

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Did either of you read what was written?


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Ha!  And I thought I was being original.  Sigh.  Didn't see it in time.  Sorry guys.  Please unread it.

Edit:  Hey wait, that other post was actually trying to be serious!  I protest!

I like cookies.

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Great Stuff, I like it!!!

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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I see what you did up there, and I like it.

Alumni lounge attracts pretty people
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Haha my bad player that actually was pretty good. I apologize for skimming through without paying attention.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Great for that kid.  If he feels more loved/wanted Up North, then by all means go there.  That is what making a college decision is all about.  Maybe I'm an tOSU 'homer' (well, I am!), but sounds like Urb was giving him the straight [mark may].  If he's that good, he'll play early and often, and M[mark may]igan is gonna be on tv all the time.  Kinda curious, tOSU beat M[mark may]igan by two points, so yeah, I would guess the starters would be in the whole game.  That game has never been a rout, if I recollect correctly.  Sorry he didn't feel like he belonged at tOSU, or didn't feel the love.  Not sure how that makes tOSU a 'bully' however.  The Few, the Proud, the Buckeyes!


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U do realize its a joke right? That was some funny ass shit. I loved the sing along part.

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Thank you, Buck.  I considered using all italics, but decided the tongue-in-cheek was obvious.

Apparently not.

I like cookies.

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Send 'em back in time, SSB - make 'em re-read it.


Nothing but a...

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Our Honor Defend!

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They held hands and everything? Sounds fantastic. I would ask if they played red rover...but everyone knows red and scarlet are very similar. Maybe duck duck goose? Im somewhat upset you didnt get the full deets SouthernState. Sounds like a fascinating trip.

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Well. Kid sounds like a soft ass to me. Doesn't like hearing the cold hard facts. Bullies? Mean? What is he a third grader? It's the most heated rivalry in all of sports, get over it. Good luck to him though wherever he chooses

pat cozzens

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Our Honor Defend!

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Maybe that's why Rich Rod really got fired.  Wouldn't hold hands and sing Kumbaya. 

Class of 2010.

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Epic Post.  Well Done the hand holding part had me out right laughing at work.  

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I knew it: the coaches at MI do eat first at the buffet!

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Well played. I'm amazed just how many heads this went over. 

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Sounds like he is a cry baby wimp to me!! Do us all a favor,go to that team up north and see what happens!!!


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This post is awesome, SSB. You win the internet for today.