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Can the Horseshoe beat the Big House?

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July 7, 2014 at 2:16pm

I came across another article comparing OSU's phenomenal tickets sales against the abysmal sales in Ann Arbor. What made this article interesting is the main question presented; can the Horseshoe beat the Big House in season attendance?

While Michigan has reigned as college football’s attendance leader for 39 of the past 40 years, a perfect brew of events has positioned Ohio State to swipe the crown.

At the same time, OSU is bracing for record six-figure crowds at newly renovated Ohio Stadium — one prominent ticket broker calls the Buckeyes the hottest team in the country — Michigan faces its toughest sell in decades. Thousands of past ticket buyers are saying no thanks amid increased prices, decreased results, and a blah home schedule highlighted by a prime-time visit from Penn State.

Most telling is the veering paths of the rivals’ usually most loyal faction: the students.

While Dave Brandon is blaming ticket sales on flat-screen TV's, OSU is blowing past their student season ticket allotment. It will be interesting to see if the Bucks can lead the nation in attendance this season.


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"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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He should blame it on the terrible design of the stadium. One level for bathrooms. Almost pissed myself 3 times last season I had to wait so long in line

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There are actually bathrooms below the stadium as well, massive ones. If you go to the game next year use those, longest wait I have ever had for those bathrooms is 10 minutes top.

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Won't be back until OSU plays up North again but next time I will take your advice haha

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Actually, the entire place is pretty much one massive toilet.  

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Don't feel bad. I nearly pissed myself watching it from home. 

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Where's PSU in the conversation? Don't they have a bigger stadium that us? I'm just wondering, I don't know a damn thing about their ticket sales.

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Yes, Beaver Stadium is either the 2nd or 3rd largest stadium in the country. And the buzz and excitement around the Franklin hire could generate some solid juju for their sales. That will probably be enough to fill it early in the year until the reality of their roster situation sets in and losses start piling up.

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PSU is 2nd, they surpassed us the year we were finishing construction on the totally unnecessary press boxes. 

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The PSU website has it at an official 106,572. That said, they have had gradually decreasing showings for the past few years, dropping to 96,587 this past year. So though it is possible due to the new coach and all, they would still have to make up close to 10,000 to compete for the top spot most likely. Again, entirely possible but not as likely as it is for tOSU to snag the title.

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Tennessee also has a bigger stadium, I believe.  Of course their program sucks right now, so...not sure about attendance but I imagine similar to PSU/TTUN.

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All the tickets that were turned down by students were opened up to the general public, but with our home slate this year...I wouldn't doubt it if this is the first time in many years we are surpassed. 

In the end though, I do not think it will happen relating to the hiring of Doug. All I heard about last year at games was how people were not renewing their tickets if Borges was still OC. If we suck though, it wont matter if the reincarnate Bo to be the OC, they wont sell out games. 

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Read below... The Shoe wins all day every day! If you max out your stadium every game then overall numbers don't matter it's are you sold out or are you not. BTW based upon that Nebraska has sold out like 330+ games in a row.


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Nebraska's streak is very impressive. If I remember correctly it goes back to the '62 or '63 season.

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1. Don't forget OSU added 2500 seats this season. 2. The luxury boxes can buy standing room tickets. It would be great if an all-time record Michigan crowd put OSU over the top for the season attendance record. 

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