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Comment 12 Jan 2017

San Diego getting f*cked over by a cheapskate owner? As a Browns fan, this is sadly familiar. I hope the Chargers and Spanos fail in LA.

Comment 08 Jan 2017

My son or daughter can go to any school they like, except M!chigan or Penn State. M!chigan goes without saying but Penn State is the bigger deal to me. Their blind, cult-like support for Joe Paterno disgusts me.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

Indiana is not used to playing in front of such large crowds. It's gotta be messing with them.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

My uncles were on the Buckeyes practice squad during various points in the 80's. Needless to say, their affection for the S&G passed down to me.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

 The Indians just picked up a minority owner this past summer. I am so sick and tired of them pinching pennies. I know they cannot spend like the Yankees but they can't keep passing on every FA who commands at least a moderate salary. If they have a chance to land Encarnacion, DO IT!

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Alabama/Michigan State was like watching Bane break Batman's back. Batman tried his best for awhile and then Bane said f' it and quickly finished the job.