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This tweet cracked me up

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July 2, 2014 at 9:17pm
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I love seeing these candid shots of the players away from football. Thanks for sharing!

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Cardale meet the tree that will be blocking for you soon. 

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His wing span is like covering 35 yards 

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omg... I can't believe we're getting Plastic Man to play for us.

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Or a Stretch Armstrong in real life..

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I imagine Collier is the one on the rope bridge swinging it from side to side while the other players are like "COACH MEYERRRRRR, GET HIM TO STOP"

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I always hated that guy. Scared the crap out of me.

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That's a great tweet. Looks like the guys are doing a lot of team building events recently. The DB's were playing dodge ball last night:

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Where does this exist in Columbus?

I will head there immediately. Place looks sweet. 

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Yup, as the Logamaniac said, it's SkyZone in Lewis Center. Not only that, but just next door is the greatest laser tag place, Lazer Kraze. Multi-level arena...

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All is fun and games until someone rolls an ankle...

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Don't remind me - I was at the NCG with the Ted Ginn Ankle roll in Arizona

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Actually, my daughter broke her leg there. When we got to the hospital, they said we were the second one of the day and that place gives them more business than any other single place around.

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12 didn't come to play (tree) either

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Looks like Cardale might be giving the camera the bird.  Kinda hard to tell though.

Go Bucks!

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Peace sign...If in doubt never roll with the worst option available. Unless of course we are discussing scUM players.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Love it. We saw Hinton waterskiing with the TE's a few days back, and now more news about off season team building.

Ramping up the camaraderie...and keeping these young men busy this summer. Very good to read/hear...

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Love this idea of all the position groups and coaches bonding. Makes for something special come camp time when all of it starts to gel. Especially within the O-Line, LBs and DBs. 

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