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Comment 15 Feb 2017

My wife gave me Four Roses yesterday.

Smoked two 3.25lb Chuck Roasts Saturday with the intent of using one for Chili, so I made Chili yesterday served with Fire Crackers and Garlic Toast. 

Comment 13 Feb 2017

They aren't really coaching though, they're just support staff. They could be in charge of making sure the coffee pot stays fresh, there are no rules on how many staff members a school can employ. 

Comment 05 Feb 2017

I never had a problem with it, but I should of said 75 minutes instead of 90 because at the temps I cook at now that's when they're about done. I personally prefer not using cream cheese except when mixing it with blue cheese but it's fun to try different things. 

Comment 04 Feb 2017

I hope Jones keeps UT in mediocrity for years and years to come, heck I was hoping Hoke was going to hold on to his job at UM a couple more years. Wishful thinking I know. 

Comment 03 Feb 2017

Beck just like Fickell when Withers was here took the brunt of the blame for what the problem was, Withers took a pay cut, Warinner is taking a pay cut (along with a demotion), I'm betting Beck isn't. Meyer and Herman are still close if Meyer didn't think Beck could help Herman build his program he wouldn't be there. 

I gained respect for Beck when he was the only Offensive Coach to answer questions after the Fiesta Bowl debacle, when asked what does OSU need todo to get better he said frustratingly find an identity. He already had a job (accepted it 3 weeks before the bowl game) he could of said eff it and not bothered talking to the press. I'm glad he moved on so the Ohio State Offense could do a reset but he wasn't driving the Ferrari and couldn't get it out of 1st gear Warinner was Beck was just riding shot gun.  

Comment 02 Feb 2017

He was hired to be an assistant coach nothing more. The supposedly comes from people thinking just because he played at OSU he should be the next HC. I don't hate on Jent because he's a Buckeye but what has he done to deserve to be the HC at Ohio State? 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

First time I heard of Jack Johnson was from the surf movie he helped produce - Thicker than Water, which was released in 2000. He has a few tracks on it and the overall sound track track is pretty good so I started following him after watching Thicker than Water.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

I really expected this team to be a better team this year after FAU I knew I was wrong, I just didn't realize how wrong I was, I'm starting to think last years dysfunctional team was better than this years dysfunctional team. Next year we're looking at the same dog and pony show unless the freshman point guard coming in is the reincarnation of Craft (doubtful). It will be interesting to see who leaves after the seasons over besides Loving, I'll be shocked if all the players that have eligibility to play next season are on the team next fall based off of resent history.   

Comment 31 Jan 2017

I use charcoal and wood, I don't get an intense char or ashy burnt taste (that sounds nasty), make sure your fire is clean, you have thin blue smoke before the food goes on, you will get a clean smoke profile. Wood type aIso plays a part in the smoke profile, I usually have Hickory, Pecan, Cherry and Apple wood on hand. Smoke adds to the overall flavor of the cook just like salt, pepper or whatever seasoning you are using, to much smoke just like to much salt is a bad thing and everyone has different tastes.   

Have a good friend who owns a Fast Eddy's PG500 pellet grill and Backwoods Insulated Cabinet Smoker which runs on charcoal, has owned many other types of grills/smokers, says he wishes he'd never gotten rid of his Offset but it was a lot of work feeding it splits every 40-60 minutes. He's KCBS certified to judge at comps, when judging he told me you can't tell what type of cooker that sample came off of. Ask him what the best type of smoker is he will tell you the one you enjoy cooking on the most, as far as the quality of the food it's the Pitmaster not the Pit that makes the difference. 

I plan on getting a pellet grill soon but it will be an addition to my outside grills and smoker not a replacement for. Well I might get rid of the gass grill if I purchase a PG with direct grilling capabilities because it hardly ever gets used as it is.  

NorCal I do agree it's easier to over smoke something on other types of smokers/grills and think PG's are becoming more popular because they are versatile cookers that are also user-friendly.  

Comment 30 Jan 2017

No Q for the Q he's enjoying (or not) French cuisine right now, playing for Dijon Basket which ironically sounds like something new KFC came up with.