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Comment 05 Oct 2016

For those of you that have live in areas where you might have to deal with Hurricanes Jeff Masters is a boss, as a person who lives on the Gulf Coast and surfs he has been my go to for information since 2004. 

Comment 28 Sep 2016

He isn't going to play next year due to being ineligible, he should of just stayed with the team, learned how to read defenses, worked to get better (he was getting PT) and then left at the end of the year instead of quitting. Now he is just going to sit around until winter workouts/spring ball and still isn't going to play next year. 

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Not worried about UM's passing game at all, their O'line is still terrible and can not run the ball, when they start playing teams with a defensive pulse Speight's mediocre stats are going to drop. OU may be overrated but they have more talent than UM on the offensive side of the ball imo.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

DVR and enjoy your trip.

 I've been thinking about planning a surf trip in the Lisbon area, catch some waves and enjoy the culture. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

The question was meant for 7/10 since he's having issues with blowouts, just wanted to see if he's running something like a 23mm at high psi or if he's running something similar to what you're running like 25mm or even 28mm. I started using 25mm and the've worked out quite well for me, I like your 25/28 combo.