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Comment 4 hours ago

One more Bass

Comment 5 hours ago

Kind of reminds me of Tate on the Hardwood, maybe just not quite as explosive as Tate but close, agree what was said above, Coach Mick is going to turn Berry into a physical freak. 

Comment 16 hours ago

Thats a name I'd like to forget, after the Nebraska game I swore for the sake of my sanity that if he ever entered another game I would immediately turn off the game. A man can only take so much, first half of the Nebraska game Braxton and El Guapo are running wild on Nebraska, I'm ecstatic, 2nd half Brax rolls his ankle in comes Bauserman and Bollman decides to quit running Hyde. Bauserman starts chucking balls into the stands, the defense rolls over and plays dead, Nebraska ends up with one of their greater comebacks. 

I don't think I've ever had such an emotional swing during one game, the old Wide World of Sports opening " The thrill of Victory and the agony of defeat" is a perfect analogy of my emotions that day, I actually think falling off the side of a Ski Jump would have been less painful.

Comment 17 hours ago

Ethan Tucky and Jango Glackin remind me of Darron Lee, Nick Conner, Terry McLaurin type prospects who are underrated 3 stars, are willing to work for everything they get and will be stars one day. I hope they come into camp and leave Urban Meyer no choice but to offer them a scholarship.

Comment 28 May 2015

Thanks Mike for the Basketball bone, I know Football is King but I always look forward to watching some Buckeye Basketball. I think Potter is going to end up being a hell of a player.

With all the 2016 recruiting still going on I think Matta believes or knows someone is leaving early, be it turning pro or transferring. Could be wrong but as the saying goes with recruiting, watch what they do not what they say.