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Comment 1 hour ago

Not a fan of General Motors, lets just say I've had a bad experience in the past and the 1st car I owned was a 68 Camaro which was a car I loved. 

I do think this is a pretty slick looking automobile.

Comment 3 hours ago

I thought about Berger but he has to get healthy first, two surgeries on the same knee is going to be a lot to overcome and I do hope he does, but he has a steep hill to climb.

Comment 4 hours ago

There is a good possibility that Lee could opt for the draft after next season, I think Baker will be groomed to replace Lee. Booker and Hillard will battle it out for Perry's spot after he leaves, and Conner will backup McMillan, I could see Hilliard or Booker moving inside as well.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Coleman reminds me of Eric Dickerson with that upright running style.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

BayCountyBuck thanks for the heads up, I'd upvote you a hundred times over if I could. 

Bourbon Meyer MM is a wheater and wheater's tend to be more on the sweat side than on the spicey side which the cask strength is, but since it is not watered down to 90 proof it is a more robust flavorful whiskey. I would equate it to drinking Miller/Bud to a good Micro Brew beer.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

If this is true I'm surprised he wouldn't wait until after spring ball to see where he stacks up, I think he could push Samuel for the 2 spot. He looked really good at the end of the B1G championship game. I felt they should have let him score that last TD he did most of the work on that drive.

If he does transfer, thank you for being a Buckeye and best of luck to you young man, wear that ring with pride.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Most prognostications I have read give a time frame between Jun and Aug before he will be able to throw a ball competitively. He nor JT will be ready for spring ball.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

It's sad that there are 5 seniors on this team and Matta's trying to send a message in the middle of the freaking season, no senior leadership what so ever. They don't even have to be vocal leaders but at least they could lead by example by playing hard, playing smart, making plays on offense and defense when needed. To bad Russell won't be around next year, because next years team with him on it would be much better than this one, addition by subtraction.

It was really hard watching Wisky curb stomp Iowa last night, and knowing that this team can't compete with a average B1G team, hopefully some way some how they'll get it figured out and start competing and winning games against teams that actually have a pulse.