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Comment 9 hours ago

Apack I'm with you 100%. Ohio State does not need Michigan to be good, to be relevant, they can suck ass for the rest of my life time. Whether they are highly ranked or unranked means nothing to me as long as Ohio State wins. 

Comment 10 Oct 2015

Joe I'm just waiting until Nov 28 and we'll see what happens, for the record I like Ohio State's chances. 

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I don't know who will win the game but what I do know is John Cooper won't be coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes on Nov 28, so I like our chances. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Dayum that's almost as nice as the Premium Lounge.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

They have made TUN quit the last few years, hopefully they'll still have enough to get a win. I'm not sold on TUN's O'line and running game yet. If Sparty can control the LOS on D, they'll force Rudock to make mistakes.