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Comment 7 hours ago

7:12 We have stopped for gas. I am hungry. I go inside the store. I walk past the beer frig. I notice a Zima. I've never had a Zima. I wonder if it's any good. I pull a Zima from the frig. I twist the top off and drink the Zima in three swallows. Zima sucks. I replace the empty bottle in the frig.

This made me laugh, and to think they serve Zima in the Premium Lounge.

Comment 8 hours ago

I used to go to Cedar Point and then Put-in-Bay for a couple of days every summer when I lived in Columbus. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Giddiness is a big man who wants who wants to play with some physicality and intimidate in the middle, I could get used to seeing that again.

Withers was like the teflon man when he was here, the secondary running around missing assignments like the 3 blind mice. It still cracks me up when people were blaming Fickell for Bell not playing when Withers was his position coach and the co-defensive coordinator who was also in charge of the secondary. Thankfully Urban knew what was up.

I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday weekend.

Comment 21 May 2015

I don't know SL the 11W server was pretty much fried all day, I was at the office trying to get in so I could post my awesome celebration gif it was quite frustrating. I heard fellow dubbers actually got to the point to where they started destroying office equipment.

Comment 21 May 2015

The bonus is he doesn't have hands of stone and touch away from the basket. I would like to see him get rid of that pump fake when posted up against a smaller man down low, no need for it and it gives time for the defense to collapse. He'll look good on a pick and roll to because he can catch and roll to the basket or step out and hit the jumper. Keep working on your game big man.

Comment 21 May 2015

Eric would you mind posting Ohio States 2015-2016 Basketball Schedule because I can't find it? Besides their home game with Virginia the only other non conference games I see scheduled right now are the games with UConn, Kentucky, VMI and Memphis at neutral sites?

The reason why I ask is because you mention the other non conference home games aren't too prominent, so I'm assuming you have access to the whole schedule. Ohio State's official website does not have their Schedule posted. 

Comment 21 May 2015

That picture never gets old. +1 SL