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West > East

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June 29, 2014 at 8:07am

Most of the articles discussing the two divisions in the B1G on 11W and elsewhere continuously state how deep and dominant the East division will be while the West division is wide open.  I'll point out Kyle Rowland's preview of Iowa where he states how Iowa has a very friendly schedule, avoiding OSU, MSU, PSU and that other school up there.  Obviously, no one has anyone but Sparty or our beloved Buckeyes winning the East.  PSU is being given way too much credit for a new coach (who I don't think anyone would confuse as being better than B.O.B.) and a recruiting class that hasn't even signed yet. As always, scUM is riding their always highly-ranked, always underdeveloped athletes and its history to any sense of national attention.  The West has Wisconsin and Nebraska (I believe Bo gets over the hump), with Iowa on their heals.  A case could be made that NW is right behind them, if all the potential they showed in 2012 comes to fruition as we expected it to last year. 

My point is that the East is a two team division that is an underperforming unit/handful of injuries away from being the ACC Coastal division.  Ok, maybe not, but you get the idea.  The West is not "wide open," but a very tight race and has the potential to have more ranked teams throughout and at the end of the year.  After the Bucks, B1G West games will be next on my list this fall.

Thoughts, give em to me!




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While I think your point is correct for this year, we can't expect PSU and UM to be bad/ underachieving forever. We also can't expect NW or Iowa to be on an upswing forever either. I think the thought was that long-term the East will be the dominant region.

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I pretty much agree with you except that NW finally has the right coach that could actually give them some sustained success 


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As long as TTUN gets less and less Ohio boys, they'll be in trouble.

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I think you mean the West is "deeper" than the East. It might be a two team race in the east but those two teams are most likely going to be the best of the whole conference. When the favorites are both in the East, the East is the better division. But I agree it will be interesting watching the West play out. NU, Wisky,l and Iowa are solid but that Minnesota team will be tough. Nebraska won't suck either.

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I agree with both of you. To Futbol, I would say Iowa is just getting back to where they should be.  I would argue that NW is doing as much to turn themselves into a legitimate athletic contender as scUM is trying to wreck their program. They're trying to market themselves as the college team of Chicago. If that works, watch out. Chicago is still the fourth biggest town in the country. 

To Squirrel, def deeper. You could chalk this up to vocabulary semantics.  If you include the Gophers as a contender, that leaves only Purdue and Illinois as bottom feeders. Compare that with the East's Maryland, Rutgers, Indiana (could be a surprise), and I expect PSU to suck this year, that's more than half the division. The B1G champ will be from the East, so you could say its the better division.  But save from some rivalry drama, I think the best football will be played in the West, and the winner will be far more battle tested.  Thank the Great Buckeye in the Sky we have a solid OOC schedule.  

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On paper, OSU and MSU are superior than any team the West has, even Wisconsin. If you were to take the top 2 teams of the East and Compare them with those in the West (I'd go with Nebraska as the #2 from the West), it is probably a greater discrepancy. Look at not just the teams in the East but also the players and the coaches. Its not even close. I believe you are underestimating PSU, and even Michigan will be better than expected IMO. Once things get rolling at PSU and Michigan decides to be elite again, its going to be 4 legit Playoff contenders, where the West may have only one. I think Maryland will also be competitive down the line. Finally, this season, the West will be between Nebraska and Wisconsin. Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa, and Northwestern won't be a blip on the radar screen. I think MSU and OSU will decide the East but PSU will make it difficult for either MSU and OSU to go unbeaten in conference. Michigan will also be a massive hurdle. In overall parity, perhaps the West is superior, but thats just because they lack any truly elite teams that can compete on a national level, with Wisconsin maybe being the exception. EAST > WEST

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I have not been this excited to watch Big Ten football in a while (besides the Buckeyes). I think we could see some really good match ups this season. 

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The one thing about the West is PurDont and Illinois are layup games and while I would normally call Indiana a layup game they have been playing pretty decent ball recently for Indiana standards and are better than both of them.

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PSU and UM will be back in the next couple years, OSU and MSU are already better than any team in the west.  IMO the east is probably the 2nd best division in college football.