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Need some help if you have the time

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June 27, 2014 at 10:29am

So my son's 7th birthday is in a few weeks.  I bought him EA Sports CFB 14 for our PS3.  He loves playing CFB or Madden more than any other games (chip off the old block).

In CFB, you can edit the rosters as Braxton would be called QB #5.  CFB 14 is EA's last version they'll be producing due to the O'Bannon case.  So I'm going to edit the OSU roster to look like this year's roster (Carlos Hyde RB #34 might be Elliott?), so he can play with this year's version of the Bucks.

So I'm looking for your best guess of this year's starting roster for offense & defense, plus your opinions of WR3, WR4, TE2, RB2, etc.  Maybe even your thoughts on the freshman or sophs that might emerge.

I appreciate any help.  Thanks!

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Don't forget Rutgers! 

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I only plan on updating the Buckeyes roster.

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Definitely check out the link from Operation Sports. They have all of last year's roster completed, but I uber-customized mine. If you'd like you can give me your PSN S/N and I'll upload my personalized OSU rosters for you to use! :)

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Not sure of the progress on the PS3 side but I downloaded updated rosters for this year on the 360 from Operation Sports.

Here is the link to the PS3 rosters.  If they have it done it would save you the time of updating everything.


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I haven't checked those out yet but I hear they have the early enrollees in them, no fall newcomers. Last year's rosters were pretty great, though.

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Like I said I don't know about the PS3 ones but the 360 ones were legit that I downloaded a couple months ago.  I made a few modifications but a lot of the freshman enrolled or not at that time were on the team.

"Twelve months ago on Jan. 9, my mom's birthday, I made the decision to come back. I had one goal in mind and that was to win a national championship."  ~Mike Doss

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As long as you add in some of the fall enrollees, these are generally great.  And yes, they have a PS3 version listed too.

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Sounds like a very dedicated dad.  The sad part is, your son probably has this all figured out already ... at least mine did.  Better solution .. grab the young man .. get a couple of tickets .. and head to the Shoe.  You and he will never forget the experience and the time you had together.

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Already in the works.  I took both of my boys (6 & 2 at the time) to 2 hoops games last year as well as 2 hockey games.  They love it.  Probably aiming for the Kent St. game.

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Get a group of his buddies together, and their dads, and pay the $100 to take a private tour of Ohio Stadium.

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Just a guess but

QB- Braxton, C. Jones

RB- Zeke, Dunn, Samuel

WR- D. Smith, Michael Thomas

WR- C. Smith, E. Spencer, J. Dixon

Slot/Hybrid- Wilson, Marshall

TE- Heuerman, Vannett, Baugh

LT- Decker, J. Jones

LG- Underwood, Price

C-Lindsay, Boren

RG- Elflein, Knox

RT- Farris????? Lisle

DE- Bosa, S. Miller

DT- Washington, Hill

DT- Bennett, Schutt

DE- Spence, T. Lewis

SAM- Lee, Worley

Mike- Grant, Raekwon

Will- Perry, Booker

CB- D. Grant, Webb/Lattimore

CB- Conley, Apple

Nickel- Reeves, Erick Smith

S Bell, Burrows

S Powell, Erick Smith

PR- Wilson

KR- Curtis Samuel, Marshall 

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You're not going to be able to get everybody; if I'm not mistaken, the roster limit is 70. As others mentioned above, it's much easier to download rosters from others and then you can go in and make changes afterwards. Also, personally I had more success with NCAA FB '13 in regards to getting more realistic statistical outcomes than '14. You can also copy slider sets and tweak them to help achieve a more realistic experience. Operation Sports should have all you need to do so. 

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First off, thanks for everyone's input!

I didn't know you could download the rosters.  I'm not very savvy with the PS3.  I usually play games and nothing online.  But I'll give it a try.  My boy plays it way more than I do.  I play very little these days but can still take him....for now.  Mostly because I've been playing Madden & CFB since the Sega days.  Jason, Corey, myself, and a legend named "JB" used to actually have Madden leagues years ago.  Of course, I dominated.  :)

We are heading out on vacation tomorrow and my wife an boys will be staying a few extra days, so I'll have a few days alone to give all of this a try.  His birthday would be the following weekend. 

Thanks again everyone.

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